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10 Surprising Egyptian Mau Facts You Should Know

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Egyptian mau cat in the garden

Hold onto your whiskers, cat enthusiasts! Ever heard of a cat breed that’s a living relic of ancient history, a symphony-maker, a graceful runner, and an intelligent thinker all in one? If not, prepare to be entranced by the Egyptian Mau, a cat that’s more than meets the eye. Your adventure with the regal Egyptian Mau begins now!

The 10 Facts About Egyptian Mau

1. Naturally Spotted Coat

Did the Egyptian Mau win the genetic lottery? This breed is the only domestic cat with naturally occurring spots. While other feline friends may boast spots due to specific breeding techniques, the Mau’s spots are entirely natural and have become a signature feature for cat enthusiasts.

Originating from a genetic mutation thousands of years ago in Egypt, this unique trait makes the Egyptian Mau highly sought-after among cat lovers. It’s a one-of-a-kind look for a one-of-a-kind feline. Aren’t genetics fascinating sometimes?

Egyptian Mau cat in gray background
Image Credit: MDavidova, Shutterstock

2. Speed Demons of the Cat World

Who needs a racetrack when you have an Egyptian Mau at home? Capable of running at a jaw-dropping 30 miles per hour, these cats are the fastest domestic breed. Their powerful hind legs and agile body structure enable this remarkable speed, setting them apart from other domestic cats.

Just be prepared to give them plenty of room to stretch their legs, or you might find yourself in a foot race! Ever wondered what it’s like to have a mini cheetah as a pet? Well, now you know.

3. Ancient Heritage and Distinction

Ever wanted a piece of history in your living room? The Egyptian Mau might be the answer. Considered the oldest domestic cat breed, with records dating back 3,000 years, these cats have a history that would put a historian to shame. They are even referred to as the national cat of Egypt.

The Egyptian Mau’s lineage is believed to be linked to the sacred cats of ancient Egypt, preserving a living connection to a time when pharaohs ruled the land. And since the Egyptian Mau lifespan is between 12 and 15 years, you can enjoy owning one for a long time to come.

Egyptian mau cat resting in the shade
Image Credit: lazicsasa87,Shutterstock

4. Unchanged for Centuries

Change is overrated, or at least the Egyptian Mau seems to think so. Dubbed ‘living fossils,’ these cats have maintained a consistent appearance throughout history, unlike other breeds that have been molded and modified by human hands.

Ancient murals and sculptures from thousands of years ago depict the Mau in a manner strikingly similar to today’s feline beauties. It’s not just having a tiny piece of ancient Egypt at home; it’s living history with a tail!

5. A Friend to Allergy Sufferers

Do you love cats but dread the sneezing? The Egyptian Mau might be your perfect match. These gracious cats produce less of the Fel d 1 protein, which triggers allergic reactions in many people. How did nature craft such a considerate creature?

Scientists aren’t entirely sure, but allergy sufferers can rejoice. A hypoallergenic cat that’s beautiful, intelligent, and thoughtful of your sinuses? What’s not to love? It’s almost as if they were designed with the modern human in mind!

Egyptian Mau cat
Image Credit: Sarah Fields Photography,Shutterstock

6. Near Extinction and Revival

Once believed to be extinct, the Egyptian Mau made a dramatic comeback in the 1950s. The world had almost lost this bewitching breed, but thanks to a Russian Princess, Natalia Troubetskoy, the Egyptian Mau was saved from the brink of oblivion.

She found some of the last remaining Maus in Italy and began a breeding program that would bring them back to prominence. Today, the breed is a beloved family member in homes across the globe. Who wouldn’t want to be part of such an epic tale of resurrection and triumph? It’s like a fairy tale, only with more purring!

7. Intriguing Eyes

Ever wanted a cat that looks as concerned about life as you are? With pale gooseberry-colored eyes and a perpetually worried expression, the Egyptian Mau manages to be both striking and endearing.

Its wide eyes give it an appearance of constant contemplation, and the pale green hue adds an otherworldly quality. This distinct look brings character to the breed, suggesting a thoughtful nature and a reflective personality. Is your cat pondering the meaning of life or just deciding on dinner? Either way, those eyes tell a story all their own.

Egyptian Mau cat
Image Credit: Dmitrijs Kaminskis,Shutterstock

8. A Symphony of Sounds

Bored with typical cat meows? The Egyptian Mau offers a symphony of sounds, from yowling to chirping. Their melodic voices add a unique soundtrack to your daily life, turning ordinary moments into an enchanting experience.

It’s not just a cry for food or attention; it’s a vocal expression that seems to have its own language. From soft purrs to vigorous yowls, the Egyptian Mau’s vocal range is like an orchestra in a single cat. Now, who wouldn’t want a living symphony in their home?

9. A Regal Disposition With a Heart of Gold

Don’t let their sophisticated appearance fool you. Egyptian Maus may look regal, but they’re affectionate and loving. Their poised stance and graceful movement may turn heads, but it’s their warm hearts that win over their owners.

Unfailingly loyal and constantly loving, they forge bonds that are as strong as they are meaningful. Imagine a royal personality that doesn’t shy away from a loving embrace. Isn’t it lovely when a cat’s exterior beauty is matched by an inner warmth?

Young egyptian mau Cat
Image Credit: Steve Photography,Shutterstock

10. Intelligence to Spare

Who says you can’t teach a cat tricks? The Egyptian Mau is one of the most intelligent breeds, eager to learn and play. Keep them stimulated with puzzles, games, and challenges, and you might just have a furry genius on your hands.

Their mental agility and problem-solving skills are second to none in the cat world. Quick to adapt, eager to please, and ready to take on new challenges, these cats aren’t just another pretty face; they’ve got the brains to match. Think you can keep up with a thinking cat? The Mau might just challenge you!

The 7 Tips to Care for Your Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau isn’t just a marvel of beauty and intelligence; it’s a companion that requires some special attention to keep them healthy and content. Let’s explore some tips on how to make sure your Mau enjoys a lavish and well-cared-for life.

1. A Feast Fit for Royalty

It’s essential to feed your Egyptian Mau quality food, rich in protein. Look for brands where meat is the star of the label, not hidden behind carbohydrates or grains. It’s the first step toward ensuring that your Mau enjoys a nourishing and hearty diet fit for a feline pharaoh.

2. An Energetic Balance

Keeping your Egyptian Mau’s weight in check is vital for their overall health. No one wants their precious cat to succumb to conditions like diabetes or arthritis. Monitor their weight, adjust portions as needed, and make sure their ribs feel like gentle bumps under their fur. Your Mau’s physique should be more like a slender cheetah than a chunky camel.

comfortable Egyptian Mau cat
Image Credit: Sarah Fields Photography,Shutterstock

3. A Coat of Sheen

The Egyptian Mau’s coat isn’t just for show; it’s a testament to their health. Regular brushing, ranging from daily to weekly, helps prevent hairballs and adds a satin-gleam that reflects their unique beauty. Think of it as grooming for a regal parade every day.

4. Delicate Paws for Graceful Moves

Trimming your Mau’s nails every two weeks ensures their elegant trot remains untarnished by sharp nails. Uncertain about the exact process? It’s wise to seek professional guidance. After all, even royalty needs a manicurist sometimes.

5. A Dazzling Smile

Teaching your Egyptian Mau to embrace teeth brushing can be a playful journey. Introduce the toothbrush as a novel toy and gradually make it a part of their routine, using cat-friendly toothpaste. Remember, those sparkling teeth should only shine with joy, not fluoride.

egyptian mau cat closeup
Image Credit: LittlePigPower,Shutterstock

6. The Warmth of the Desert

If your Egyptian Mau were to choose a weather preference, it’d be warm and cozy. Ensure they have a toasty space to bask in, especially if you reside in cooler climates. Think of it as recreating the sun-kissed charm of ancient Egypt in your living room.

7. What to Know About Bonding

Building a connection with your Egyptian Mau is like cultivating a relationship with history. Spend quality time, understand their preferences, and nurture a bond that transcends mere pet ownership. It’s a friendship that echoes the deep roots of their ancestry.

Caring for an Egyptian Mau isn’t merely a task; it’s an engagement with a rich tradition and an extraordinary personality. Are you ready for this historic and elegant feline to become a part of your everyday life?


Cats have always held a special place in our hearts, but the Egyptian Mau? It’s an entirely different ball game. From their naturally spotted coats that make geneticists blush to their near-mythical comeback from extinction, the Egyptian Mau is more than just a pet—it’s a living piece of history.

Featured Image Credit: VadimZosimov, Shutterstock

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