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Englian Mastiff (Mastiff & Neapolitan Mastiff Mix): Info, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

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By Nicole Cosgrove

englian mastiff

Height: 25-35 inches
Weight: 130-190 pounds
Lifespan: 6-12 years
Colors: Black, fawn, apricot, brindle, grey
Suitable for: Semi-active families, work-at-home individuals, experienced dog owners, rural lifestyles
Temperament: Loyal, protective, aloof of strangers, dominant, affectionate, companionable, trainable

Englian Mastiffs are first and foremost companion dogs that want nothing more than to spend time with their favorite person or families, which is one of the best qualities of both parent breeds. Neapolitan Mastiffs and English Mastiffs bond strongly to their families and have natural protective tendencies, so it’s no surprise that most Englian Mastiffs inherit these qualities. Though they can become dominant and stubborn from a lack of guidance and training, these massive canines are smart and trainable if given a chance. If you have a spacious home and you’re looking for a mastiff-type dog, read on to see if the Englian Mastiff is the right companion for you:

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Englian Mastiff Puppies


Englian Mastiffs are not purebred dogs, so their price range is lower than purebred English Mastiffs and Neapolitan Mastiffs. When you’re looking for your pup, it’s important to support ethical breeding by purchasing from a reputable breeder. Englian Mastiffs are a rare mixed breed and are usually a result of backyard breeding, which usually results in a dog with an unpredictable temperament and unknown genetic issues. When looking for an Englian Mastiff puppy, always ask to see the parent dogs’ medical records and meet the parent dogs to check their temperament. These are signs of ethical dog breeders.

Finding an Englian Mastiff in a dog shelter might not be so common, but you can always ask if they have any mixed dogs that resemble the Englian Mastigg. This way, you’ll also be changing a dog’s life for the best.

3 Little-Known Facts About the Englian Mastiff

1. Englian Mastiffs are Gentle Giant family dogs.

Though imposing in stature, Englian Mastiffs are natural family dogs and enjoy being around their children. Despite their massive size, these dogs are always gentle around kids they’ve been raised with and are extremely patient with them. While strange children may have them on alert, Englian Mastiffs can be socialized to accept them.

2. Englian Mastiffs can weigh up to 200 pounds.

While their low energy levels may seem like they’re great for apartments, Englian Mastiffs are incredibly large dogs. These huge canines can weigh up to 200 pounds, so they’ll need a spacious home to live in. If your apartment or condo is large and roomy, they can adapt to apartment living.

3. Englian Mastiffs are companion dogs.

Englian Mastiffs crave affection just like their parent breeds, so they’re great for those that work from home and families that are home often. They need a lot of daily interaction and are prone to separation anxiety, usually in the form of furniture and structural damage. In other words, they don’t do well being alone for long periods throughout the day.

Parent Breeds of Englian Mastiff
Image Credit: (L) Kachalkina Veronika, Shutterstock | (R) Christian Mueller, Shutterstock

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Temperament & Intelligence of the Englian Mastiff 🧠

Englian Mastiffs are mixed-breed dogs from two similar breeds, so their temperaments will vary between them. The best way to guesstimate your Englian Mastiff puppy’s temperament is to meet the parent dogs, but that’s not always a possibility. The next best way is to look at the English and Neapolitan Mastiff’s temperaments.

English Mastiffs are playful and gentle, yet fierce and dignified dogs that will protect what they cherish the most: their families. Gentle with children and affectionate with their owners, English Mastiffs are proud dogs that are natural guardians. Wary of strangers and alert of their surroundings, they enjoy their job as the family watchdog. They can be easily trained to be polite with newcomers- some Mastiffs are sociable and friendly once they’ve warmed up to new people. With a confident and experienced leader to follow, English Mastiffs can be quite a rewarding companion to have.

Neapolitan Mastiffs may have a more serious and protective nature, but they’re just as gentle and affectionate with their families. They will not hesitate to protect their owners, and their large size can be enough to ward off intruders, so they’re excellent dogs for homesteads and rural living.

They are a proud type of dog with a dominant personality, but they simply need a confident, patient owner that can keep them in line. Neapolitan Mastiffs enjoy every minute of being around their families, even if it means napping in the same room as them.

Are These Dogs Good for Families? 🏡

Yes. Englian Mastiffs are very gentle and protective of their families, often seeking them for attention. They need to be socialized early and frequently with other children to prevent over-protective tendencies, but they’re otherwise excellent family dogs. They’re even tolerable with younger children, but they should always be supervised because of their large size.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets? 🐶 😽

Generally, Englian Mastiffs will at least tolerate other dogs and cats. They do best when raised with other dogs and cats in the household, but they’re usually accepting of other pets. Englian Mastiffs should be frequently socialized with other dogs, as some may be prone to same-sex aggression. They don’t have a high prey drive, so smaller animals are usually not a problem.

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Things to Know When Owning an Englian Mastiff:

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

Englian Mastiffs are giant-sized dogs that need a diet that suits their size, which can be upwards of 200 pounds. As puppies, they need to grow at a steady pace. Their diets need enough calcium and phosphorous at a young age, or they’ll be susceptible to bone growth disorders. They’re also prone to obesity and other weight-related issues, which can be very hard to manage with their low energy levels.

We highly recommend consulting your veterinarian for diet recommendations, especially if your Englian Mastiff is a puppy. Talking with your vet will ensure that your dog is getting a complete and balanced diet since most dog food brands may not be enough for this massive Mastiff.

Exercise 🐕

Exercise will be easy enough when your Englian Mastiff is a puppy since most are quite active and energetic at that stage. When they start to age and become adults, Englian Mastiffs will start to show their laziness and may not want to exercise. The key to exercise is interactive play and a routine, which will lessen your Englian Mastiff’s chance from growing lazy. Since these dogs enjoy spending family time, games with tug-of-war or hide-and-seek will be more appealing.

Englian Mastiffs need to be walked at least twice a day with jogging intervals to keep them in shape. If their only physical activity is when they are in “guard” mode, Englian Mastiffs will start to gain weight and lose muscle. Even if they seem tired and uninterested in exercise, these big dogs are prone to obesity and other issues due to a lack of exercise. Even if the walks are not necessarily long, getting them up and moving around is crucial to their health.

Training 🦮

Englian Mastiffs are a dominant type of dog, so you must be confident in your dog-training skills. They need a firm but gentle leader to follow, especially due to their serious nature and large size. Englian Mastiffs are also sensitive, so any yelling, shouting, or harsh training methods will not work. It’s important to set boundaries and to keep them, or you’ll have a massive canine in charge. Food-based positive reinforcement training is usually the best training method, but additional training techniques may be needed.

If you’ve never trained a Mastiff or similar breed of dog, we recommend a professional trainer. Englian Mastiffs are similar to their parent breeds, and stubbornness can be a real challenge, but that doesn’t mean they’re untrainable. In general, Mastiffs are quite smart and can learn a wide variety of commands. They can even be trained as service dogs and enjoy having a job to do, so they have a lot of potential for obedience and workability.

Early socialization, as often as possible, is crucial with Englian Mastiffs and any breed of dog. This will help teach these protective dogs the proper manners around strange people, children, and other dogs. While they’ll always be protective and alert by instinct, they need to understand how to act with any new people you let into your home.

Grooming ✂️

Grooming will be a breeze with your Englian Mastiff, though be prepared for an enormous amount of shedding. A brush-out of the coat once a week will help reduce the shedding, especially during the colder months. Brushing out the coat will also help promote natural oil production, as well as massage the skin. An occasional bath will help with coat odor, but their skin is prone to drying out if bathed too often. Your Englian Mastiff’s nails need to be trimmed based on its activity level, or at least once a month.

Health and Conditions ❤️

Englian Mastiffs are unfortunately prone to many health issues due to their size, and conditions that English and Neapolitan Mastiffs tend to inherit. We highly recommend preparing financially for your Englian Mastiff’s future as some of these conditions are costly to treat. Here are the most common conditions that the English Mastiff and the Neapolitan Mastiff are prone to:

English Mastiff
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Epilepsy
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Bloat/GDV
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Multiple Eye Disorders and Deformities
  • Obesity
  • Various Skeletal Problems
Neapolitan Mastiff
  • Canine Hip Dysplasia
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Bloat/GDV
  • Demodicosis
  • Obesity
  • Various Eye Problems
  • Cancer
  • Elbow Dysplasia

Male vs Female

Male and female Englian Mastiffs can have quite a size difference, so it’s important to keep that in mind when looking at puppies. If your future dog’s size is not an issue and you’re comfortable housing a potentially 200-pound dog, the choice of male or female is purely a personal one.

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Final Thoughts

Englian Mastiffs are a wonderful mix of affectionate and protective breeds, portraying both the English and Neapolitan Mastiff’s natural personalities. Instinctive watchdogs and gentle family pets, these large dogs thrive in a spacious home with owners that are home often. While they can be a challenge for new dog owners, Englian Mastiffs are trainable and enjoy their jobs as the household guardian. These massive Mastiffs need human interaction daily, craving attention from their favorite person. If you’re looking for a giant-sized dog as a companion with strong protective instincts, Englian Mastiffs are a great option.

Featured Image: Shutterstock, Shadia Alloun

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