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How Much Does Waggel Pet Insurance Cost? (Updated in 2023)

Jessica Kim

By Jessica Kim

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Waggel is a London-based pet insurance company that provides pet insurance plans all throughout the UK. It began in 2018 with the mission to provide high-quality insurance plans through the simplest process possible.

Today, Waggel offers one comprehensive accident and illness plan with lifetime coverage. However, premiums can vary greatly and be as low as £8 and exceed £150. Premium prices depend on several different factors, including your location and information on your pet. Here’s this year’s update on average prices you can expect from Waggel Pet Insurance.


The Importance of Pet Insurance

Several different factors have made pet insurance a more considerable option for many pet owners. Compared to the past, more pet owners now consider their pets as important members of the family. This shift in attitude has helped to increase the quality of life for pet cats and dogs. By eating better food and receiving improved care, their average lifespans have increased.

Along with pets living longer lives, veterinary care costs continue to rise in the UK. So, pet insurance is becoming a more viable option that can help people make significant savings on their pets’ medical bills. It helps pet owners budget and anticipate how much they can spend on medical costs.

How Much Does Waggel Pet Insurance Cost?

Waggel’s pet insurance costs vary on your location and your pet’s age and breed. Dog insurance tends to be more expensive than cat insurance, and older pets have higher premiums. Some breeds known for inheriting more health issues are also more expensive. For example, Burmese Mountain Dogs, Bulldogs, Munchkins, and Scottish Folds tend to have much higher premiums than mixed breed pets.

The following monthly premiums reflect plans with a £6,000 annual limit.

5-Year-Old Mixed Breed Dog 2-Year-Old Bulldog 5-Year-Old Domestic Shorthair Cat 2-Year-Old Munchkin
Belfast £24 £97 £13 £14
Cardiff £22 £86 £11 £12
Edinburgh £24 £97 £12 £14
Manchester £25 £100 £10 £11
London £36 £144 £17 £19

How Does Waggel Pet Insurance Work?

Waggel Pet Insurance offers one comprehensive lifetime insurance plan. This means that all pets will receive the same kind of coverage, and your annual policy limit will reset each year you renew your policy.

Waggel doesn’t offer as many customization options as other pet insurance companies, but you can select your annual limit and deductible. Making adjustments to these amounts will affect your monthly premium prices.

Once you purchase a pet insurance plan and clear the waiting period, you can start submitting claims for your veterinary care bills. After you pay off your deductible, you’ll start to receive reimbursements for your bills.

Submitting claims with Waggel is a quick and simple process. You can complete everything through Waggel’s user-friendly app and watch your claims process in real-time. It’ll take less than 2 weeks for your reimbursement to reach you.

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What Does Waggel Pet Insurance Cover?

Waggel Pet Insurance covers costs related to accidents and illness. This would include common veterinary care items, like diagnostic testing and surgeries. Waggel’s coverage also helps pay for veterinary fees, complementary treatments, behavioral treatments, and dental issues. You can also receive reimbursements for some cases of theft and death.

Waggel doesn’t cover some pet care costs. As with other pet insurance companies, pre-existing conditions aren’t covered by Waggel. You also won’t receive reimbursements for illness and injuries caused by abuse or neglect, along with preventable health issues.

Benefits of Waggel Pet Insurance

Purchasing a pet insurance plan from Waggel comes with several benefits. First, Waggel takes the complication out of shopping by providing one comprehensive plan. It also doesn’t have a lifetime limit, so your annual limit will renew each year.

Waggel delivers an excellent customer service experience. Along with being able to track your claims in real-time, you have a personal claims handler that you can speak with if you have any questions or concerns about your claims.

All Waggel policyholders have access to a 24/7 video vet service. So, you can potentially save time and money by avoiding unnecessary visits to the vet. You’ll also receive additional perks and discounts that are specifically catered to you and your pet. These perks regularly rotate so that you can enjoy benefits even when you’re not submitting claims.

Disadvantages of Waggel Pet Insurance

While Waggel offers significant benefits, it may not be the best pet insurance provider for some pet owners. First, Waggel has an excluded dog and cat breeds list, and any pets on this list aren’t eligible for an insurance plan. It also has pretty high prices for certain pet breeds, and you may be able to find cheaper plans for them from other pet insurance companies.

Waggel also doesn’t offer an accident-only plan, which are often more appropriate for younger and healthy pets that don’t need coverage for treatments related to chronic illnesses. So, you may not be able to experience as many savings on a Waggel pet insurance plan if you have a young cat or dog, and the coverage may be too excessive for their circumstances.

Lastly, Waggel doesn’t provide coverage for breeding pets and routine treatments, including dewormings and vaccines.

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Waggel Pet Insurance takes the complication out of pet insurance by offering a robust comprehensive plan and excellent customer service. It also provides many additional perks that you and your pet can enjoy. So, it’s a considerable option for most adult pets.

However, it’s important to note that Waggel Pet Insurance will not always be the best choice for young and healthy pets that don’t need as much coverage. It also doesn’t offer plans for certain pet breeds.

Overall, Waggel makes pet insurance simple and easy. So, if convenience and customer service are important to you, it’s a strong contender that’s worth exploring.

Featured Image Credit: ZigmarsBerzins, Pixabay

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