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Golden Retriever Vizsla Mix: Pictures, Care Guide, Temperament & Traits

Adam Mann

By Adam Mann

golden vizsla dog

If you’re looking for a fun-loving dog that loves to please its owner, look no further than a Golden Retriever and Vizsla mix. While this puppy might not have the same pedigree as a purebred, they’re outstanding dogs that are incredibly adorable.

But how do you know if one is right for you? You learn more about them, of course. And you’re certainly in the right place for that.

Height: 21–24 inches
Weight: 50–70 pounds
Lifespan: 11–13 years
Colors: Golden rust, dark golden, golden, light golden, or any combination of these colors
Suitable for: Families, those with other pets, people with an active lifestyle
Temperament: Loyal & loving, intelligent, easy to train, friendly, gets along with everyone

While the Golden Retriever Vizsla mix is a mixed breed through and through, both parent breeds share many of the same personalities and traits, making it easier to know what to expect from the mixed breed.

Their core traits include an eagerness to please their owners, a fun-loving personality, and the ability to get along great with families. Just ensure you’re ready for an active pup because both breeds have tons of energy that they need to get out each day!

Golden Retriever Vizsla Mix Breed Characteristics


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Golden Retriever Vizsla Mix Breed Puppies

golden lab vizsla puppy
Image Credit: Jared Cook, Shutterstock

Because a Golden Retriever Vizsla mix is a mixed breed, it can be extremely challenging trying to find a breeder that specializes in them. More often you’ll be able to find some variation of this breed from a shelter or from a breeder that doesn’t have full registration of either parent.

While there’s nothing wrong with these puppies, you have to be careful because they can inherit traits from the different parent breeds that you might not know about. If you want a pure Golden Retriever Vizsla mix, do your homework and take your time finding a breeder, as this is the only way to ensure a dog that only has these two parent breeds.

However, while it might take a bit of work to track one down, usually these puppies tend to cost a bit less than a traditional purebred Vizsla or a purebred Golden Retriever.

Parent breeds of Golden Retriever Vizsla Mix
The parent breeds of Golden Retriever Vizsla Mix: Left – Golden Retriever (Shayna Douglas, Unsplash) | Right – Vizsla (Vizslafotozas, Pixabay)

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Temperament & Intelligence of the Golden Retriever Vizsla Mix 🧠

While you never know which parent a mixed breed dog will take after more, with a Golden Retriever Vizsla mix, it doesn’t matter all that much, which is part of their appeal. Both breeds have extremely loving and intelligent temperaments.

Moreover, both breeds do their absolute best to try and please their owners, meaning you don’t need to worry about that with a Golden Retriever Vizsla mix. Just know that while they’re large dogs that can look a bit intimidating, they don’t make good guard dogs since they just want to cuddle up to everyone.

Are These Dogs Good for Families? 👪

If you’re looking for a great family dog, it’s tough to top a Golden Retriever Vizsla mix. Both parent breeds get along great with everyone, meaning you don’t have to worry about which breed they take after.

Both breeds are large enough to where smaller children can’t easily hurt them, although you should still watch any small kids when they’re interacting with a dog. Furthermore, while a Golden Retriever Vizsla mix is large enough to avoid an easy injury from a toddler, they’re not so large to easily trample a toddler.

Whether you have multiple kids or no kids, a Golden Retriever Vizsla mix is an outstanding choice for you.

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

Once again, this is an area that you really shouldn’t need to worry about with a Golden Retriever Vizsla mix. While the Golden Retriever does better with other pets than a Vizsla, that’s more of a testament to how well the Golden Retriever does with other pets than a dig on the Vizsla.

Both parent breeds do get along great with other pets, but because you don’t know which parent they will take after more, we highly recommend early and consistent socialization with your Golden Retriever Vizsla mix.

If you do this, you shouldn’t have to worry about how your dog will react around any other pets you decide to bring into your home.

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Things to Know When Owning a Golden Retriever Vizsla Mix:

If you’re considering getting a Golden Retriever Vizsla mix, there are a few things you should know before bringing one home. Overall, it’s pretty straightforward if you know how to care for a dog, but we’ll still walk you through everything so there are no surprises.

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

As a larger dog breed, a Golden Retriever Vizsla mix needs quite a bit of high-quality food to thrive. Depending on the brand of food you go with and the size of your dog, you can expect to feed them between 3.5 and 4.25 cups of dry dog food each day.

If you’re choosing to feed them wet dog food, you should expect to feed them between 5 and 7 cans each day, depending on the brand and the size of your dog. Meanwhile, fresh food recipes vary quite a bit, so you’ll need to reach out to the specific company you’re looking for to determine how much you’ll need to get.

Overall, for dry food, you can expect to spend between $60 and $80 each month, while you can expect to spend between $400 and $500 a month to feed the wet dog food. For fresh food, you can expect to spend between $500 and $700 a month for food.

Exercise 🐕

Both the Golden Retriever and the Vizsla have very high energy levels, and because of this, you need to give them plenty of time to get outside and burn off some energy if you get one. We recommend taking them out for a walk at least twice daily and aim for 20 to 30 minutes for each walk.

In addition to these walks., your pup needs an open space where they can run around for 30 to 60 minutes each day. If you have a fenced-in yard, you can use this, but otherwise, you should take them to a fenced-in dog park where they can run around.

If you’re unable to meet these exercise requirements, it’s likely that your Golden Retriever Vizsla will display some destructive boredom behaviors as they attempt to burn off some energy.

Training 🎾

The Golden Retriever Vizsla mix is an outstanding dog to train, but that doesn’t mean they’ll do whatever you say without some work. Consistency is key when training a Golden Retriever Vizsla mix, and we recommend at least one training session a day.

You want to keep the training sessions short, so only aim for about 10 to 15 minutes per session to maximize your productivity. If you want to add a second or third training session throughout the day, you can space them out so your pup has plenty of time to relax between sessions.

Grooming ✂️

Neither the Vizsla nor the Golden Retriever has very long coats. However, both breeds shed a ton. To help keep their shedding under control, you need to brush them out each day, and it’s usually going to take about 10 to 20 minutes because of how much hair they have.

From there, you need to brush their teeth about once a day to keep up with their oral hygiene, and you need to clip their nails as needed. Finally, you need to bathe your dog about once a month to further help control shedding and to keep their coat nice and clean. Don’t bathe them too much though, as this can strip away beneficial oils and nutrients from their skin.

Health and Conditions ❤️

Because a Golden Retriever Vizsla mix comes from two different parent breeds, they can inherit potential health problems from either parent. However, while they can develop health problems from either parent, it all depends on which parent they take after if they’ll develop any of the following issues.

Either way, keep an eye out for any of these problems and only get your pup from a reputable breeder to help minimize the chances of your Golden Retriever Vizsla mix from developing any of the health concerns.

Minor Conditions
  • Allergies
  • Eye issues
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Dental disease
Serious Conditions
  • Heart disease
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Von Willebrand’s disease

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Male vs Female

There’s not a huge difference between the personalities of a male and female Golden Retriever Vizsla. However, one noticeable difference is the size. Males tend to be about 10 to 15 pounds larger than females, but this is only an average, not a guarantee.

It’s certainly possible to get a larger female, especially if both parents are on the large end of the size spectrum for their respective breeds.

3 Little-Known Facts About the Golden Retriever Vizsla Mix

With a great temperament and a fun-loving nature, it’s no wonder so many people love these pups. With that in mind, we’ve highlighted three interesting facts about the Golden Retriever Vizsla mix for you here:

1. They Come From Europe

The Vizsla gets its roots in Hungary, while the Golden Retriever comes from the United Kingdom, so when you combine the two breeds, you get a dog with a strong European heritage. While you can’t find a strong history of the mixed breed, today you can find breeders of the two breeds all over the world.

2. They All Have a Brown Hue

Because both parent breeds have a strong brown hue of some sort, you’re not going to find a Golden Retriever Vizsla mix that doesn’t have this coloring. However, because the brown hue is slightly different in both breeds, you will notice slight differences in the colors of different Golden Retriever Vizsla mixes.

3. They’re a Very Adaptable Breed

You never know which parent breed a mixed-breed dog will take after more, but since both the Vizsla and the Golden Retriever are as adaptable as they come, that’s not a problem here! No matter what, you’re getting an extremely adaptable dog that can handle whatever you want to throw at them.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking about adopting or purchasing a Golden Retriever Vizsla puppy, there’s a ton to love about them. They’re among the sweetest dogs in the world and get along great with families, but just be ready for a fair amount of dog hair and a lot of energy.

They might be great family dogs, but they can also be a lot of work, so ensure you’re ready for everything that comes along with getting one before you bring one into your home.

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