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Fluval Chi Fish Tank Reviews – Pros, Cons & Our Final Verdict

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By Lindsey Stanton

Fluval has been in the aquarium game for quite some time now and they never fail to deliver high quality products. Sure, choosing the right fish tank for your home can be quite the challenge. The multitude of options out there can make anybody’s head spin. The trick is to get the one that is right for you.

Today, we are here doing a Fluval Chi Fish Tank review (you can check the price at Amazon here). This is a neat little aquarium that is ideal for all kinds of small spaces like office desks, small shelves, nightstands, and much more.


Our Fluval Chi Fish Tank Review

Fluval Chi Aquarium Kit

We want to take a really in depth look at the Fluval Chi Fish Tank. This is a really small aquarium, ideal for tight spaces, children, and beginners alike. It might be one of the smaller options out there, but it still has quite a lot to offer.

Fluval Chi Fish Tank Features

Let’s take a closer look at all of the features and benefits which the Fluval Chi Fish Tank brings to the table.



First of all, the first thing you need to know about the Fluval Chi Fish Tank is that it is a 5-gallon tank. This makes it more than ideal for a medium sized fish or a few smaller fish. It’s a good option if you don’t have too much experience with aquariums or if you just don’t have the time or energy to deal with a larger tank. It is also a good option if your kids won’t stop bugging you for a pet fish.

The Fluval Chi Fish Tank is square and comes in at 10 x 10 x 13 inches, making it an ideal size for various places. It can easily fit on a shelf, on a nightstand, or on an office desk too. The small size of it makes it an ideal option for tight spaces no matter what the case. On a side note, the Fluval Chi Fish Tank does come in both a 5 and 6.6 gallon variation. The 6.6-gallon tank can hold a couple more fish, but of course it does also take up more space.


Another important point to remember is that this tank is made with real glass. Yes, some people do prefer acrylic because it has a higher level of impact resistance, but in our opinion, glass just looks a whole lot better (we have actually done a detailed comparison on this article).

While glass may not be quite as strong as acrylic, it sure does look nice, plus the Fluval Chi tank is built to be long lasting. As long as you don’t drop this fish tank from up high, it will be just fine.

Fluval 10505 Chi II Aquarium


One of the really impressive things about the Fluval Chi Fish Tank is that it comes with a full 3-stage filtration system. The filter included here is more than powerful and efficient enough to keep the water inside of the Fluval Chi Fish Tank clean and crystal clear.

It has enough filtration capacity to process the water in the tank several times over per hour for optimal cleanliness. The filter does engage in all three major types of filtration including mechanical, biological, and chemical.

The mechanical filtration aspect removes all kinds of solid debris from the water. Biological filtration helps to maintain a population of healthy bacteria to get rid of ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. The chemical filtration is great for removing any lingering toxins, odors, and water discoloration.

The filter included with the Fluval Chi Fish Tank is specially designed to avoid water bypass. In other words, every drop of water comes into contact with all three filtering mechanism for great efficiency.

Now, what is really cool and unique about the Fluval Chi Fish Tank filtration system is that it pulls the water from the bottom of the tank and filters it in an upward motion. It comes out at the top of the tank through the pebble basket, this creating a serene and calming waterfall effect.

This is a good option if you like the sound of gurgling water. It’s cool for kids rooms where a bit of calming is sometimes needed. On a side note, the filter features a 180 degree rotating filter head, which is great because it provides easy access to the interior of the filter for easy cleaning and media changing.

Plant & Media Basket

Another cool feature of the Fluval Chi Fish Tank is the pebble basket at the top of the tank. We already talked about how the water flows out of it to create a neat waterfall effect.

However, what we did not mention is that you can replace the pebbles with your own choice or rocks, or even some kind of decoration. It may not have all that much functionality, but it certainly does provide for a cool look.

At the same time, the interior of the tank features a plant basket. This plant basket is removable so you can easily take care of the plant when the times comes. Simply lift the basket out of the tank for plant maintenance.

You can also change the plant that is included and replace it with a plant of your choosing. It’s a cool feature that allows you to add either a fake or potted plant with minimal effort.


Three gallon betta fish aquarium with live aquatic plants
Image Credit: Sandra Burm, Shutterstock

The Fluval Chi Fish Tank does come with a full LED lighting system, something which virtually every aquarium needs to have. This particular aquarium comes with a 12 LED submersible lighting system. The lights are built into a waterproof housing to ensure that they do not suffer water damage.

Having submerged lights is a really neat feature that not many aquariums come with. It creates a really cool look on its own, it helps plants grow, and it helps to illuminate the tank.

There is also a second set of upward facing lights directed at the water flowing out of the pebble basket filtration system at the top of the tank. This creates a really neat dual lighting effect, illuminating the entirety of the Fluval Chi Fish Tank and the space around it.

It might not be the number one light for growing plants, but it certainly works to keep plants alive and keep fish happy.

  • Ideal size for small spaces
  • Good for beginners
  • Comes with everything included to get started
  • Great lighting system
  • Good 3 stage filtration unit
  • Neat pebble basket waterfall effect
  • Convenient plant basket
  • Beautiful and tough glass design
  • Easy access to filter for maintenance
  • Can’t hold too many fish
  • Not too much versatility in terms of plants
  • The light tends to suffer from algae buildup


We hope that this Fluval Chi Fish Tank review has helped come closer to a final purchase. In all reality, while this tank may have a couple of minor drawbacks, all in all, it is a really good option to go with. It’s great for kids, beginners, and tight spaces alike. This is a great all in one aquarium that comes with everything you need for a small aquarium setup.

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