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English Cream Dachshund: Pictures, Info & More

Kit Copson

By Kit Copson

english cream dachshund

The English Cream Dachshund is style, sophistication, and bags of love in one small, adorable package. Part of the intrigue surrounding English Cream Dachshunds is their rarity—finding a true English Cream with British Cream origins is no easy feat. This exclusivity means that breeders charge a high price for English Cream Dachshunds—around $4,500 to be precise.

Another factor in the English Cream Dachshund’s popularity is their appearance—their silky, creamy-colored coats turn no doubt turn heads wherever they go. In this post, we’ll explore the history of the English Cream Dachshund, why they’re so rare, and what they’re like as pets.

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The Earliest Records of English Cream Dachshunds in History

The Dachshund’s ancestors date back as far as the 15th century, but they started to be developed into the Dachshunds we know today in the 17th century. German hunters bred Dachshunds to hunt badgers, aided in no small part by their “sausage-like”, elongated bodies that fit perfectly down burrows, strong bridge bones, powerful underjaws, and quick little legs.

In the 19th century, an increase in the rabbit population resulted in the breeding of Miniature Dachshunds—smaller versions of the standard Dachshund—to help decrease it.

English Cream Dachshunds were later bred in England. Today, the lineage of true English Cream Dachshunds can be traced back to only a few select U.K. kennels. The Chinchilla gene is what creates the stunning cream coat color in English Cream Dachshunds.

english cream dachshund on sofa
Image Credit: Carolyn Franks, Shutterstock

How English Cream Dachshunds Gained Popularity

Initially popular with hunters, the Dachshund’s popularity as a companion dog began to spread across Europe and America thanks to their affectionate, spunky personalities and loyalty. Famous Dachshund owners have included Queen Victoria, Doris Day, Clint Eastwood, David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, Pablo Picasso, and Marlon Brando.

In the case of English Cream Dachshunds, it was their silky, cream coats and gentle, laid-back temperaments that drew people to them. However, due to the gigantic price tag attached to true English Cream Dachshunds, they’re not commonly owned. They’re also only sold by a handful of reputable breeders.

In the U.S., you can find Dachshunds that look similar to English Creams but that do not share their British bloodlines—American Creams (light red Dachshunds), in particular, are sometimes mistaken for English Creams.

True English Cream Dachshunds can be distinguished by their coat color at birth, which will be dark. Dogs with red undertones are American Creams, not English Creams.  English Cream Dachshunds also only come in miniature form and have long and wavy coats.

Image Credit: Ilze Coertze, Shutterstock

Formal Recognition of the English Cream Dachshund

Dachshunds were first recognized by the AKC in 1885. Cream is one of the colors accepted as “standard” by the American Kennel Club along with several variations. However, English Cream Dachshunds are considered a “subset” of Dachshunds—a “designer” breed if you will. The American Kennel Club does not recognize “designer” breeds.Divider 2

Top 3 Unique Facts About English Cream Dachshunds

1. English Cream Dachshunds Come in Various Shades

There isn’t only one shade of cream—you can get English Cream Dachshunds that are almost white in color and ones that are golden cream. Some show darker shading in certain areas with overlays of black and blonde hair—these are known as “shaded creams”. On the other hand, you can find “clear creams”, which do not have any black in their coats.

2. Cream Dachshunds are Sometimes Erroneously Sold as “English Creams”

Some breeders advertise cream puppies as “English Cream Dachshunds” despite them not being true English Creams. For this reason, if you are considering getting a true English Cream Dachshund, go to a reputable breeder that can produce evidence of the dog’s lineage.

3. English Cream Dachshunds Are Very Laid-Back

According to breeders, English Cream Dachshunds are commonly reported to have chilled-out, laid-back temperaments—a trait that adds to the breed’s popularity.

Cream Dachshund
Image Credit: Valeria Head, Shutterstock

Does an English Cream Dachshund Make a Good Pet?

According to reputable breeders, they certainly do! Aside from being strikingly beautiful, English Cream Dachshunds are known for making fantastic and gentle companions for the whole family.

Standard Dachshunds are known for being loving yet fearless and bold, whereas English Cream Dachshunds are said to be among the calmest of all Dachshund varieties with a docile, sweet temperament. They’re also said to be very trusting and make excellent playmates for sensible children who know how to interact with dogs properly.

In addition to all these great traits, breeders have mentioned a real eagerness to please. A love of human company and attention are among the English Cream Dachshund’s best qualities.

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Considered something of a luxury dog breed, English Cream Dachshunds are considered a rare, somewhat exclusive Dachshund variety. This is because their lineage can be traced back to only a few select U.K. kennels. As a result of this, if you’re looking to purchase a true English Cream Dachshund, expect to splash out rather a lot of money.

An alternative is to consider other cream-colored Dachshunds or Dachshunds in other colors—there are plenty of them after all! Though not the most common dog breed found in shelters, there are Dachshund rescue organizations out there so adoption is also an option you could explore.

Featured Image Credit: Hannamariah, Shutterstock

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