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13 Dog Breeds with Fawn Coloring in Their Coats

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Fawn coloring isn’t necessarily a rarity, but it does only grace the gene pool of certain breeds. The fawn tones range from yellow, silver, cream, or even nearly red. So, there is a bit of a shade differentiation between dogs that carry this genetic color code. A common theme to this particular shade is that the dog has a black mask accompanying a solid fawn coat.

We gathered up a list of 13 beautiful breeds who share the common denominator of the fawn color coat. However, they are vastly different in structure and personality. Let’s take a gander at these beautiful dogs.Divider 1

The 13 Dog Breeds with Fawn Coloring in Their Coat

1. French Bulldog

french bulldog looking back
Image Credit: icsilviu, Pixabay

French Bulldogs have quite a few color choices, including fawn. These lovable little dogs are a popular choice these days and don’t come for small price. They are highly expensive due to their breeding complications. C-sections and artificial insemination don’t come cheap—even in the dog world.

However, if you do opt to pay the dough, they make terrific companion animals. They are bubbly and friendly, never knowing a stranger. They love cuddles, attention, and activities with their humans. They make wonderful dogs for families and single households alike, being low maintenance and adaptable.

2. Chow Chow

Chow Chow
Image Credit: Free-Photos, Pixabay

Chow Chows come in a few colors, one of which being the fawn color dog. They are intense dogs who have familial protection on their minds. While their desire to keep their territory and loved ones safe, it can turn into aggression if it isn’t handled correctly. It is essential to teach them healthy boundaries and socialize them early on with as many stimuli as possible.

With their people, they are very warm-hearted and loving. Devotion is engrained onto the Chow Chows nature, and they will do anything for the members of their pack.

3. Pug

pug in a harness
Image Credit: maniablack18, Pixabay

Pugs have a few different color variations, but the most common is the fawn coat. Perhaps as a child, you have seen Milo and Otis or even more recently, Men in Black II. These silly, animated pups have very outgoing personalities and hilarious actions. When it comes to providing entertainment, they aren’t lacking. Pugs tend to be goofy and playful, making them ideal playmates for kids.

Because they are in the Brachycephalic category, they can’t be in extreme temperatures, as they may suffer heat stress— which can be fatal. If you want a lapdog that will romp around at your request, pugs are a perfect candidate.

4. American Pitbull Terrier

red nose American pitbull terrier
Image Credit: KruBeer Photo, Shutterstock

Fawn is just one of the many colors that grace this beautiful breed. Pit bulls have a reputation that isn’t so welcoming, which is both unfair and limiting when it comes to perception. These dogs are actually extremely welcoming and friendly with houseguests with proper socialization.

American Pit Bull Terriers are entirely familial and parental with children and family members. They may be protective of their households, but they aren’t inherently aggressive without cause. While they have been used for fighting and non-attractive acts, we must remember this is due to people and not because of the breed itself.

5. English Mastiff

english mastiff
Image Credit: Ricantimages, Shutterstock

English Mastiffs are phenomenal family dogs. They are highly loyal, devoted, and doting. They are quite large, but they tend to be very slow-paced and laidback. They serve well as household protectors, although they would never act unless a situation was dire.

They have somewhat of a couch potato mentality and enjoy snoozes— with lots of snores! They also tend to drool a lot. So, if you’re okay with a noisy sleeper and lots of slobbery kisses, an English Mastiff is perfect for you.

6. Briard

fawn long coated briard
Image Credit: lornadandy, Pixabay

Because of the herding instinct, you may find the Briard pushing people around— literally. This breed loves to control situations and keep people and other animals in line. In order to maintain the ranks, you will need to show this stubbornly hard-headed dog who’s boss.

Aside from their control-freak ways, they are incredibly sensitive. They do well with firm but positive reinforcement while training and can get their feelings hurt very easily.

7. Dogue de Bordeaux

dogue de bordeaux puppy
Image Credit: Ilona Krijgsman, Pixabay

Otherwise known as the French Mastiff, the Dogue de Bordeaux is a strong-bodied dog with a confident demeanor. While these dogs are magnificent, they, unfortunately, have the shortest lifespans of all dogs, ranging only 5-8 years.

Even though they may only live a short time in comparison to others, they put a lot of lifelong memories at that time. Their personalities vary, as some are goofier, while others are more serious. Individual personalizes just depend on the dog.

8. Perro de Presa Canario

tan perro de presa canario
Image Credit: volofin, Shutterstock

The Perro de Presa Canario is a dog of mass proportion and strong will. They can be quite dangerous if they aren’t raised properly due to their size and predisposition. It’s a healthy idea to socialize these dogs early on among children, other dogs, and smaller animals to prevent any unwarranted aggression.

No matter the training, these dogs will always be protective of their hearth and home. You won’t have to worry about intruders with these lugs around. They will absolutely keep you safe.

9. Shar Pei

Image Credit: Andrés Carlo, Pixabay

Shar Pei dogs are irresistibly wrinkly and adorable. However, you won’t be able to just cuddle all of them. No matter how sweet they may look, Shar Pei dogs are territorial and can even be aggressive. They don’t care much for strangers and may act suspiciously around company.

They are brilliant but aloof. Proper socialization is essential to have a well-rounded dog who isn’t unnecessarily aggressive. This makes them wonderful watchdogs and protectors for your home and your children.

10. Tosa

Image Credit: TMArt, Shutterstock

The Tosa is a rare breed that acted as a fighting dog in Japan. With that in mind, few people would be able to provide a correct home for this breed. You shouldn’t have them around other dogs, as they are highly aggressive— especially with dogs of the same sex. They are also incredibly prey driven, so anything that moves is a potential target.

These dogs are muscular and capable, so if you do t have your hierarchy properly established, and they don’t want to obey— you’ll be at the losing end of this fight. They would be good if they are in only dog households with no children. Looking at their beauty from afar may be the best way to appreciate this brutal breed.

11. Saluki

Image Credit: popovicmjeljica, Pixabay

The Saluki is one of the oldest dog breeds in human history, going all the way back to 329 B.C. They are still one of the fastest, to date. They have recorded speeds of 30-35 miles per hour. These dogs are sleek and impressive when it comes to talents, but they are a bit different as pets. If you have many other pets, including other dogs, having a Saluki may not be a good idea.

They are aloof with many strangers, children, and other animals. They also have drastically high prey drives, instinctually chasing anything that runs from them. While they may be best in one-dog homes, they are lively and loving companions to have.

12. Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd
Image Credit: CharlitoCZ, Shutterstock

Anatolian Shepherds are incredibly dutiful dogs. Their sole purpose, in the beginning, was to guard and protect livestock, which is a trait that hasn’t left them over time. When it comes to their families, they will often think of them as their “flock”, even herding them sometimes, if the opportunity presents itself.

Because they think for themselves, they can be a little bold or stubborn with training. This dog would not be a good candidate for a straightforward obedient companion. They much prefer doing their own thing—which is protecting as they see fit.

13. Mudi

Mudi dogs are unique and rare. Throughout history, they served as herding dogs. They are incredibly smart, picking up on commands quickly and efficiently. They do have a high energy level, requiring a regular outlet.

However, Mudi’s are also quite happy to relax with their owners. If they are raised with kids, both children and dog need to respect one another. If that can be accomplished, they do very well with little ones. They do well both outdoors and indoors, so if you want them to be on guard for the night, they will be content. If you want them in bed with you, they will be equally happy.

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These breeds are unique and wonderful in their own right. Many of them are also available in a wide selection of other gorgeous colors. If you saw a fawn color dog on our list that struck your fancy and made you curious, be sure to look up different coat patterns and colors to see what you find.

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