Hepper in her Pod bed
Having a realtor show your home is difficult enough – all the cleaning, cookie scented candles, and spiffing up – but what do you do with your cats?  Can you leave them home while you go away and strangers poke through all your rooms? What about all the pet toys and beds? Today, there’s an article in the New York Times about just this, but we don’t fully agree.

Stephanie Cardinali, of Citi Habitats in Manhattan says

A lot of people are fearful, not everyone is familiar with dogs and cats.

And she’s absolutely right.  Although my life at Hepper is full of four legged friends, I do know some people that don’t have the same exposure and if not scared, just don’t know how to interact.

The NYT article also says

You should also do your best to minimize any evidence of shedding. “Pet hair is a nuisance: you want to make sure people can sit down on the couch,” Ms. Cardinali said, without needing to use a lint brush afterward.

Which, I 100% agree with.  Cat hair covering every surface of my home is the worst part of cohabiting with the little guys.  I am always aware of the gross condition of my home when I visit friends with no pets and spotless homes.  You know the type, right?  The people that will carry a spray bottle and rag around to spot clean the floor?

The suggestion in the article is that as many traces as possible of a pet should be removed. For realtors, it is  probably best that all traces of pets have disappeared.  After all, the realtors main goal is to make a sale, and removing any barrier to the sale would make sense.

I disagree. I’d like to think that all people should have a cat or dog or other little friend at home.  If a new home shows how great it would be for incoming cats or dogs, I’d see that as a bonus. Maybe I’m in the minority on this.  Maybe a new niche should be a pet-friendly realtor service.

If you have to leave some cat beds in your home,

Leave only those accessories that work with your décor. “A dog bed should look like a pillow you’d want to have in your house anyway,” she said. “You can get some beautiful toile de Jouy and other designer-friendly fabrics,”

And THAT is why we started Hepper!  If you have a nicely decorated home, why would you ever stoop to adding an ugly cat bed to the living room?

Check out the article here, and leave your thoughts in the comments below.