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8 Havanese Haircuts & Grooming Styles in 2022 (with Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove


One of the best parts of owning a Havanese is picking from the mad-cool hairstyles they can get. You can make your little one look as sweet and innocent as a stuffed animal, even if they’re a little spitfire.

Keeping up with the trends, you may want to know your Havanese hairstyle options this year. Which one will you pick out for your furry friend to rock this season?

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The 8 Havanese Haircuts & Grooming Styles

1. Kennel Cut

This cool, breezy Havanese haircut is a quick, slick option for warmer months. It’s even easy upkeep, so you can keep your dog trimmed in between grooming visits.

The kennel cut is also extremely easy to care for, so you won’t have to worry so much about upkeep after all is said and done. This cut works very well with the texture of Havanese fur.

2. Teddy Bear

The name of this Havanese haircut is probably self-explanatory. Mimicking a teddy bear, it makes the adorable Havanese even cuter. The ears are rounded, and the beard is trimmed to create a round, soft expression.

When you walk your Havanese down the street, you’re bound to hear many oohhs and aahhs from strangers. Who could blame them? It will literally look like you’re walking around a little stuffed toy. It’s pretty hard not to notice.

3. Cording

This unique hairdo mimics dreadlocks. The Havanese genetically has this capability, so your groomer can style their hair accordingly. This style is pretty unique, too. You’ll probably have people stop you to ask you what kind of dog you have.

What you’ll adore about the look, you’ll pay handsomely in other ways. It may look wispy, natural, and easy—but don’t let the appearance of beach waves fool you. This coat style is difficult to maintain, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you opt for cording.

4. Natural

For a wispy, free look, you can let your dog have a well-trimmed, naturally flowing haircut. It looks fresh and interesting, keeping the integrity of coat growth.

5. Topknot Trim

What’s cuter than a topknot on a Havanese pup? They have the perfect hair and coat to make some of the best topknot dos of all time. Your groomer can leave the locks long on top and trim the rest. Your Havanese will have all the hair out of their eyes, too.

You can really dress up this style with bows, ribbons, and accessories. The possibilities are endless. With a prim and properly cut coat, the updo is like a cherry on top.

6. Asian-Inspired

The Asian-inspired Havanese hairdo makes your pup look like a little stuffed toy. The cut accentuates the eyes and exaggerates the body, making a sweet, innocent look—even if your pup is quite mischievous.

The fur on the legs is poofy while the hair on your dog’s frame is quite short. As the cut goes down the legs, it is steadily thicker—giving way to a dainty, adorable trot. Wouldn’t you love to see your little one running toward you sporting this style?

7. Show Coat

If you want your Havanese to look frilly and fancy, try a show coat out for size. This is a more natural Havanese haircut since the length is true to how the coat grows out. But it’s well-maintained and properly pruned.

Yes, you probably guessed that getting this style of Havanese haircut requires daily brushing to prevent mats and tangles. But if you have a Havanese who struts their stuff for a crowd, it’s worth the maintenance.

8. Puppy Cut

The Havanese puppy cut makes your dog look young and chipper. The ears go flush with the chin, making a frame around the face. The aftercare is extremely simple, and it doesn’t take a lot to keep it looking delightful.

If you have a Havanese that mats easily, this is a perfect cut to reduce the struggle between visits.

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After seeing these amazing Havanese hairstyles, you probably already have a favorite chosen. No matter which of these styles you pick, your Havanese will look sensational. These adorable balls of fluff look cute in just about any scenario. It’s nice to get a new style, and they’ll enjoy the pampering as well.

One thing is true for man and man’s best friend alike—there’s nothing like a fresh cut.

Featured Image Credit: CC0 Public Domain, pxhere

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