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8 decent grooming tubs for cats and dogs in 2021

Maintaining your pet’s hygiene is a must for its health. Many cat owners prefer bathing their pets in a regular tub which, of course, has a lot of disadvantages. As a rule, the attempts to wash a feline friend end up by scratched arms and stressing out (for both of you).

As a caring cat parent, you want the best for your furry kid, this is why having a special ‘tool’ won’t hurt. Many people underestimate the advantages of grooming tubs for cats and dogs – they think it’s professional equipment for shelters and grooming centers only. But once you try it in your household, you will realize that the washing experience can be much more pleasant.

So let’s discover the best grooming tubs for pets together!

3 Benefits of using a grooming tub

1. Higher quality of grooming

Instead of wasting your time trying to catch and hold the pet, you can make sure it stays within the tub and bathe or trim it conveniently. Not for nothing grooming centers install grooming tubs – they prevent animals from fleeing while giving caregivers more freedom of maneuvers.

2. Less stress for your cat or dog

Since you have more control over the situation, you can perform grooming or trimming faster and more efficiently. That means the process will end sooner, and your cat or dog doesn’t have to stress out for long. Besides, once your pet gets used to the tub, it will know what to expect next time you take it out.

3. Less cleaning afterward

Although modern vacuum for pets allow you to get rid of fur in a matter of a few minutes, you don’t want to spend extra time eliminating the mess after grooming. By using a grooming tub, you prevent hair and water from spreading over your home. No more hustle!

Top 8 cat and dog grooming tubs of 2021

This is a very convenient portable station that can be used inside and outside – all you need is the connection to the drainage system. All essentials are already included: a 3-in-1 brush, collar, lanyard with snap-hooks, and a large bottom shelf. This compact bathtub has a large capacity – 160 lbs. Thus, it’s suitable for any cat breed and can even be used for washing several pets at once. Feel free to place it in your bathroom or in a backyard – your pet will feel comfortable enough.


  • Large capacity
  • Can be used outside and inside
  • 3-in-1 brush serves as a detangler, a massager tool and a deshedder


  • It’s quite expensive
  • The collar is too big for a cat – a separate one should be bought
  • Total capacity: 160 lbs
  • Drain system: Included
  • Accessories in the kit: Brush, lanyard with snap-hooks, dog collar

This model is rather recommended for outdoor use, especially if you have a cat that tolerates water well. The tub features only 3 walls, so your feline friend might get naughty and run away if it escapes the collar that’s designed rather for dogs than cats.

Anyway, this is a nice option for cleaning and showering your cat. The four pedestals are sturdy enough and prevent sideslip. There’s a small compartment for the storage of shampoos and accessories. Indoor use in the bathroom is also acceptable.


  • Rubber grips and non-slipping mat ensure stability
  • Outdoor and indoor use allowed
  • Convenient leash restraint


  • Small capacity
  • Single piece construction makes it impossible to fold and store the model conveniently
  • Only 3 walls, water splashing is unavoidable
  • Total capacity: 75 lbs
  • Drain system: Included
  • Accessories in the kit: Non-slipping mat, fan nozzle hooks, leash restraint with collar

This is a pretty large tub that can be used for both cats and dogs. With the drainage system included, it can be installed in a bathroom or in a backyard. It does not include accessories, but there is space for storage of shampoos and accessories. The bathtub is very lightweight and can easily be carried around. Thanks to high walls, this model is perfect for grooming, too – it prevents fur from being scattered over the room.

According to customer reviews, the bathtub is easy to assemble. Yet, there is one serious flaw: it does not feature a leash and hooks, so you have to keep your cat by your hands, which isn’t convenient.


  • Large capacity
  • Drainage system included
  • Lightweight


  • No accessories included
  • Expensive
  • The drain doesn’t fit all systems well
  • Total capacity: 150 lbs
  • Drain system: Included
  • Accessories in the kit: No

If you’ve been searching for a non-expensive bathtub for your beloved pets, this one is great for a quick grooming or washing session. Since it’s pretty compact, it can be used both outside and inside. Yet, there’s no pipe or full-fledged draining system included, so it’s better to place the tub in a bathroom. Thanks to rubber teeth, the tub doesn’t slip. Although no accessories are included, there are two storage trays allowing you to place the necessary items nearby. Thanks to two tethers, your cat will be safe and secure.


  • Non-expensive
  • Tethers included
  • Can be used outside and inside
  • Rubber bottom prevents slipping


  • No draining system included
  • The bathtub is pretty small, so it’s not convenient for grooming manipulations
  • Total capacity: Up to 20 lbs
  • Drain system: Not included
  • Accessories in the kit: No

If you’ve been searching for a professional grooming tub, this is the thing! The model by Pet Any Way is made of sturdy zinc-plated, powder-coated steel with a rust-resistant stainless steel bottom panel, so it can withstand regular use easily. The tub would be equally comfortable for both dogs and cats. Feel free to shower your pet or groom it.

Although the draining system is not included, you can purchase all extras and easily attach the pipe. The model comes with a free shampoo rack and tub rack, while the overhead cabinet, faucet, and plumbing are sold separately.


  • Professional grooming tub for pets of any size
  • Made of sturdy and long-lasting materials
  • Comes with a hook for the collar
  • Available in three colors


  • Costly
  • A drainage system should be bought separately
  • Users complain about leaking and low quality of steel elements
  • Total capacity: 125 lbs
  • Drain system: Not included
  • Accessories in the kit: No

Another professional model in our lineup, the pet bath by MiMu is created for convenient grooming and showering. It is made of sturdy stainless steel and can withstand even large dogs, so your feline friends will feel pretty comfy. To nip their attempts to escape, you can use the hook for a collar.

The model already comes with a faucet and full-fledged drainage system – there’s no need to buy anything else. The green rubber mat prevents slipping and drainage clogging. Thanks to high walls, you prevent water from splashing all over the room. Since it’s a heavy construction, it’s hard to carry around – find a place for permanent storage.


  • Everything is included in the kit
  • The tub is made of stainless steel
  • Large capacity


  • Expensive
  • Some users complain about rusting
  • Total capacity: 176 lbs
  • Drain system: Included
  • Accessories in the kit: Faucet, piping, drainage system, hooks for a collar, mesh basket for shampoo

If you have problems with washing your cat, this basic might be just right for keeping up your pet’s hygiene. The enclosure not only comes with a shower wand – it has mist jets that spread water all over the pet’s body. The model has an average capacity, so it can be used for cats and small to medium dogs.

The wash enclosure is made of safe composite material and its high walls prevent leaking and water splashing. However, it’s not convenient enough for grooming – movements are restricted by the model’s dimensions.


  • Shower and 6 jets are included
  • Made of lightweight but sturdy composite material
  • The draining system is present
  • Features a shelf for pets


  • Expensive
  • No tray or shelf for shampoo and accessories
  • Total capacity: 125 lbs
  • Drain system: Included
  • Accessories in the kit: Shower, removable shelf

A basic model for grooming and washing, this tub is highly recommended for multi-pet households. If you have cats and small dogs, this model can be used on a regular basis indoors or outdoors. A faucet and drainage system is not included, so you should find additional accessories.

The tub is made of zinc-plated, powder-coated steel, with a rust-resistant stainless steel bottom panel. There’s a mesh shelf for storage of shampoo and accessories. The four-leg construction is sturdy enough, and the height is optimal, so you won’t get fatigued during the process of washing or grooming.


  • Sturdy construction of optimal height
  • High capacity
  • Hooks and holes for faucet included


  • The metal gets rusty
  • No faucet or drainage system
  • Users say it’s overpriced
  • Total capacity: 125 lbs
  • Drain system: Not included
  • Accessories in the kit: Mesh shelf

How to pick a decent grooming tub?

The choice of a bathtub depends on the needs and purposes mostly. Here’s what you should take into account.

Step 1: Consider height

It’s important for both owners and pets. If you have only cats, make sure the tub’s walls aren’t too tall – otherwise, you won’t be able to move hands freely and wash your pet conveniently. Also, pay attention to the models with adjustable height of legs – it’s more comfortable and you won’t suffer from back pain afterward.

Step 2: Inspect the material

If you have both dogs and cats and plan to use the bathtub frequently, a model made of stainless steel is a worthy investment. Make sure the metal is thick and sturdy enough. Read customer reviews – they will help you understand whether the equipment is durable.

Yet, if you will only bathe your cat, consider a small plastic tub – it’s easy to carry and doesn’t take much space.

Step 3: Check for leash hooks

Washing a cat is a true challenge, so hooks for a leash can make a day-and-night difference. Make sure that a bath comes with hooks or allows you to attach a tether somehow. This way, you will prevent the cat’s escape. Built-in hooks are usually stronger.

Step 4: Check for a non-slip mat

Floor grips not only prevent slipping and sliding during grooming sessions and bathing. It can make your furry friend feel safer and reduce stress. If your pet constantly tries to leap out of the bathtub, a mat can prevent injury by providing a grip.

Step 5: Does it have a faucet and plugs?

If you want to use a stationary tub on a regular basis, consider having a ready-to-use drainage and water supply system. Some bathing tubs come with a faucet or at least with a draining pipe that can be easily attached to the main system. That makes the bathing process easier and saves your time.

Step 6: Is it equipped with the trays for accessories?

When you bathe a cat, your hands are busy keeping the naughty ball of fur that wants to jump out. That’s why you need to have cat shampoos and accessories at your fingertips. Having a mesh basket or a tray nearby is very important when you wash a cat – you can take the necessary items in a second. Besides, you can place the best cat toys there and give them to your furry friend for relieving stress.

What to put in front of the grooming tub for water?

If you want to protect your house against water splashes, you can either order a bathtub with high walls or buy a small plastic tub and put it in the big bathtub. Ideally, the height of the grooming tub should equal the height of your cat – this way, you both will feel comfortable while avoiding watery mess on the floor.

A grooming tub mat

Once washing is finished, your cat should be dried while standing on a soft warm surface – this is why a grooming tub mat is a good idea. It is made of soft durable materials and features a non-slipping base. The mat absorbs water well and can be machine-washed. This is a nice addition to your bathtub that will make your cat feel more comfortable.

Also, it’s a great idea to put the cat steps in front of a tube if you have a senior cat or if she has arthritis.


Where to install a grooming tub?

If you have cats only, it’s recommended to install a grooming tub indoors. First, you will prevent your cat’s escape. Secondly, your pet won’t freeze after washing. Unless you buy a professional metal tub, you can put a plastic model in a regular bathtub. That will help you minimize water splashing.

How to lift pets in a grooming tub?

In fact, it’s easier to buy a bathtub with adjustable height – that’s the most comfortable option. Alternatively, you can purchase a dog upstand – a special device for lifting the pet’s rear part.

In a word

Regular washing is essential for keeping your cat’s skin and fur healthy. It will be equally useful for the owners of both long-haired cats and short hair cat breeds.

While using an ordinary bathtub for humans seems to be a practical idea, pets don’t feel safe and comfortable there, not to mention that you have to bend over and suffer from back pain later.

With the help of a special grooming tub, pet owners make the process of washing and grooming easier. Even if you don’t have much space, consider buying a compact plastic model – the bathing experience will become much more pleasant for both of you.

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