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How Fast Is a Border Collie? Speed Comparison & FAQs

Grant Piper

By Grant Piper

Border Collie running

Border Collies are known for being intelligent, energetic dogs. But how fast are they? Border Collies were bred to be herding dogs, and speed is a necessary part of keeping up with roaming groups of sheep. That has made Border Collies one of the fastest dog breeds in the world, and they can run at speeds of over 25 mph. Even the slowest Border Collies will be faster than the fastest humans.

Here is exactly how fast a Border Collie can run and how it stacks up against other animals and other dogs.

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Border Collie Top Speed

Border Collies can reach a top speed of 30 miles per hour. That is quite fast, but dogs cannot maintain their top speed for very long. At a full sprint, dogs only have so much energy to maintain such a speed. Border Collies are also quick in addition to being fast. Quickness is how fast an animal can accelerate and change directions. A top speed of 30 mph is only good if the dog can get up to speed in a reasonable amount of time. Border Collies have good acceleration and quick movements in addition to having a very respectable top speed.

border collie
Image Credit: Jacqueline Galand, Pixabay

Speed Comparison

How fast are Border Collies compared to other animals? Despite being relatively small, Border Collies can hold their own in the animal kingdom when it comes to raw speed. Obviously, they can’t outrun something like a cheetah (60+ mph), but they can move quicker than some other common animals like pigs, bears, and squirrels.

Border Collies’ speed is a crucial trait for them to have as herding dogs. Herding dogs need to be able to keep up with their charges, run away from danger, and run after animals like goats and sheep. All of these things require Border Collies to be quick and, most importantly, quicker than other animals.

Border Collies are not the fastest animals in the world, but they are fast enough in many situations.

Animal Speed
Border Collie 30 mph
Rabbit 30 mph
Pig 10 mph
Horse 55 mph
Humans 10 mph
Brown bear 22 mph
Squirrel 20 mph
Border collie running in the streets
Image By: 825545, Pixabay

Border Collie Speed vs. Other Dogs

We have seen how Border Collies stack up against other animals in the world, but how do they measure up against other dogs? Not all dogs can run at the same speed. Some dogs are much faster than others. In many cases, speed is a result of selective breeding chosen so that a dog can do a specific job. The Greyhound is known as one of the fastest breeds in the world, and they can attain speeds of 45 mph, which is much faster than the Border Collie.

Most dogs can run at speeds around 30 mph. Very small breeds will have trouble getting up to these speeds, as will larger dogs. English Bulldogs cannot run as fast as a Collie can. Neither will a Toy Poodle be able to run as fast as a Dalmatian.

Border Collies routinely rank in the top 15 fastest dog breeds in the world. There are over 100 different dog breeds in the world, so that places the Border Collie in the 90th percentile for speed among all dogs.

Dog Breed Speed
Border Collie 30 mph
Greyhound 45 mph
Vizsla 40 mph
Jack Russell Terrier 30 mph
Whippet 35 mph
Dalmatian 37 mph
German Shepherd 30 mph

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Border Collies can run at speeds at or exceeding 30 mph. That makes them one of the fastest dog breeds in the world and a reasonably fast animal in general. Border Collies are not just fast, they are also quick and agile, making them extremely difficult to catch and follow when they are moving at top speed. Border Collies can easily outrun humans, and they are very good at keeping up with a variety of different animals when they are outperforming their herding duties.

Featured Image Credit: 825545, Pixabay

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