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100+ Grey Dog Names: The Best Luminous & Unique Ideas

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By Nicole Cosgrove

grey french bulldog puppies

Finding grey throughout your pup’s coat could mean a few things—they were blessed with a luminous slate-like coat or they have entered into their golden years. Either way—we adore ashed fur in whichever way we get it! It’s alluring and sweet all the while giving wise and earthy vibes.

When choosing a name for your new grey pup, you’ll want to ensure you’re able to have a quick guide to the best names! Whether your pup is as dark as steel or lighter than ash, spotted, multi-tonal or simply we’ve got you covered! 

With ideas for females and males, bi-color options in grey and white, and grey and black, metallic and shiny suggestions for dogs with silver fur, and of course, a section laid out just for our blessed senior dogs, we are paw-sitive you will find just what you and your new buddy have been searching for! 

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Female Grey Dog Names

  • Asha 
  • Ember 
  • Dove 
  • Winta 
  • Astra 
  • Banshee
  • Umbra 
  • Myst 
  • Cinder
  • Cleo 
  • Haiiro
  • Hazel
  • Luster 
  • Asia 
  • Shadow 

Male Grey Dog Names

  • Coal 
  • Gandolph
  • Wrath 
  • Fade 
  • Stoke 
  • Cadet 
  • Steel 
  • Yale
  • Phantom 
  • Bullet
  • Casper
  • Balto 
  • Vapor
  • Lust 
  • Shade
  • Sully 
  • Dusky
  • Grigio 
  • Slate
  • Foggy 
  • Gris 
  • Haze 
  • Murk 
Black Puli
Image Credit: Pikrepo

Silver Dog Names

There is something incredibly alluring about a glistening grey coat, often appearing iridescent and silver in the sunlight. In thicker coats, wiry strands of grey shine like tinsel, and thinner furs, little bursts of sparkle. Your pup or elder pooch would be thrilled to have a name that’s as sleek and polished as the ones from the following list!

  • Ansel 
  • Mint 
  • Wisp 
  • Silverado 
  • Buckles
  • Bijou 
  • Jin
  • Sterling 
  • Glimmer 
  • Spark 
  • Halo 
  • Disco 
  • Tinsel 
  • Twink 
  • Glitter 
  • Sheen 
  • Chrome 
  • Pearl 
  • Mono 
  • Gunnar 

Grey and White Dog Names

It’s fairly common to see a pup that has a classic and mature combination of white and grey. Pillowy ivory’s complimented by the subtleties of grey hues. We might be inspired by the pattern on our dog’s coat—white face and belly, perhaps white booties? Before you settle on a name as simple as Spot, take a peek at the names we’ve compiled below:

  • Merle 
  • Foggy 
  • Wisp 
  • Storm
  • Argen 
  • Luna 
  • Artemis 
  • Anchovy 
  • Prophet
  • Nova 
  • Pebble
  • Sardine 
  • Stone 
  • River 
  • Vesper 
Black and White Dogs
Image Credit: m_bos, Pixabay

Grey and Black Dog Names

There are a couple of things to consider when it comes to black and grey coats—namely that they are completely individual as the variations of patterns and textures could go on forever. Grey fur with a black eye patch, maybe a black coat with grey stripes! Whatever your dog pattern, we are sure that you’ll find a name from our next list that matches them almost perfectly.

  • Pepper 
  • Comet 
  • Comso 
  • Stellar
  • Nyx 
  • Polaris 
  • Smudge 
  • Nasa 
  • Checkers 
  • Carbon 
  • Grady 
  • Lunar 
  • Coal 
  • Inked 
  • Phoenix 
  • Mercury 
  • Onyx 

Old Names for Elderly Grey Dogs

If you’ve adopted a mature or senior dog, chances are good that they have hints of grey throughout their coat if they aren’t already fully grey! In the event you’re looking to give your new addition a fresh name, or perhaps a nickname, to go with their brand-new start, one from our next list would be fitting. We have noted the best old-fashioned names!

  • Nora 
  • Earl 
  • Ruth 
  • Marcel 
  • Opal
  • Duke 
  • Flint 
  • Everest 
  • Arthur
  • Gothel 
  • Duchess 
  • Birch 
  • Grace 
  • Boomer 
  • Gable 
  • Imogene
  • Remington 
  • Celeste 
  • Belle  
  • Pallas

Famous Unique & Grey Breeds

Although the breeds we have noted below may also have additional fur colors, they are iconic because of their stunning grey coats. If you are looking for a pup who truly knows how to rock a stone-colored coat, these breeds may just be for you! 


Image Credit: ElvisClooth, Pixabay

This large breed is known for its history in the hunting biz! In addition to its strength and intelligence, this dog is alert and energetic. Colorings include mouse-grey, grey-silver, and silver. 


Pumi Dog Breed
Image Credit: Enna8982, Shutterstock

A Pumi is a small to medium-sized dog with high-set ears, curly tail, and shaggy hair. Don’t let their size fool you! Their agility and loud barks make them excellent herding dogs. Colors include grey, silver, and grizzle! How cute would Grizzle be for a name?!


Italian Greyhound Face
Image Credit: zivilebj, Pixabay

As you may have guessed, Greyhounds are notoriously speedy dogs because of their aerodynamic and sleek build. Not only do they have professional work ethics, but they also make for excellent family pets! Additionally, they could be a solid slate grey and occasionally even brindle! 

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Finding the Right Name for Your Grey Dog

We know that adopting a new puppy is an exciting and rewarding experience so we want to ensure finding them the perfect name is just as wonderful! You might be feeling the pressure to get it right, but rest assured, your pooch undoubtedly love whatever name you choose for them simply because it came from you, their loving lifelong friend! 

With our list of 100+ names inspired by the many marvelous shades of grey, we hope that your search was simple and you’ve landed on a great pairing for your pooch. With options for tonal-coated dogs, elders, and those with a twinkle like the stars, we are certain there’s an ideal match for all types of dogs! 

If not, one of our other name posts is sure to give you the additional inspiration you need: 

Feature Image Credit: HETIZIA, Shutterstock

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