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50 Dog Shaming Memes | Excessive Eaters, Chewers, Poopers & Humpers

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Dogs are notorious for getting into trouble and causing mischief. As dog owners, we have searched endlessly for the answers as to why our pups are so Dog Gone shameless. Occasionally, and usually without warning, they are ready to eat, chew, pee on, sneak a poop, or destroy anything they can get their little paws on. So what better way to teach them a lesson than to have them stand in front of a sign and proudly tell the world what kind of random behaviors keep them entertained. Despite these little endearing hiccups, we love our dogs dearly and would never trade them in for anything (unless they poop in the vent ONE. MORE. TIME. I swear.)

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Top 11 Dog Shaming Memes | Taking Care of Business

When you have to go, you have to go. If we are not around to let our dogs out, you can bet they are going to find the perfect spot inside to do their business. Sometimes it’s an accident, sometimes they have planned it out methodically and will likely do again. Here are a few funny dog shaming memes all involving bodily functions.

1. Gives a whole new meaning to “poor baby.”

2. He’s got hot air coming from both ends.

3. They probably take turns.

4. Guess you won’t be playing in the snow after all.

5. He blames the strong winds, he was simply smelling the grass.

6. When your toots are terrifying.

7. Well, that’s unfortunate.

8. When you forget you’re not the alpha (or you try to convince everyone you’re the alpha?).

9. When you’re a master at hiding your business.

10. Ever wake up instantly thinking this was going to happen?

11. Just letting you know what’s mine.

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Top 10 Dog Shaming Memes | For The Most Excited Humpers

Overly excited? Happy to see me? There are many reasons your pup could be an excessive humper. Now, if this happens to be an issue for your doggo – you might relate to these next funny dog shaming memes as they are all about their urges.

12. Get them when they least expect it.

13. You torture me, I hump you. Seems fair.

14. There really is no excuse for this …

15. Payback from way back.

16. It’s just how he says hello.

17. His only sense of comfort?

18. They’re his so what’s the problem?

19. He’s a big fan of cleaning.

20. Well, that’s interesting.

21. Wednesday is the best day.

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Top 14 Dog Shaming Memes | When It’s Too Good NOT To Eat

Dog food is probably not that exciting and tasty to eat – unless your dog has a permanent place at your dinner table, they are likely in search of things that taste good, bad, interesting – our guess is that they are not that picky. These dog shaming memes are all of pups who got their paws on something they shouldn’t have!

22. These never-ending cotton rolls are addicting!

23. Is this considered a colon cleanse?

24. It could have been poop, MOM!

25. Because we all strive for soft lippies!

26. But it taunts him every time he walks past the bathroom.

27. Who can resist KFC though?

28. At least his breath is fresh.

29. He has also adopted the nickname Butter-Butt.

30. What is their fascination with dirty underwear, anyway?

31. Please post the after picture featuring the ship.

 32. He wanted to taste the rainbow.

33. The cone of shame keeps them from touching their butt, not your pantry.

34. Is it stuffy in here?

35. They were looking right at him.

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Top 10 Dog Shaming Memes | When Your Dog’s Not Sure How That Even Happened

Whether it be an accident, or debatably intentional – these dog shaming meme feature canines who have undeniably destroyed something of their owners. If we could hold them accountable, we would, but unfortunately, we are the ones flipping the bill for replacements!

36. He had it coming.

37. When your dog forgets how Great he actually is.

38. This is when you opt for indestructible toys.

39. A cold shower and dinner of champions.

40. Encouragement to spend your hard-earned money on more clothes.

41. Seems like an accessory we’d buy for our dogs. Maybe he’s on to something?

42. Chewing his way to new kitchen utensils.

43. He likes it because it’s forbidden.

44. Maybe make a backup costume next time.

45. There’s something wrong about the right.

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The 5 Other Funny Dog Shaming Memes

Out of the ordinary is a total understatement when we try to describe this next set of dog shaming memes. They confirm how strange our pups can be but at the end of the day, who are we without our quirks anyway?

46. He was only trying to model your preferred underwear style.

47. I mean who wouldn’t be terrified if they were basically eaten by a pillowcase?

48. He needs to conserve his energy for the nap he’ll take when you leave.

49. It snuck out, I swear!

50. Even though you’ll know it’s him, he likes to call this the “Butt it’s a Surprise!”

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We hope that you were able to find a little light-heartedness among these dog shaming memes. Some of them are funny because we can related, others are hilarious because they are so hard to believe!

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