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How Much is Nom Nom Dog Food? What You Need To Know

Kristin Hitchcock

By Kristin Hitchcock

a black dog eating nom nom at the counter

Nom Nom Now is one of the fastest-growing fresh dog food companies out there. This company produces a variety of fresh recipes that they deliver straight to your house. Therefore, you can feed your dog fresh food made with real ingredients without all the work of cooking their food at home.

However, all of this comes at a price. Nom Nom is much more expensive than most other dog food brands out there. Plus, you have to factor in shipping, which you don’t have to pay if you purchase your dog’s food locally. For this reason, Nom Nom proves to be one of the most expensive dog foods on the market.

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Nom Nom Basic Costs

To find out exactly how much this food would cost you, you’ll have to head to their website and create an account. They don’t have any prices listed directly on their website, as it all depends on your dog. Of course, the bigger your dog is, the more food they’ll need and the higher the price. However, dogs with certain allergies may need certain recipes, which may cost extra as well.

For this reason, the only way to get an accurate measurement is to visit the company’s website and answer all their questions about your canine.

However, based on several different accounts, we did get a general idea of how much this dog food costs. Here’s a quick table of what we found out.

Dog Size Per Day Price
6 lbs $3.10
30 lbs $5.85
65 lbs $10.65
170 lbs $21.30

As you can see, this company’s food costs far more than much of the competition. You can purchase half portions to lower your cost and mix their fresh food with your dog’s usual diet.

Furthermore, it isn’t clear what information goes into determining the price or portioning your dog needs. Therefore, your pricing may differ from these estimates. At the very least, your dog’s activity level will also affect pricing.

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How Much Does Nom Nom Cost Per Month?

dog eating nom nom at the counter

As we’ve previously explained, this dog food is extremely expensive. For this reason, their weekly costs are also much higher than most dog food brands out there. Your pricing will depend on a variety of factors, including your dog’s activity level and their size.

The only way to figure out exactly how much it’ll cost you is to create an account on their website. You’ll be able to see pricing before you add any payment information into their system. However, they do need to ask you several questions about your dog to formulate a feeding plan.

For a very small dog, you can expect to pay about $86. During our research, that’s about as much as it cost for a 6-pound dog. This would include most very small breeds. We listed our imaginary dog as having an average activity level. Therefore, if your dog is more laidback, you could be paying less.

For very large dogs (think 170-pound Mastiff), you’re going to be paying hundreds of dollars a month. For a dog that is over 100 lbs, this food service can easily cost over $400 a month.

Of course, most dogs fall somewhere in the middle of these ranges. A 30 lb dog will cost about $160 a month, while a 60 lb dog will cost about $300. Pricing seems to scale pretty closely to size, though other factors matter as well.

In this way, Nom Nom proves to be much more expensive than much of the competition. We only recommend it for those with a very high budget.

How Much is Nom Nom for a Large Dog?

Large dogs are going to be more expensive than small dogs simply because they consume more food. Therefore, you should expect to pay quite a bit more than you would for a smaller dog.

Typically, the definition of a large dog starts at around 70 lbs. For a dog this large, you’ll likely pay just over $300 a month but your dog’s energy level and age will factor into this too. To get an accurate estimate you’ll need to head to their website and make an account. You can see pricing and options before entering any payment information.

The company will need to ask you several questions about your larger dog before they can make an accurate pricing estimate. Therefore, be sure you have a few minutes of time to answer these questions before you begin.

For extremely large dogs like Mastiffs, you can easily expect to pay well over $400 a month. Some dogs may even cost as much as $600 a month. It all depends on your dog’s size.

What’s the Cheapest Fresh Dog Food?

Nomnom Pork Potluck dog food

There are currently many fresh dog foods out there. These foods range in pricing. However, they do factor in variables differently. Therefore, there isn’t necessarily a fresh dog food brand that will be the cheapest for everyone. You have to account for shipping to your location and a host of other variables.

However, out of all options on the market, Ollie does seem to be one of the cheapest. Overall, the prices on Ollie seemed to be about half the price of Nom Nom, which is one of the more expensive options. Based on this information, you may want to give Ollie a try before committing to Nom Nom.

With that said, the only way to ensure you’re getting the cheapest option is to create an account on multiple websites. These companies do not offer price information without requiring you to answer several questions about your pet, first. This process allows them to come up with a feeding plan, which helps them get the pricing correct.

So it may take you a bit of time to determine who is the cheapest for your particular dog. However, when you’re talking about prices as much as these, it is worth it in the end.

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Nom Nom is one of the most expensive dog foods out there. However, you’re getting a lot for your money. This company carefully cooks fresh dog food for your dog based on their weight, activity level, breed, and other factors. They’ll even suggest which formulas would work best for your canine. All of their ingredients are top-notch, as well. Many of their meats are USDA-certified, for instance.

That doesn’t change the fact that they are extremely expensive. If you have a larger dog, you could easily start paying more for your dog’s food than your own. Therefore, we only recommend this food for those with very large budgets (or no budgets at all).

There are some cheaper alternatives out there. However, fresh dog food continues to be one of the most expensive options for feeding your dog available. You can expect these foods to be much more expensive than kibble, canned food, or most other alternative options.

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