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Does Menards Allow Dogs? 2023 Policy Update

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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These days, more and more companies are opening their arms—and doors—to man’s best friend. It makes it even more convenient to take your dog on outings with you when they get a break from the car. Plus, who doesn’t like seeing dogs when you’re doing your daily shopping?

It may make things slightly confusing, learning who does and doesn’t allow dogs. When you’re shopping for home improvement goods, can you take your dog to Menards? It depends on location. Rules can vary by store, even if some Menards locations do allow pets. Find out why below.

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Menards’ COVID-19 Pandemic Response

These days, we can’t ignore the pandemic we’re in. Everything has changed the way businesses conduct themselves. Even once-pet-friendly Menards locations temporarily restricted the invitation to our furry buddies advocating appropriate social distancing measures.

Don’t feel offended—dogs aren’t the only ones exiled at this time. In April, to reduce the amount of traffic in aisles, children under age 16 and dogs aren’t allowed in some stores. The only exception to that is taking a trained service dog with you.

These locations are doing this as a means of preventing the spread of the coronavirus. So, it’s temporary until everything goes back to normal. This isn’t every store’s policy, so look for any signs hanging up listing changes. If you aren’t sure, you can always ask an employee on-site or check-in before you go.

Location Preferences

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For a lot of locations, it’s up to the management team when it comes to dogs in stores. This verdict may have a lot to do with how busy a store is or any other previous pet-related complaints. Sometimes, one bad apple ruins it for others.

Since some people suffer from allergies, fear of dogs, or other distaste—occasional Menards stores prefer you leave your canine at home. The verdict could come from bad pet experiences or management preferences. These will typically post restrictions outside of store doors, explaining that pets aren’t welcome at that location.

Alternatively, some Menards stores are very pet-positive, giving lots of attention and support to furry companions. Employees have wonderful things to say about seeing the regulars that come in with their dogs, developing enriching relationships.

Service Dog Policy

In every Menards location, service dogs get a thumbs up. Menards understands that people with any disability should be allowed to bring their support animal wherever they go. The protection and safety of their customers is a priority and will always be permitted.

If you’re entering a Menards location that does not allow pets otherwise, make sure your dog is wearing a vest or other indicator that they are a service animal. Doing so will clear up any confusion and make your shopping experience hassle-free.

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Taking Your Dog to Menards

Regardless of whether you have a service dog or are going to a pet-friendly location, here are some tips to make your Menards visit a good one.

  • Scan the door for any recent policy changes regarding dogs in stores
  • Always be conscientious of other shoppers
  • Keep a respectful distance between your dog and others
  • Make sure your dog is secured on a leash that they cannot slip out of
  • Do not take a dog who has aggressive tendencies into a public place
  • Have poop bags, sanitary wipes, and other products to clean up for any mess your dog could cause
  • Ensure your dog is mannerly, especially around breakable merchandise

If you are courteous of others and mindful of your dog’s behavior, everything should be smooth sailing.

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With the ongoing changes to rules, keeping up can be challenging. But when it comes to your pal helping you shop, there is no set-in-stone company-wide policy. Each Menards location can change this preference at their discretion.

If you have any questions about the Menards location nearest you, call the place or chat them on social media before you go. Employees can give you the scoop before you even leave your home, so your pooch won’t have to stay locked in the car with their sad puppy-dog eyes.

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