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10 Havanese Haircuts & Styles in 2023 (With Pictures)

Kit Copson

By Kit Copson

woman grooming havanese dog

The long, silky Havanese coat never fails to turn heads, but it can be a challenge to maintain. Prone to matting and tangling, this coat requires daily combing or brushing to keep it smooth, which is why some Havanese parents opt for a shorter cut.

If it makes you sad to think of that lovely, long coat being cut short, the good news is that there are plenty of dashing and seriously cute Havanese haircuts and styles of varying lengths. Take a look at some popular choices with pictures below.

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The 6 Havanese Haircuts

1. Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is one of the most popular and versatile haircuts not only for the Havanese but many other types of dogs, too. It refers to a coat that is cut to be around 1–2 inches long all over, the goal being to replicate the look of the coat the dog had as a puppy.

That said, according to groomers, the puppy cut is loosely defined, and groomers may have a different opinion about what exactly it is, so be sure to discuss this before you go ahead. Some groomers may refer to it as a “teddy bear cut” (read more on this below) or another name. In general, the cut results in a soft texture and plush look, and it’s ideal for preventing the dog from picking up too much dirt.

2. Teddy Bear Cut


The teddy bear cut is a lot like the puppy cut, and the hair on the body is around the same length. However, the hair around the head is longer and rounder-looking to give the dog the appearance of a teddy bear. With this cut, the coat on the body isn’t hard to maintain, but you’ll likely still need to brush the facial hair regularly to prevent it from getting tangled and clumpy.

As mentioned above, some groomers may use the terms “puppy cut” and “teddy bear cut” interchangeably, so be sure to communicate exactly what you want.

3. Kennel Cut

The kennel cut is one of the most low-maintenance options because the hair is cut to a length of half an inch or less. For comparison, puppy cuts and teddy bear cuts are typically around 1–2 inches long. This simple, short haircut is perfect for avoiding those lengthy grooming sessions and greatly reduces the amount of debris your Havanese brings in after exploring the great outdoors.

4. Modified Trim


If you love your Havanese’s long coat, consider asking your groomer for a modified trim (groomers may use different terms for this cut). The coat is kept long but trimmed in all the right places—like on the belly and around the eyes—to tidy it up and make it more manageable. As with other cuts performed by groomers, the hair around the bottom will likely also be cut to help keep the area clean.

5. Asian Fusion


The Asian fusion cut gives the Havanese an elegant, delicate look with blunt-cut ear hair (this looks a little like pigtails) and a well-defined, rounded mustache. In contrast to the long ears and tail, the hair on the body is typically kept short. Some groomers trim the leg hair to create a flared look.

This style offers the best of both worlds because it maintains some of the long coat but adds contrast with some areas trimmed short.

6. Medium/Shaggy Trim

havanese dog with harness and leash standing on grass
Image Credit: Martin Erdniss, Shutterstock

If you like your Havanese’s coat somewhere in between long and medium, you might want to opt for a natural, shaggy style. Simply let the hair grow out to the length you like and maintain this with regular trims by a professional groomer.

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The 4 Havanese Hairstyles 

1. Corded

It may surprise some to learn that the Havanese is a corded breed, which means the coat naturally begins to cord (when sections of the hair resemble pieces of rope) when left to its own devices. This style isn’t one to be taken lightly, though—it can take up to 2 years for the cords to fully develop.

To support the cords’ development, you can bathe your Havanese every 2 weeks for the first year and separate the mats with your fingers. Misting every day is also helpful. Bear in mind that this isn’t the most practical style because dirt and debris (and even urine in the case of male dogs) can easily get attached to the cords. If you’re a fan of the look, you can tie up the cords on male dogs to prevent urine from soaking into them.

2. Topknot


The topknot is ideal for keeping hair out of the eyes of long-haired Havanese dogs. You can use a scrunchie or a standard hair tie to hold the topknot, but regular hair ties tend to do a better job of keeping it in position. Just be sure not to tie it too tight, as this can be uncomfortable for the dog. Some Havanese parents like to spruce things up with a little bow.

3. Natural

havanese lying on grass
Image Credit: Dorottya Mathe, Shutterstock

If you can’t bear to part with your Havanese’s soft, silky coat, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with letting it grow naturally as long as you’re committed to keeping it in good condition.

A full coat will need to be brushed through daily, and you can use a comb for the smaller, more detailed areas. You’ll also want to mist the coat with water or a dog detangling spray to prevent breakage as you brush.

4. Braided

As an alternative to the classic topknot, you could try braiding your Havanese’s fringe to keep it out of their eyes and add a touch of style. If you’re new to braiding, it’s very simple but can take a bit of practice to get used to.

All you need to do is part the hair on top of the head, comb through it, divide a section of hair into three strands, and cross the strands on the side over the middle strand in turn until a braid is formed. You can find plenty of video tutorials online if you need a visual reference.

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This guide has focused on two categories: Havanese haircuts and Havanese hairstyles. As you can see, there’s no shortage of these. Whether you like a long, regal look, a shaggy, devil-may-care look, or a fluffy puppy look, we think Havanese parents are pretty spoiled for choice.

Our top tip is to always communicate with your groomer, heed their advice, and ask questions if there’s something you’re not sure about, especially since the cut and style names are often used interchangeably.  It’s helpful to take along a photo of the style you’re looking for, too.

Featured Image Credit: Boryana Manzurova, Shutterstock

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