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100+ Football Inspired Dog Names: Ideas for Athletic & Tenacious Dogs

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Football is one of those sports that has the magical ability to bring people together—whether you are cheering for the same team or have developed exciting rivalries among friends, the undeniable love for this game is shared by many. You could be a weekend warrior subbing in on exhibition games or holiday traditions, attend universities (as a player or a cheerer!) in hopes of taking your shot in the big leagues, have a hand in building a team and leading them to victory, or simply found your permanent position as a true and loyal spectator.

Wherever you fall, football will always have a spot for you and is ready to recruit new supporters. Your pup is so exception! From the tiniest chihuahuas and pugs to the real hard hitters like Great Danes or mastiffs—no matter their size, a football name is a great way of representing your dog’s tenacity, passion, and shared love for action! 

Read on for a comprehensive list of football dog names inspired by the many corners of the sport. We have ideas for female and male pups, a few inspired by the various leagues and lingo among many others. Surely you will find one here that you love and your dog will truly appreciate! 

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Female Football Dog Names

  • Bronte | Bronter Zeiher (Legends)
  • Abbey | Abbey Vestal (Semi-Professional)
  • Sami | Sami Grisafe (WFA Champ & Game MVP, 2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist) 
  • Quincy | Quincy Hewitt (Legends)
  • Stango | Jennifer Stango (First Female Coach in HS Football)
  • Paralee | Paralee Adams (Coach)
  • Miles | Malissa Miles (Legends)
  • Zelee | Whitney Zelee (WFA Record for Most Touchdowns in Single Game)
  • Duffy  | Carole Duffy (Hall of Fame)
  • Marjorie | Marjorie Herrera Lewis (University Coach)
  • Violet | Violet Bidwill Wolfner (First Woman to Own an NFL Team)
  • Hodge | Rae Hodge  (Hall of Fame)
  • Fergy | MD Ferguson (Hall of Fame Coach)
  • Chastity | Chastity Morales (Legends)
  • Sowers | Katie Sowers (Full-Time NFL Coach)

Male Football Dog Names

  • Jerry Rice | NFL
  • Reggie White | NFL
  • Joe Montanan | NFL 
  • Drew Brees | NFL 
  • Gronk | NFL
  • Tom Brady | NFL
  • Dan Marino | NFL 
  • Julio Jones | NFL 
  • Walter Peyton | NFL
  • OJ Simpson | NFL 
  • JJ Watt | NFL 
  • Peyton Manning | NFL 
  • Forrest Gregg | NFL 
  • Terry Bradshaw | NFL 
  • Dick Butkus | NFL
  • Otto Graham | NFL 
  • DeAndre Hopkins | NFL 
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Football League Dog Names

You might already be aware of the various leagues that have sprouted across the United States over the past century. Consider one of these unique names for your pet. 

  • Mason Dixie 
  • NFL
  • Elite 
  • Uni 
  • Futbol 
  • League
  • Gridiron 
  • Rival 
  • Fantasy
  • Legends 

Football Lingo Dog Names

From slang, and proper terminology all the way to positions. We have a list of the most current and up-to-date football lingo that each doubles as adorably fun dog names. 

  • QB 
  • Bootleg 
  • Linebacker 
  • Safety 
  • Gunner
  • Huddle
  • Fumble 
  • Pigskin 
  • Yard
  • Jammer 
  • Tightend
  • Gridiron
  • End Zone 
  • Scrimmage
  • Tackle
  • Punt
  • Zone 
  • Juke 
  • Offside 
  • Spiral 
  • Punter 
  • Roster 
  • Blitz 
  • Kicker 
  • Pocket
  • Scramble 
  • Rush

Football Team Dog Names

Likely the most recognizable of the bunch, a name from this next list will be a definitive tip to anyone who meets your pup that you are a football fanatic.  

  • Charger
  • Falcon 
  • Steeler 
  • Giant
  • Buccaneer
  • Bengal
  • Raider 
  • Packer 
  • Bear
  • Viking
  • Bronco 
  • Chief
  • Jets
  • Titan
  • Saint
  • Niner
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Image Credit: Sylvie Corriveau, Shutterstock

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Football Award Dog Names

Naming your fur baby after a coveted football award might just be the perfect yet subtle idea if you are a big-time fan of the sport

  • MVP 
  • Grey Cup 
  • Rooney 
  • Comeback 
  • Rookie
  • Brunswick 
  • Coach 
  • Payton 
  • Super Bowl 
  • Whizzer 
  • Lombardi 
  • Bart 

Famous Football Players Dogs

Many famous football players also share a deep love for dogs and have adopted some of their very own along the way. Learn more about these players’ pups and the names they have chosen for their loyal companions.

  • Jaz | Brett Favre
  • Rommy | Eric Decker 
  • Hunter & Max | Matt Leinart
  • Boujee | JuJu Smith Schuster
  • Boomer | Scot Zolak
  • Cupcake & Pumpkin | Mitchell Schwarts 
  • Lua, Scooby & Fluffy | Tom Brady
  • Riggs, Jersey & Henley | Carson Wentz
  • Steel & Silver | Patrick Mahomes
  • Swagger | Cleveland Browns
  • Turf | Bobby Wagner
  • Rambo & Chauncey | Travis Kelce
  • da Don | The Packers Dachshund
  • Zoe | Solomon Thomas

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Finding the Right Name for Your Dog

There you have it! A full list of everything football—each idea a fun tribute and an adorable name for your new dog. We hope that you have found a match! If you are unsure about the choices you have narrowed down to—remember that your dog will love whatever you choose, so as long you enjoy it, they will too! 

Although we love all of these names for pups, they might not be for everyone. if you are looking for additional inspiration, try one of our other popular dog name lists linked below! 

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