Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard, Kansas was founded in 1985 by Jim and Sherri Goddard, long-time animal lovers who established themselves first as a breeding facility.

Wild Animals in the Backyard

In an effort to strengthen the bond between people and animals through interactive experiences, they began offering guided tours in 2000. By 2008, they had completely built a zoo from the ground up, and now they offer the 3rd largest animal collection in Kansas.

Tanganyika Wildlife Park isn’t your everyday animal park.

Funded entirely by the love of its owners and generous donors, it’s a safe haven where rare and endangered animals have the chance they deserve to grow, thrive, and reproduce.

It also affords people with the ability to interact with these great animals and get to know them better.

Where else can you feed rhinos and giraffes, ride camels, and pet kangaroos? The exhibits are all well-monitored, and safety is a top priority for both animals and the children who love them so much.

A visit to Tanganyika Wildlife Park makes it clear that they truly love their animals. Every staff member is full of knowledge about the animals they protect, and the park is always well-maintained.

As Tanganyika Wildlife Park started as, and continues to be, a breeding facility, there are always plenty of baby animals to see and interact with.

Because of the intimacy of the wildlife park, it’s easy to get up close to the animals. They’re used to human interaction and aren’t at all shy about saying hello to their human visitors.

Hepper + Tangayika

Our relationship with Tanganyika Wildlife Park started last year when one of our customers bought a pod bed to donate to them. Our Pod beds were designed to keep domestic cats warm and comfortable while protecting them from other animals, so of course they’d work for wild cats just as well! Tanganyika Wildlife Park used the donated pod with their young exotic cats.

The kittens loved these pods so much that Tanganyika Wildlife Park added a second pod to their donation wish list.

This year, that same generous customer donated ten of our Nest beds to Tanganyika Wildlife Park!

Our Nest beds offer safe little nooks for cats to curl up in when they want a snooze. It’s clear from the photos how much the cats at Tanganyika Wildlife Park enjoy the beds, and we couldn’t be happier that our beds are being put to such great use. (Those little guys do have such serious expressions, don’t they!)

In addition to their own animals, Tanganyika Wildlife Park donates to numerous in-situ wildlife conservation organizations, including the International Rhino Trust and Cheetah Botswana.

In order to fund these donations and continue caring for their own animals, family-owned Tanganyika Wildlife Park relies heavily on donations. To help raise funds, they have created an animal adoption program. Your donation will go to supporting an animal of your choice.

You can also donate to one of Tanganyika’s conservation partners directly from their website, making it quick and easy to do your part to fight poaching, preserve forests, and rehabilitate injured animals.

If you’d prefer, you can also donate items that the zoo needs. This gives you direct control over how your money is used while still helping these great animals.

They have an Amazon wish list that you can purchase directly from. You’ll note that they still have Hepper Nest on their wish list, as well as replacement liners for pod beds.

Tanganyika has remained an important rung in the conservation ladder since they were founded in 1985. Not only has their reputation remained strong, but it has grown as they have received additional funds and support to make their dreams come true.

We’re proud of our continued association with Tanganyika Wildlife Park. Through great donations from customers like you, Tanganyika Wildlife Park continues to thrive and grow.

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