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16 Dog Breeds With Long Snouts (With Pictures)

Ed Malaker

By Ed Malaker

white Persian saluki dog up close

Dog snouts come in a mesmerizing array of shapes and sizes, each serving a unique purpose. Dogs with long noses stand out as captivating examples of form meeting function. If you are looking for a new pet, keep reading as we list several of the most popular dogs with long snouts and provide information about them, so you can see if one is right for your home.

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How Are Long-Snouted Dogs Classified?

Relative Length

Canine judges consider the snout’s length as it relates to the rest of the head. It may be classified as long if it’s noticeably lengthier than the skull portion of the head.


Long-snouted breeds tend to have a more elongated appearance, with the snout making up a significant portion of their overall head length. If the snout’s length accounts for a substantial proportion of the head, it will likely be considered long.

basenji dog lying outdoor
Image Credit: Yuri Kravchenko, Shutterstock


Long snouts often have a narrower width compared to shorter, broader snouts. You can evaluate the width of the snout at various points, such as the base, middle, and tip, to help determine if it’s narrow.

Comparative Analysis

You can evaluate snout length by comparing multiple dogs. When looking at a specific breed, comparing their snout length to that of other breeds can provide insight into whether they fall within the long-snouted category.

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The 16 Dog Breeds With Long Snouts

1. Greyhound

Italian Greyhound
Image Credit: Alexandra Morrison Photo, Shutterstock
Origin: Ancient Egypt/England
Lifespan: 10–14 years
Height: 27–30 inches

The Greyhound is a sleek and athletic breed known for their remarkable speed and graceful appearance. Originating in ancient Egypt and later popularized in England, owners often used these dogs in racing and coursing.

2. Afghan Hound

Portrait of two Afghan greyhounds
Image Credit: wildstrawberry, Shutterstock
Origin: Afghanistan
Lifespan: 12–14 years
Height: 25–29 inches

The Afghan Hound has a long, flowing coat and an elongated snout. Originating in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, owners traditionally used this breed for hunting large game. Their distinctive appearance and dignified demeanor make them stand out, and they are wonderful family pets.

3. Borzoi

white russian borzoi in the forest during autumn
Image Credit: Anastasiia Cherniavskaia, Shutterstock
Origin: Russia
Lifespan: 9–14 years
Height: 26–32 inches

The Borzoi, or Russian Wolfhound, has a long snout and a luxurious coat. Bred for hunting wolves in Russia, they are gentle and reserved companions with a strong instinct for pursuit.

4. Saluki

a saluki dog in a meadow
Image Credit: Elisabetta Bellomi, Pixabay
Origin: Middle East
Lifespan: 12–14 years
Height: 21–28 inches

With a slim, elongated snout and a coat that comes in various colors, the Saluki is a graceful and ancient breed. Originating in the Middle East, Salukis often hunt swift prey in desert terrains due to their exceptional sight and speed.

5. Irish Wolfhound

Two irish wolfhounds dogs at the field
Image Credit: DragoNika, Shutterstock
Origin: Ireland
Lifespan: 6–8 years
Height: 30–34 inches

The Irish Wolfhound is a giant breed with a long snout and a gentle disposition. Originating in Ireland, owners often used them for hunting wolves and considered them noble companions. Despite their size, they are friendly and get along well with other pets.

6. Whippet

Blue whippet
Image Credit: JR foto, Shutterstock
Origin: England
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Height: 18–22 inches

The Whippet has a long snout and a slender build, resembling a smaller version of the Greyhound. While bred for racing and hunting small game, Whippets are known for their affectionate and adaptable nature, making them well-suited to families with children and other pets.

7. Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound standing in the meadow
Image Credit: Julia Suhareva, Shutterstock
Origin: Malta
Lifespan: 12–14 years
Height: 21–25 inches

Many believe that the Pharaoh Hound resembles ancient Egyptian dogs with their long snout and large ears. Originating in Malta, owners used them for hunting small game, and they are known for their playful and loyal personalities.

8. Basenji

basenji dog running in the meadow
Image Credit: alektas, Pixabay
Origin: Central Africa
Lifespan: 12–16 years
Height: 15–17 inches

Known for their yodel-like vocalizations, the Basenji has a narrow snout and a keen sense of smell. Originating in Central Africa, they are known for their independent and curious nature.

9. Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hound posing elegantly against the backdrop of a town square
Image Credit: Sergii_Petruk, Shutterstock
Origin: Spain
Lifespan: 12–14 years
Height: 22–27.5 inches

The Ibizan Hound, with their long snout and elegant appearance, has a history of hunting rabbits in the Mediterranean. They possess a distinctive rabbit-like hop when excited and are known for their affectionate and intelligent nature that makes them easy to train and fun to be around.

10. Bloodhound

bloodhound standing on the grass
Image Credit: Vera Zinkova, Shutterstock
Origin: Belgium/France
Lifespan: 8–10 years
Height: 23–27 inches

Bloodhounds are known for their exceptional sense of smell and droopy features. Originating in Belgium and France, they have wrinkled skin around their snouts that helps trap scents, making them excellent trackers. Their laidback personalities also mean they are great pets.

11. English Pointer

english pointer dog standing in the middle of the woods
Image Credit: Jelena Safronova, Shutterstock
Origin: England
Lifespan: 12–14 years
Height: 23–28 inches

The English Pointer has a well-proportioned snout and a sleek coat. Bred for pointing out game birds, these dogs are also known for their friendly and energetic nature that helps them be great companions in any living environment.

12. Dachshund

dachshund dog dressed in suit and vest with a hat on
Image Credit: Masarik, Shutterstock
Origin: Germany
Lifespan: 12–16 years
Height: Standard, 8–9 inches; Miniature, 5–6 inches

The Dachshund has an elongated body and a moderately long snout. Originating in Germany, owners used them for hunting burrowing animals. They can come in different coat types and sizes, each with their own unique charm. They are friendly but can also be stubborn and difficult to train.

13. Pointer

pointer hound dog with one ear up on white background
Image Credit: smrm1977, Shutterstock
Origin: England
Lifespan: 12–14 years
Height: 21–28 inches

With their elongated snout and distinctive coat patterns, the Pointer is an energetic and intelligent breed that will make a wonderful addition to any household. Originating in England, they are known for their keen sense of smell and ability to locate game for hunters.

14. Scottish Deerhound

scottish deerhound dog near a pond
Image Credit: Antonia Gros, Shutterstock
Origin: Scotland
Lifespan: 8–11 years
Height: 28–32 inches

The Scottish Deerhound boasts a long snout and a shaggy coat. Originally bred for hunting deer in the Scottish Highlands, they are gentle giants with a dignified and friendly nature.

15. Azawakh

Azawakh standing on grass outdoor
Image Credit: Aneta Jungerova, Shutterstock
Origin: West Africa
Lifespan: 10–12 years
Height: 22–29 inches

The Azawakh from West Africa has a slim and elongated snout. This breed is known for their incredible speed and agility, making them skilled hunters and loyal companions with a reserved demeanor. They are perfect for people who enjoy the outdoors.

16. Sloughi

Image Credit: Liliya Kulianionak, Shutterstock
Origin: North Africa
Lifespan: 10–15 years
Height: 23–29 inches

The Sloughi, also known as the Arabian Greyhound, has an elongated snout and a graceful appearance. Originating in North Africa, particularly Morocco, they are skilled hunters with a keen sense of sight. This breed is known for their loyalty, gentle nature, and calm demeanor, making them sought-after companions and effective hunters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Certain Dogs Have Long Snouts?

Certain dog breeds have developed long snouts for specific purposes, such as enhanced scent detection and agility in hunting.

Are Long-Snouted Dogs More Prone to Certain Health Issues?

Not necessarily. While some long-snouted breeds might have specific health concerns related to their breed, health issues vary widely among dogs regardless of snout length.

Are Long-Snouted Breeds More Prone to Overheating?

Dogs with long snouts like Greyhounds and Whippets might have more efficient heat dissipation. However, individual tolerance to heat varies, so managing temperatures and ensuring that your dog is not showing signs of heat stroke or dehydration is vital.

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There are plenty of dogs that have long snouts, and you might even have a few more in mind. Hounds make up the bulk of this list because they need their long snouts to pick up and follow trails, and the pointer dogs use their long noises to point at prey so hunters can find it. But dogs can have long snouts for other reasons, and they all make wonderful pets.

Featured Image Credit: SubertT, Shutterstock

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