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How Much Does Walmart Pet Care Insurance Cost? (2023 Update)

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Walmart offers more than a convenient location to do all of your shopping; it also offers pet insurance for pet parents! From Walmart’s perspective, it was simply the next logical step. Pet owners had already been buying their pet food and pet prescriptions from Walmart. Why not offer pet insurance on top of it all?

Many pet owners find this a convenient option, and maybe you find yourself in that same boat. If you want to know if Walmart’s pet insurance prices are right for you, keep reading to find out more.


The Importance of Pet Insurance

Many people may believe that they do not need pet insurance, but the truth is, that one out of every three pets will need medical attention throughout the year.

Unexpected medical emergencies are impossible to anticipate and often come at difficult times. If your pet falls ill or suffers a serious accident during a rough financial period, will you be able to afford their care?

Pet insurance is a way to lessen the financial burden of illnesses and accidents. If your pet has a medical emergency while you are insured, then you can rest easy knowing that the expense of their care does not fall on you alone. It is a responsible way to safeguard your pet’s health.

More and more people see the value in pet insurance. Since 2017, we have seen a steady increase in pet owners insuring their pets. This number will likely continue to increase as the importance of pet insurance becomes more apparent.

How Much Does Walmart Pet Insurance Cost?

Walmart’s pet insurance is customizable, but only up to a point. They offer three reimbursement customization levels, ranging from low, moderate, and high. The levels are determined by the maximum annual payout, the deductible, and the reimbursement rate.

The lower reimbursement option has a maximum annual payout of $5,000 and a reimbursement rate of 70%, which is an excellent option for those who want a more affordable plan. For the moderate option, the annual payout is $15,000, with a reimbursement rate of 80%. This is a great middle-of-the-road choice.

The higher reimbursement plan has all the benefits, with an unlimited annual payout and a 90% reimbursement rate. Of course, the price of that plan is much higher.

Walmart Pet Insurance Premiums by Region

Reimbursement Customization West Coast Midwest East Coast
Low Reimbursement $75.42 $28.42 $52.36
Moderate Reimbursement $118.37 $43.30 $75.26
High Reimbursement $197.36 $70.67 $123.05

Additional Costs to Anticipate

There may be additional costs that Walmart’s pet insurance does not cover. For instance, they do not cover pre-existing conditions, preventative care, and cosmetic procedures. Pre-existing conditions and cosmetic work are not often covered by other insurers, but several providers have preventative care add-ons.

Preventative care, otherwise known as a wellness plan, includes routine procedures that prevent medical complications. Examples include neutering, spaying, and blood tests. Many pet owners find preventative care plans to be practical tools for combatting medical issues before they occur.

If you want routine expenses covered, you may want to find another insurance plan to supplement Walmart’s.

How Should I Customize Walmart’s Pet Insurance Plan?

Since Walmart’s pet insurance plan offers a range of customization, it is in your best interest to take advantage of it. By adjusting the maximum annual payout, the annual deductible, and the reimbursement rate to suit your needs, you can construct an insurance policy that meets your pet’s needs.

Remember that the more benefits you select, the more expensive your plan will likely be. For instance, if you enroll your pet in a program with an unlimited maximum annual payout and a high reimbursement rate, the price of your policy will go up.

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What Does Walmart Pet Insurance Cover?

Walmart pet insurance has great accident and illness coverage. They cover chronic and hereditary conditions, dental care, and behavioral therapies. Surgery, rehabilitation, and prescription medicine are also covered under their plan, as well as holistic care plans.

Walmart pet insurance also pitches in for vet exam fees and online vet visits, giving you the peace of mind that you can seek help without worrying about the price.

Another benefit to their coverage is the boarding and vacation cancellation reimbursements. If any accident occurs that requires your pet to be temporarily boarded elsewhere or for your vacation to be suddenly canceled due to a pet’s well-being, Walmart will help cover some of the cost.

Although Walmart pet insurance does not have preventative care coverage, they provide coverage in several other areas that make up for it. Pet owners will be well taken care of with the comprehensive coverage plan.

How to Determine if Walmart Pet Insurance Is Best for You

If you are still uncertain whether Walmart pet insurance is the right fit for you, there are some factors that you can consider. First, think about the price. If the quote you receive seems too hefty for your budget, you may want to customize your potential plan or look elsewhere.

Also, you can review the customization options that Walmart’s pet insurance offers. Walmart has great personalization tools, but they do have limits. If these limits are too restricting for your needs, you should look into other insurers.

If you want to take advantage of preventative care procedures, consider whether you want an additional wellness plan outside of Walmart’s policy or if that is too much hassle. While Walmart offers accident and illness coverage, other insurers provide similar protection and include a wellness plan.

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Walmart pet insurance offers excellent coverage that gives customers a more satisfying pet insurance experience. The customization options allow you to build the policy that best suits you and your pet’s needs. Overall, Walmart’s pet insurance is an excellent service and could be the right one for you!

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