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How Fast Can Vizslas Run Compared to Other Dogs & Animals?

Codee Chessher

By Codee Chessher

vizsla dog in the beach

Vizslas are a lesser-known dog breed originally bred for hunting, but they’ve become much more. They have astounding intelligence and nearly limitless energy, so it’s only natural to wonder how fast they can run. They have an estimated top speed of roughly 40 mph or 65 kph, which is nearly as fast as the Greyhound, the fastest recorded dog breed.1

The Vizsla’s top speed is thanks to a powerfully lean, muscular physique, which lends itself better to sprinting than endurance tests like marathons. They make excellent partners for active people and even households with children. In recent decades, Vizslas have been bred with a focus on friendliness and sociability.

Next, we’ll be delving into how fast the Vizsla is versus some other dog breeds, humans, and animals, plus more relevant info further down. Stay tuned with us for the details.

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Vizsla Speed vs. Other Dogs & Animals

Vizslas are impressively fast runners, but there are a lot of other startlingly swift creatures in the animal kingdom. If you’ve ever wondered how the driven Vizsla would stack up against other dogs, humans, and animals, look no further.

vizsla running
Image Credit: Ivanova N, Shutterstock
Animal Average Speed
Vizsla 40 mph
Greyhound 45 mph
Afghan Hound 40 mph
Saluki 42 mph
Cheetah 70 mph
Humans 13–15 mph
Peregrine Falcon 200 mph

Vizsla Breed History

The Vizsla are thought to have been originally bred by tribesmen who migrated to medieval Hungary, where they were popular with huntsmen and aristocrats.1 These early specimens were prized for their lean frame and skill at hunting small game, and noblemen sometimes gave them as gifts.

We’ll never know for sure, but it’s thought that the Vizslas were bred by crossing several types of hounds and pointing dogs in central Europe. They were mainly bred for traits and not appearance. Selective breeding that included sociability came later, and today, the Vizsla is the official dog of Hungary.

Image Credit: Chiemsee2016, Pixabay

Vizsla Exercise Tips

Vizsla are very high-energy dogs, and they demand a lot of exercise to stay healthy and stave off boredom. Ideally, a Vizsla needs about 2 hours of physical activity per day. To help make this more manageable, we have some handy tips for you to check out.

The 4 Tips for Managing Vizsla Exercise Needs:

  • Keep walks short and slowly ramp them up over time—5 minutes per every month of age is a good rule of thumb until they reach adulthood.
  • Wait at least 2 hours after your Vizsla has eaten to take them for a walk; otherwise, you could risk gastrointestinal turmoil.
  • Start with two walks a day when your Vizsla is young and consider increasing that to three per day when they’re a bit older.
  • As Vizslas age, have them checked by a trusted vet regularly to stay on top of joint-related health issues.

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Vizslas are a classical hunting breed that’s been successfully adapted to the rigors of modern life. They have a top sprinting speed of 40 mph, but some folks claim the Saluki has more long-term endurance.

Featured Image Credit: martine552, Pixabay

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