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How Big Do Cocker Spaniels Get? Growth & Weight Chart

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Being a dog parent is a wonderful thing. You get to watch a pup grow from a tiny pooch into a rightful member of the family. And, if you’re the proud owner of a Cocker Spaniel, you don’t need us to tell you just how cute these dogs are. But wait—how big do Cocker Spaniels get, exactly?

What’s the average weight and height? We have the answers right here! Join us, and let’s take a close look at the size and growth chart put together by our experts. If you’re a bit worried that your Cocker Spaniel is smaller than it should be, this guide will set the record straight!

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Facts About Cocker Spaniels

Gentle, caring, and protective of little kids, Cocker Spaniels are everything a dog person can dream of. There are only two breeds—the American Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniels—and they both have big, loving hearts. Cocker Spaniels are also eager to please, which means training them is like a walk in the park. If you socialize your dog at a young age, it will quickly turn into an equally loyal and playful pet.

Originally, Cocker Spaniels were bred to serve as hunt dogs. However, these days, they do more cuddling than hunting. The cute faces, dreamy eyes, and lovely personality turn this breed into a rock star in the canine kingdom. Cockers can detect cancer, learn new tricks in the blink of an eye, and lift your spirit with pawing.

Frequent grooming is a must, that’s true, but Cocker shedding and drooling levels are well below the average. Another thing to keep in mind: these dogs aren’t the best guardians. Due to their affectionate, trusty nature, they won’t be able to scare strangers away. More importantly, they are sensitive and don’t take harsh corrections well. Be gentle with them!

three cocker spaniel dogs in the grass
Image Credit: Colin Seddon, Shutterstock

Cocker Spaniels Size and Growth Chart

According to the American Kennel Club, American Cocker Spaniels are the smallest sporting breed. The average height for males is 14.5–15.5 inches; females are slightly shorter, 13.5–14.5 inches. As for weight, male Cocker Spaniels are rated at 25–30 pounds, while females come in at 20–25 pounds. English Cocker Spaniels are a bit larger. The boys weigh 28–34 pounds and reach 16–17 inches.

The girls weigh 26–32 pounds and reach 15–16 inches in height. And here are two separate charts with the estimated size and height at different ages for both breeds:

American Cocker Spaniels

Age Weight in pounds Weight in kilograms Height range in inches
1 Month 2–3 pounds 0.9–1.3 kg 2–3 in.
2 Months 4–5 pounds 1.8–2.2 kg 4–5 in.
3 Months 6–12 pounds 2.7–5.4 kg 7–8 in.
4 Months 8–20 pounds 3.6–9 kg 9–10 in.
6 Months 12–23 pounds 5.4–10.4 kg 11–13 in.
9 Months 14–24 pounds 6.3–10.8 kg 13–14 in.
11 Months 25–28 pounds 11.3–12.7 kg 14.5–15 in.
12 Months 26–30 pounds 11.7–13.6 kg 15.5 in.

american cocker spaniel
Image Credit: Olga Aniven, Shutterstock

English Cocker Spaniels

Age Weight in pounds Weight in kilograms Height range in inches
1 Month 3–4 pounds 1.3–1.8 kg 2–3.5 in.
2 Months 5–6 pounds 2.2–2.7 kg 4–6 in.
3 Months 8–14 pounds 3.6–6.3 kg 7–9 in.
4 Months 10–22 pounds 4.5–10 kg 10–11 in.
6 Months 14–25 pounds 6.3–11.3 kg 12–14 in.
9 Months 16–27 pounds 7.2–12.2 kg 14.5–15.5 in.
11 Months 28–30 pounds 12.7–13.6 kg 16–16.5 in.
12 Months 30–32 pounds 13.6–14.5 kg 17 in.

Development Milestones

When can you start vaccinating a Cocker Spaniel pup? When does the coat begin to grow?

Here’s a quick breakdown:
  • Two weeks. The pet will open its eyes and ears and start walking around, exploring the world
  • Two months. You can separate the Cocker from its mom and begin training. At this age, pups can eat solid food and socialize with fellow canines
  • Three months. This is when it’s recommended to introduce the Cocker Spaniel to various exercises. Vaccinations and deworming should also be done at this age
  • Six months. The pup will grow its coat and become more independent, self-willed, and emotional. Socialization is very important
  • Nine months. Adulthood kicks in, followed by sexual maturity. You can switch to the more difficult training routines

american cocker spaniel puppy in a mailbox
Image Credit: WilleeCole Photography, Shutterstock

When Do Cocker Spaniels Stop Growing?

The average lifespan of a healthy, physically active Cocker Spaniel is 10–14 years. However, these dogs stop growing when they’re two years old. That’s right: Cockers reach adult weight and height at 10–14 months (1.5–2 years), or even sooner. Pups enter adolescence at around six months. Sexual maturity happens at 8–9 months, while mental maturity, the last stage, kicks in at 14–16 months.

To put things into perspective, humans keep growing until we’re 18–20 years old. The process doesn’t stop after that, but it does slow down significantly. However, for canine citizens, two years is more than enough to reach maturity. Most dogs get there in 6–18 months. Smaller dogs mature a bit quicker than the bigger breeds, by the way. In just six months, they are already 75% fully grown (vs. 50% for 100-pound dogs).

Factors Affecting the Size of Cocker Spaniels

Males are taller and heavier than females—that’s true for most dog breeds. Nutrition also plays a role here, of course. If you want to see your pet turn into a big, beautiful adult, make sure it’s getting the right type of nutrition (more on that in a moment). This is especially true for the first 6–12 months, while the pup is still growing.

The third factor is the genes. In general, if the Cocker Spaniel’s mom and dad were big and tall, it’s going to follow their example. At the same time, puppies of smaller and lighter dogs usually end up being just as miniature. Again, this is a universal rule that applies to most animals, not just dogs.

three cocker spaniel dogs in the grass
Image Credit: Colin Seddon, Shutterstock

Ideal Diet for Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Premium kibble (dry or wet) is the best food for this breed. Cocker Spaniels do best on a well-balanced diet that includes carbs, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids (omega), and they’ll get all that in premium food. Active, energetic dogs like Cockers have high nutritional needs. Any meals with cheap, “filler” ingredients won’t do the dog any good.

We recommend buying food that was specifically designed and formulated for Cocker Spaniels. Market-leading brands like Royal Canin, Purina, and Hill’s Science offer different kinds of meals for maintaining a healthy weight. And don’t forget to balance the food with daily exercises!

How to Measure Your Cocker Spaniel

There’s nothing hard about this. As long as you’ve got a measuring tape (preferably, made of fabric), you can measure the dog’s height from neck to toes. Hold the tape’s tip with one hand (make sure it “sticks” to the floor) and keep going up with the other end until it reaches the Cocker Spaniel’s neck. For the length, measure the pet from its rear end (where the tail meets the body) to the base of its neck. That’s it!

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Image Credit: Aneta Jungerova, Shutterstock

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Alright, that sums it up! Cocker Spaniels aren’t the biggest dogs out there, but they sure are fun to have around! And, while you should, of course, enjoy every single moment with your pet while it’s still a puppy, knowing in advance how big dogs from this breed get is very important.

By tracking its growth and keeping the average height and size in mind, it will be much easier to detect potential abnormalities and give the pup the medical attention it needs. So, use our detailed chart and tips on how to feed a Cocker Spaniel to keep the pooch healthy and happy!

Featured Image Credit: Katrina S, Pixabay

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