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English Foxhound – Pictures, Info, Care Guide & More

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By Nicole Cosgrove

English Foxhound

Height: 25-27 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 55-75 pounds
Lifespan: 10-13 years
Colors: White, brown, black, pied
Suitable for: Active families with children, those with large fenced-in yards or farms, homes with other dogs
Temperament: Loyal, Loving, Playful, Stubborn, Prone to wanderlust, Gets along with other pets and children

Are you looking to be the proud owner of a rare, historic breed? If so, you might want to check out the English Foxhound.

This breed’s been around since the Medieval era where they used to help lords and other nobility on sporting hunts for both fox and stag. And that’s the stamina that they still carry with them today. If you’re looking for a pup that won’t have any problem keeping up with your daily run or bike ride, the English Foxhound is a perfect companion for you.

However, there are some serious hurdles you’re going to have to overcome first.

Divider 1English Foxhound Puppies – Before You Buy…

English Foxhound puppies
Image credit: Angela Lock, Shutterstock

The English Foxhound is one of the most loyal and loving dogs around, but they’re also among the most stubborn. They have minds of their own and prefer doing things their way or not at all.

Their stubbornness is also accompanied by the need to incessantly bay. These pups aren’t quiet dogs by any means. And when left to their own devices, the English Foxhound can be an extremely destructive dog to keep inside your home.

These challenges may prove to be very difficult even for experienced dog owners. First-time dog parents will experience even greater challenges. However, some of these behaviors can be curbed.

The trick is to enroll them in obedience school as early as possible. English Foxhounds aren’t untrainable, although it can be a difficult task. But once they’ve learned proper behaviors, they become an absolute joy to be around.

What’s the Price of English Foxhound Puppies?

Despite their rarity in the United States, an English Foxhound puppy will run you around $800. While this isn’t exactly cheap, compared to some breeds, this is relatively affordable.

They’re also pretty low maintenance pups.

English Foxhounds are known for being a rather robust and healthy breed. This means that there’ll be fewer trips to the vet and more savings in your pocket. And since they’re a medium-to-large sized dog, you’ll also be able to save money on food costs.

The largest expense you’ll encounter when raising an English Foxhound is for obedience training. And while it’s entirely possible to train them at home, the breed is known for its extreme stubbornness. Often, they’ll require the assistance of an experienced trainer to help guide them.

Divider 83 Little-Known Facts About English Foxhounds

1. As of 2019, the English Foxhound is the most unpopular dog in America.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the English Foxhound is the least registered breed in all of the United States. That probably has to do with the overwhelming popularity of the AKC-eligible foxhounds — particularly the American Foxhound. However, the breed has never really been too popular.

2. They were owned by two of the most influential men of early US history.

Despite their unpopularity in the United States, English Foxhounds haven’t been completely ignored. English Foxhounds were owned both by Thomas Lord Fairfax (the only English-titled nobleman to live in the American colonies at the time) and our first president, George Washington. It is interesting to note that Fairfax was Washington’s early mentor and idol and may have acquired the love of English Foxhounds from him.

3. Despite early ties to American history, the breed was not among the first recognized by the AKC.

The English Foxhound was recognized by the AKC in 1909, a full 25 years after the group’s inception. It was the club’s 62nd breed and first registered with a Foxhound named Auditor.

English Foxhound
Image credit: Derek Hunter, Shutterstock

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Temperament & Intelligence of the English Foxhound

Although the English Foxhound comes from a direct line of hunters, they’re sweet dogs. And there’s nothing they love more than to play with their friends and families.

English Foxhounds — like many other hounds — are a rather vocal breed. You may find their baying to be an endearing quality, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your neighbors will. And with a higher chance of separation anxiety and ennui, the English Foxhound doesn’t make a great pet for apartment dwellers. They’re liable to destroy furniture and irritate the other tenants while you’re away.

Since they’re scent hounds, they love to explore! You’ll often find that a quick walk turns into a full-blown expedition on the trail of some unknown smell. This being said, having a full-sized yard or large swath of land is perfect for them.

Are These Dogs Good for Families?

No doubt about it, this breed loves their families — especially children. They take in kids as if they’re a member of their hunting pack. English Foxhounds are very protective of their loved ones as well. While they won’t openly attack strangers, they keep a watchful eye until they’ve determined there’s no threat to their families, friends, or territory.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

When it comes to other dogs, you’ll find no better friend than the English Foxhound. They just love other pups! As a matter of fact, if you’re thinking about getting an English Foxhound, we recommend getting a pair or another canine companion for them. This will also help to quell their boredom and subsequent destructive behavior.

But they don’t do as well around other smaller pets. The English Foxhound has an exceptionally high prey drive and won’t hesitate to start chasing down cats, birds, or small rodents.

English Foxhound puppies
Image credit: Angela Lock, Shutterstock

Divider 4Things to Know When Owning an English Foxhound

While the English Foxhound may seem like just an average pup, this isn’t the case at all. There’s a lot of different things you need to know about when owning one of these historic canines.

Food & Diet Requirements

When it comes to good, this is probably the most “normal” aspect of owning one of this breed. They’re medium-sized dogs — albeit on the larger side — and require 3 cups of food per day.

However, English Foxhounds are notoriously stubborn creatures, and this principle also applies to their eating habits. Your English Foxhound may be a very picky eater and not take to certain dog foods. It may take quite a bit of experimentation to find out which they prefer.

We just recommend that you stick with a high-protein dog food, preferably one with a fat content between 10%-14%. This will provide all the energy they need while maintaining their sleek profile.


This high energy pup needs tons of exercise to keep them stimulated. And it’s not the physical stimulation they need most. Instead, it’s important that your English Foxhound stays mentally active. When they grow bored, they tend to slip into destructive moods.

However, a brisk walk every day should do the trick. However, be forewarned: they absolutely love following a trail. If they pick up on a weird or unfamiliar smell, be prepared to follow it to the end.

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English foxhound tilted head
Image credit: Mary Swift, Shutterstock


Most dogs benefit from obedience training. However, there are only a few breeds that we recommend must have it. The English Foxhound is one of those breeds. They are among the most stubborn of all dogs and are known for doing things their way or not at all. That doesn’t mean there’s no hope though. When properly trained early, these pups are just as obedient as every other pooch out there.

Grooming ✂️

While their stubborn temperament may be difficult to manage, they are super easy dogs to groom. They require a weekly brushing at the most and a bath only when needed. The biggest thing to watch out for when it comes to their grooming is ensuring their ears stay dry and clean. Since they have floppy ears, they’re more susceptible to unwanted bacteria growth.

Health and Conditions

With extremely few genetically predisposed illnesses, the English Foxhound is one of the healthiest dog breeds on the planet. In fact, the only two major conditions you’ll have to be concerned with are epilepsy and spinal disorders. However, these are both exceptionally rare.

And as far as minor conditions are concerned, you’ll only have to worry about the onset of deafness. But this usually comes on very late in life. Other than that, keeping up with flea/tick and worm precautions is the only health concern you’ll have with them.

Minor Conditions
  • Deafness
Serious Conditions
  • Epilepsy
  • Spinal disorders

Divider 5Male vs Female

In most breeds, there’s no real discernable difference between males and females. However, there’s often a clearer distinction when it comes to English Foxhounds. Males can be much larger physically, both taller and heavier.

Divider 3Final Thoughts

The English Foxhound can be one of the most challenging pups to raise, especially early on. They’re willfully stubborn, loud, and have a dedicated sense of wanderlust.

But don’t count them out.

With a little work between dog and master, your English Foxhound can become an amazingly obedient and wonderful family pup. He’ll be an absolute dream for children and will thrive with other dogs.

You just need to put in that extra effort in the beginning, and it’ll be well worth your while.

Featured Image Credit: Derek Hunter, Shutterstock

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