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How Much Is Pet Insurance in Arizona (2023 Cost Update)

Melissa Gunter

By Melissa Gunter

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Pet insurance is on the rise. More pet owners are realizing the importance of providing the four-legged members of their families with coverage to help ensure they can receive treatments when needed. The only downside to pet insurance is understanding the costs and determining which one is best suited for you and your pet’s situation. In average pet insurance can cost  from $17 per month to $100. Let’s attempt to understand the costs associated with pet insurance in Arizona so you can decide if now is the time to purchase a policy for your fur babies.

The Importance of Pet Insurance in Arizona

For people who love their pets and want only the best for them, pet insurance is often the best decision you can make. While everyone wants their pet to be healthy, sometimes accidents or illnesses happen. When this takes place, you’ll pay any amount of money to help your best friend. This often leaves our budget in shambles and pet owners trying to make ends meet. Pet insurance in Arizona can help with that issue. When filing an insurance claim puts money back in your pocket, it’s a winning scenario. Instead of worrying about how to make ends meet, you can spend more time helping your pet recover and feel better from whatever has taken place.

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How Much Does Pet Insurance in Arizona Cost?

There are a lot of factors that play into how much you’ll spend on pet insurance in Arizona. The average cost ranges from $17 per month to $100. That’s a wide margin. Let’s take a look at why these costs are so different so you can better understand which insurance plan is better for you and your pet.

Your Pet

When figuring out which pet insurance company is best for your pet, you’ll have to answer a lot of questions. The first thing they ask is what type of pet do you have? Naturally, considering the size difference, coverage for cats costs less. Dogs are a bit more. They also consider the breed. Larger-sized dogs are often the most expensive to cover with pet insurance because large dog breeds are often more susceptible to heart conditions, joint dysplasia, and other conditions due to their size.


While your pet may still act like a puppy or kitten, that doesn’t mean that they are. When choosing pet insurance in Arizona, your pet’s age will be a factor when it comes to costs. Puppies and kittens often have the lowest costs for coverage. Pets older than 6 or 7 years often have the highest rates with some companies not allowing you to sign up for a pet that’s past a certain age. Age factors in due to older animals often requiring more care in the golden years.

The Coverage You Want

Most pet insurance companies offer accident coverage, comprehensive coverage, and add-ons you can choose from. If you want coverage in the case of emergencies, accidental is your go-to. If you want coverage that includes accidents but also includes more ailments your pet can suffer from, comprehensive may be your answer. Of course, when you take the coverage that offers more, the pricing will be more. Add-ons are coverages that a pet insurance provider doesn’t normally cover but will add to your policy for extra fees. If you want the most coverage for your pet available, the more expensive coverage plans and the add-ons you want can reach expensive levels.

Where You Live

Geography does come into play when choosing pet insurance. Pet owners in states with better finances and higher wages often pay more for pet insurance than others. You’ll even find that certain cities within a state have higher rates.

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Deductibles, Reimbursements, and Annual Limits

When choosing pet insurance, you’ll see a lot about deductibles, reimbursement rates, and annual limits. We’ll help you better understand those and how they play into how much money you may spend monthly on pet insurance coverage.


Deductibles are the amount of money you’ll pay upfront when something happens to your pet before the insurance company steps in to help. If you choose the lowest deductible possible, your monthly insurance coverage is going to cost more. The reason for this is that the company knows with a lower deductible, they will be paying more of the costs when the coverage is needed.


Reimbursements are the percentage of the overall cost of treatment that the insurance company will give back to you when you file a claim. Many companies allow you to choose your reimbursement level. If you choose 80 – 100% reimbursement, your monthly costs are higher. Like with the deductibles, the company knows these levels mean they will be paying more of the treatment costs. To keep monthly rates lower, reimbursement levels should be lower as well.

Annual Limits

Annual limits are how much reimbursement the pet insurance provider will pay each year. Some companies out there have unlimited coverage amounts. This means if your pet has a bad year, there’s no need for you to worry about losing the assistance provided by your carrier. Other companies let you choose the annual limit you want with many starting at $5,000 and ending at $100,000. Like with the deductibles and reimbursements, the higher your annual limit, the more you’ll pay monthly for your pet’s coverage.

To give you an idea of the varying costs, here’s a look at a few of the most popular pet insurance brands available in Arizona and how much they cost. This sample quote is for a 4-year-old mixed-breed dog. The geographic location is Phoenix, Arizona 85024.

Lemonade ($100,000 annual limits) $20.92 per month
Figo (unlimited) $36.13 per month
Embrace ($30,000 annual limits) $44.64 per month
Spot (unlimited) $48.32 per month
Healthy Paws (unlimited) $49.36 per month

This sample was taken from This Old House: https://www.thisoldhouse.com/home-finances/reviews/pet-insurance-arizona

Additional Costs to Anticipate

The additional costs anticipated with most pet insurance plans are the add-ons they offer. The add-ons often cover certain dental procedures, vaccinations, or even exam costs that aren’t always covered in a company’s plans. If you want your pet covered for any of the extras your chosen pet insurance company provides, there’ll be additional charges to add to your monthly payment. You may even find pet insurance providers that bundle these extras to make life simpler for everyone.

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What Does Pet Insurance Cover in Arizona?

Most pet insurance providers adjust their coverages to suit the company. However, when comparing policies you will notice a lot of the same coverages are available. Most standard or accident plans cover broken bones, UTIs, bee stings, bite wounds, cancer, and other illnesses. They’ll even cover the diagnostics, treatments, and surgeries required to treat these issues.

Where things get difficult to understand is preventative and wellness treatment. Certain companies will cover bloodwork, vaccines, and other preventative-type treatments in their policies. For others, you’ll need to add these. The same can be said for wellness treatments. Before choosing a pet insurance company, you must understand exactly what they will cover so you can determine whether it’s the right one for your pet.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is what most pet insurance providers will not cover, and that is pre-existing conditions. If your pet has shown signs or has been diagnosed with an illness before you applied for coverage, most companies will refuse to cover treatment for that issue.

How to Choose the Right Pet Insurance Company in Arizona

Choosing the right pet insurance in Arizona can be difficult and even time-consuming. Unfortunately, the only real way to do it is by getting quotes and comparing the policies. You want the best possible coverage for your fur baby but at a rate you can afford. Yes, paying another monthly cost can be difficult for some, but in the end, having insurance for your pet will save you money in the long run if something unexpected were to happen.

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Find The Best Insurance Companies in 2023


As you can see, pet insurance prices in Arizona can be affordable if you work with the right companies. Hopefully, this breakdown and price comparison can help you on your way to choosing the company and policy that is best suited for your situation. This will help you keep your pets happy, healthy, and safe for a long time to come.

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