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10 Fun Games to Play With Your Ferret

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By Misty Layne

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Ferrets may sleep a lot (up to 18 hours a day), but when these animals are awake, they’re constantly on the go and getting into things. Ferrets are delightfully inquisitive creatures who love to play and explore, so they need to spend plenty of time each day outside their cages to accomplish this. And nothing is better than playing with your pet ferret; not only is it fun for you both, but playing with your pet is a fantastic bonding activity.

But what types of games can you play with your ferret? The great thing about these animals is that they are up for almost anything. That means you can play many excellent games with them that will provide them with all the physical and mental stimulation they require. Below, you’ll find ten of these games, all of which your ferret is sure to love!

The 10 Fun Games to Play With Your Ferret

1. Digging and Burrowing Games

Ferrets are animals that love burrowing and digging, so games incorporating these things will be sure hits! And coming up with burrowing and digging games is simple. All you need to do is fill a large box with natural materials, then hide treats or toys inside. Your pet will love having the chance to go digging around for items they enjoy!

Or you can just put together a small sandbox for your ferret. If you have a larger caged habitat for your pet outdoors, you can set the sandbox there. And while you can also hide things in the sandbox, your ferret will be thrilled to have the opportunity to dig whether there are hidden items or not!

Ferret playing in a flower pot digging soil
Image Credit: Cassie Leigh, Shutterstock

2. Games of Chase

Ferrets may be small, but they are fast and wily, so why not teach yours how to play tag? Begin with chasing your ferret as they race around your home, then tag them once you’ve caught your pet. After that, encourage your ferret to do the same to you by following you around. When your pet manages to “catch” you, chase them again. Doing this repeatedly will ensure your pet learns how the game works and has tons of fun while doing so.

3. Games With Electronic Toys

Don’t have the energy to be chased around the house by your ferret? Why not utilize an electronic toy instead? You can easily find a cheap remote-controlled car or something similar that can be used in games of chase with your pet. Drive the car around and watch as your ferret has a ball running after and jumping on it. You can even reverse things and have the car chase your pet!

4. Build a Maze

Ferrets are intelligent, and what better way to challenge that intelligence than with a maze? A maze might seem like a complicated thing to set up, but it’s easier than you think. All you need are some cardboard boxes to use as walls. Place the boxes in an open area to make the maze, and ensure there are several paths, not just one, for your ferret to use. However, only one of these paths should be obstacle-free and come out on the other side. Put a treat down at the end of the maze as a reward for your pet getting through, and then see how long it takes your ferret to complete the maze!

ferret playing in a red toy maze
Image Credit: Olga Pysarenko, Shutterstock

5. Peek-a-Boo

Looking for a lazier game to play for those times you’re not up to doing a lot? Then peek-a-boo is the game for you! You can hang out in bed or on the sofa to play this game with your pet, so they’re kept entertained, and you don’t have to exert a lot of energy. Just put your hands or a pillow in front of your face, get your pet’s attention, then uncover your face and say, “Peek-a-boo!”. It may be simple, but it should keep your pet happy.

6. Games With Wands

Kitties aren’t the only animals that love to play with wand toys! Your ferret will have a blast chasing after a wand teaser’s jingly balls and feathers. Just trail the wand toy around so your ferret can follow it, or dangle it over their head so they can leap for it. Games with wand toys are easy but tons of fun for your pet!

7. Swimming

Believe it or not, ferrets are big fans of swimming! But pools aren’t great for them due to the chlorine in the water, so why not make an indoor pool for your pet to play in? You can put water in the tub or get a kiddie pool. Just be sure to keep the water shallow enough that your pet can touch the bottom of the tub or pool and at a temperature that’s neither too hot nor too cold.

Ferret outdoor enjoying relaxation and swimming pool with friends
Image Credit: Couperfield, Shutterstock

8. Trampoline

Remember those mini-trampolines that were all the rage in the 1980s? Well, your ferret will greatly enjoy having one of those to play on. Ferrets are fabulous at jumping around on trampolines (at least once they get the hang of it). Just place the trampoline in a safe spot, then put your ferret on it. With a bit of moving around, they should realize that they can jump, and then comes the fun!

9. Tug-of-War

Much like cats aren’t the only ones who love wand toys, dogs aren’t the only animals that like a good game of tug-of-war! Though it might not be a game they want to play every day, your ferret will love having a good game of tug-of-war with you occasionally. You can use a small tug-of-war toy, a rope, or even a shoestring for this game. Just toss one end to your ferret to tug on, then tug on the other side till they tug back.

10. Tunneling Games

Finally, ferrets love tunneling about as much as they adore digging and burrowing. Ferrets get a kick out of wandering around tight spaces (no claustrophobia here!) because it presents a challenge. And because of their long, lean bodies and general slinkiness, these animals are excellent at getting out of tight spots. You can purchase tunnels, but you can also make your own out of cardboard tubes, paper bags, or boxes. Put some treats inside whatever kind of tunnels you use, then watch your ferret hunt the treats down!

ferret playing in the grass with long blue tunnel toy
Image Credit: Burloncita, Shutterstock


Ferrets may sleep a good portion of the day, but these tiny animals love to play when they’re awake. Luckily, your ferret is up for almost any game at any time, so engaging them in play is easy. The ten games on this list are all excellent, as they’ll keep your pet happy and entertained. Some you get to enjoy, too, while others your pet can do alone. We suggest playing with your ferret as often as possible, though, as playtime is a fabulous way to bond with your pet!

Featured Image Credit: Yasmins world, Shutterstock

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