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Dr. Marty Dog Food vs The Farmer’s Dog: 2024 Comparison

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Dr Martys vs The Farmers Dog

Review Summary

When it comes to choosing the right food for your dog, it is always important to consider trustworthy brands. Two brands that seem to be quite similar at a glance are Dr. Marty and Farmer’s Dog, which are popular for their line of high-quality raw dog foods.

One of the main differences between these two brands is that Dr. Marty’s dog foods can be purchased online or in-store, whereas The Farmer’s Dog is subscription-based, gets delivered to your house, and cannot be bought in stores or through other websites. However, both these dog food brands offer high-quality nutrition in the form of raw and frozen dog food recipes that have good ingredients.

This article will help you decide whether Dr. Marty or Farmer’s dog food is the better brand of raw dog food to choose for your dog.

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A Quick Comparison

Rating Image Product Details
Dr. Marty's Dog Food Dr. Marty's Dog Food
  • Contains four animal protein sources as the main ingredients
  • Free from fillers, artificial additives, and by-products.
  • The recipe has an enticing aroma and texture
  • Second place
    The Farmer's Dog - Dog Food The Farmer's Dog - Dog Food
  • Contains no preservatives and fillers
  • Easy to store
  • Affordable subscription fee
  • Let’s look at the key points of each dog food:

    Dr. Marty's Dog Food
    • Contains no artificial preservatives or additives.
    • All of Dr. Marty’s dog foods are made with thoughtfully sourced ingredients for the safety and quality standards of the food.
    • No recall history.
    • Founded by a knowledgeable veterinarian who has created healthy and nutritious dog food for over 40 years.
    • Includes raw and freeze-dried dog food recipes.
    The Farmer’s Dog Food
    • A dog food service that delivers freshly made dog food recipes to your door and works like a subscription.
    • Features raw, frozen dog food
    • Has a variety of different flavored recipes.
    • Developed by veterinarians.
    • Contains human-grade meat and vegetables in simple recipes.

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    Overview of Dr. Marty’s Dog Food:

    Marty Nature’s Blend Healthy Growth

    Dr. Marty’s dog food line was created by Dr. Martin Goldstein who has been one of the worlds leading veterinarians for over 40 years and is experienced with animal science. The original goal of his pet food brand was to support a pet’s health with the right nutrition. This brand of dog food sells specially formulated raw dog foods that fall under Nature’s Blend—a freeze-dried dog food with no artificial ingredients.

    Dr. Marty’s pet food has one mission, which is to help support your pet’s health by providing them with food that contains high-quality ingredients to give your pet more energy, less joint pain, a shinier coat, and better digestion.

    The one dog food recipe that is sold by this brand claims to meet the AAFCO guidelines for adult dogs and includes wholesome ingredients such as turkey as the main ingredient, along with beef, salmon, and duck. This makes it an animal-based protein food with a moderate level of fats and carbohydrates. You can purchase Dr. Marty’s dog food online or through stores, however, it is most commonly found within the United States.

    • Contains four animal protein sources as the main ingredients
    • Free from fillers, artificial additives, and by-products.
    • The recipe has an enticing aroma and texture
    • Offers one type of dog food recipe
    • Contains a lot of plant ingredients
    • Quite expensive

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    Overview of The Farmer’s Dog:



    The Farmer’s Dog is a subscription-based service that has a variety of dog food recipes in different flavors and was founded by Brett Podolsky. This brand sells raw dog food that contains high-quality ingredients that are human-grade and inspected by the USDA. They offer automatic shipments of dog food to subscribers either weekly or monthly depending on what you choose when you sign up.

    The recipes from this brand are simple yet contain wholesome ingredients that are beneficial to adult dogs. The Farmer’s Dog aims to exceed the AAFCO dog food guidelines to produce dog food recipes that contain human-grade meat and vegetables that are recommended by veterinarians.

    This brand of dog food is backed up by years of research on quality pet nutrition and it is only available through the subscription service as the brand does not sell its products in-store or from online retailers. The four dog food recipes that they have available do not contain any fillers and preservatives.

    Each of the dog food recipes that gets delivered to your door will be packed with dry ice in recyclable packaging with the food that you have chosen being pre-portioned and packaged for your convenience.

    • Contains no preservatives and fillers
    • Easy to store
    • Affordable subscription fee
    • Can only be bought as a subscription
    • High-fat content for most recipes

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    How Do They Compare?

    Nutritional Value

    Both Dr. Marty’s and The Farmer’s dog food contain wholesome and natural ingredients in their recipes. However, Dr. Marty’s dog food contains no by-products, fillers, or artificial additives, whereas The Farmer’s dog food does not include some preservatives and fillers. The two dog food brands have quite a similar nutritional value and are suited for adult dogs of various breeds. Both the brand’s dog food recipes are high in fat with low carbohydrate content and are very high in animal-based protein.


    The Farmer’s dog food recipes contain turkey, beef, or pork as the main ingredient, but they are shortly followed by vegetable-based ingredients which might not make them the best idea for dogs with digestion issues. Dr. Marty’s freeze-dried dog food contains four animal-based proteins as the main ingredient in the single recipe, followed by fruits and vegetables in a lower quantity at the bottom of the list.

    Both brands sell dog foods that have all the ingredients frozen or freeze-dried to keep the food fresh and natural. All ingredients from both brands meet the AAFCO dog food guidelines and contain certified ingredients.

    white dog patiently waiting for The Farmer's Dog chicken recipe fresh food in bowl
    Image credit: Kate | Hepper


    Dr. Marty’s can be found on online retail websites, or it can be purchased in-store. The Farmer’s Dog is subscription-based which means that you pay online for the food and choose the recipe you want to be sent to your house on either a weekly or monthly basis. You have to first fill out a form to make sure you are choosing the right recipe from the dog food brand before you can make an informed purchase. This makes it easier to come across Dr. Marty’s dog food, especially if you are located within the United States.


    The Farmer’s dog food contains four recipes (turkey, beef, pork, and chicken) for adult dogs which you can choose from depending on the type of ingredients your dog requires in their food, whereas Dr. Marty’s pet food line only has one dog food recipe. However, the recipe contains turkey, beef, salmon, and duck as the four main ingredients.

    Since all these meats are incorporated into the single dog food recipe, it can be difficult to choose this option for dogs that are prone to allergies or food sensitivities to any of the four types of meat in the recipe since you do not get to choose another option.

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    What the Users Say

    Checking what verified customers have to say about a specific dog food can help you make a more informed purchase so that you know what to expect from the food and its quality. Both Dr. Marty’s and The Farmer’s dog food recipes have received positive feedback from customers who have seen an improvement in their dog’s overall health after being on the foods.

    One Dr. Marty’s dog food reviewer stated “My 14-year-old boy loves it! No more grumbling in his tummy after he eats and no more hard tummies after he eats or crying when he goes to the bathroom. He is always excited to eat. He is so much more active and bright-eyed. Well worth it! Does all it claims to do!” The only negative reviews this food got was how expensive it is, with very few complaints about the quality of the food.

    The Farmer’s Dog reviews from customers who have subscribed were mostly positive, with comments such as “The Farmer’s Dog has cleared up all of my dogs’ allergies, and Pip just absolutely loves his fresh food!” There were a few complaints about the dog food recipes, however, there were a few concerns over the price of the subscription fee, especially if you have to feed a lot of dogs this food.

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    Final Thoughts

    Overall, both Dr. Marty’s and The Farmer’s Dog dog foods are considered to be high-quality and offer your dog a more natural approach to dog food in the form of freeze-friend or raw food. Dr. Marty’s dog food is more easily accessible and contains much less risky ingredients than many other dog foods, however, this food is considered to be the more expensive option, whereas The Farmer’s Dog can only be purchased through a subscription service through the website, and they have four recipes for dogs for a much cheaper price in comparison to Dr. Marty’s single dog food recipe.

    If you are looking for a subscription-based dog food service that sends quality raw dog food to your door while being the more affordable option, then The Farmer’s Dog is the better option for you and your dog. If you are looking for a dog food recipe that has been created by a veterinarian and contains four animal-based proteins and no artificial ingredients, fillers, and by-products, then Dr. Marty’s is the choice for you.


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