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Here at Hepper, we are obviously into style. We immerse ourselves in the world of  style, pets, and stylish pets.  However, this world of extreme dog grooming took even us by surprise!

We love surprises, and just had to share.

Last year, NYC-based photographer Paul Nathan traveled to a high-profile dog grooming competition in New Jersey to photograph the contestants.

In one article, on the author describes this practice as being “deranged”. And yes, it is pretty extreme, but ya know, the world of human fashion is pretty extreme too.

We think the real gem in all of this, and the reason it is arguably fabulous, is hidden in the the following statement:

When the dogs are presented, the groomer is often dressed to match the animal and there is a set or backdrop where the animal is presented,” Nathan says.

That’s right! Human and dog with outfits and backdrop to match!

What would your puppies makeover look like, if you got an outfit (and backdrop) to match?

Something like this?

pink and green

Or Maybe more like this one?

cheetah pup

Paul Nathan has a new book full of his photos – you can get “Groomed” here.

See more of these incredible photographs in the article The Deeply Weird World of Extreme Dog Grooming.

[via: Fastcompany, photos by Paul Nathan]