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Does Starbucks Allow Dogs? 2024 Update

Codee Chessher

By Codee Chessher

Starbucks facade with people walking around

It feels like Starbucks is in nearly every city now, so it’s possible you’ve walked past one on a walk with your dog and wondered about their pet policy. There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that Starbucks only allows service dogs inside their stores. The good news is that most Starbucks locations with outdoor patio areas are dog friendly.

The main reason you can’t bring your dog into a Starbucks or other restaurants is that they can be unsanitary in a food service business and can possibly introduce health code violations. Some people in the store could have severe animal allergies too, which is worth considering to be respectful of other store patrons.

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Can I Take My Dog to Starbucks?

There are some scattered reports on the web of dog-friendly Starbucks locations. It’s generally a good idea to not assume, so definitely call the store if you’re considering it.

This especially applies to people who know about the puppuccino, a “secret” treat you can ask for at your local Starbucks. It’s just a cup of whipped cream that your dog will love with no harmful ingredients. The dairy could upset some dog stomachs and the sugar could be harmful in large quantities, but a small cup once in a while typically isn’t a big deal.

Not all Starbucks locations offer the puppuccino, and it’s really just offered at the manager or store’s discretion. Just be aware in case you go to your nearby Starbucks and they say they don’t offer that.

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How to Get Starbucks With Your Dog

So, Starbucks offers puppuccinos but doesn’t allow dogs inside unless they’re service animals. This raises the obvious question of how you’re supposed to get your sweet caffeine fix with your favorite canine. You have a few options here. Check them out below.

  • Drive-Through: This is the best option, saving everyone some time and giving you some quality dog time. Grab your dog a treat if the store offers it!
  • Curbside: Like the drive-through, Starbucks stores may offer curbside service via their mobile ordering app. Simply pay ahead of time and go pick up your order outside the store with your dog in the car.
  • Outside Patio: In a party of two or more, simply have someone wait in the outside patio area, if your local Starbucks has one, while you order inside.
facade of starbucks
Image Credit: TR, Unsplash

Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Starbucks

Bringing your dog anywhere is an exciting adventure, but it can be full of uncertainty. To help guide you through the process and make your next coffee run a fun, smooth experience, check out our handy tips below in a tidy bullet list.

Tips for Taking Your Dog to Starbucks:
  • Take a potty break before you leave to minimize potential accidents.
  • Keep your dog on a short leash at all times to be respectful of other people and their dogs.
  • Be ready to end the trip if your dog starts showing signs of severe anxiety or fear.
  • Exercise caution if your dog interacts with another pet outside the store, the same way you would at a dog park.
  • Keep your initial test run short to familiarize your pup with the area and transition to longer trips only if things go well.

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We all love taking man’s best friend out in public while we run errands, but you could always order some Starbucks on their mobile app and pick it up curbside with your dog, or simply go to the drive-through.

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