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How To Give CBD Oil to Cats: 7 Simple Ways

Patricia Dickson

By Patricia Dickson

ginger cat is sniffing a dropper

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but there’s something to say for the cats of the world as well. Most cats are loving, independent, playful, and certainly just as important to their pet parents as dogs are.

That’s why as a cat parent, you want only the best for your feline pal, including giving him the best supplements to keep him healthy and happy as he ages. Most pet parents agree that providing their cats with a dose of CBD oil improves their quality of life, gives them more energy, and helps aging bones.

The biggest question on most cat parents’ minds is how they’re supposed to get their cat to take CBD oil since cats are stubborn creatures that do what they want. Never fear; in this list, we’ll give you eight simple ways to administer CBD oil to your cat.

The 7 Simple Ways To Give CBD Oil to Cats

1. Feed It Directly

Depending on the type of CBD oil you purchase, the cat might lick it off the dropper when it’s presented to him. While this is the simplest way to give the oil to your cat, you need to be aware of the dosage.

You can also put the recommended dose in your hand and let the cat lick it. However, you don’t want to force the dropper into your cat’s mouth.

cat given CBD oil drops
Image Credit: Erin Stone, Pixabay

2. Add to Cat Food

When their cats reject CBD oil, the next step for most cat parents is to add the oil to their cat’s food. Take the CBD oil and measure out the recommended dosage, then add it to the top of the food in the cat’s dish. This works in wet or dry food. Just make sure to spread it evenly over the top of the meal, so it’s not all in one place. Mix the food to spread it out, and then feed it to your cat.

3. Use the CBD Treats

Some cats aren’t going to eat CBD oil, no matter how you hide it. CBD-infused treats come in several varieties online, but you should examine the ingredients to ensure they do not include additives or other chemicals. You’re giving your cat CBD to improve their health, and you should stay away from brands with unhealthy, unnatural, or processed ingredients.

CBD Treats
Image Credit: PRO Stock Professional, Shutterstock

4. Add CBD to Tuna or Tuna Juice

Most cats love tuna fish and the juice that comes with it, and you can try mixing the CBD with your cat’s tuna meal. However, tuna is full of unsaturated fats, which aren’t suitable for your feline. It’s also high in mercury, which can lead to your cat having a vitamin deficiency and getting sick, so be careful about the amount of tuna you feed your cat.

Take a tablespoon of tuna or juice and mix the CBD oil with it. Just the smell of the tuna should bring your cat running. However, if he begs for more, don’t give it to him. It’s better to wait until next time.

5. Add it to Cat Treats

You can also add CBD oil to the cat treats you already give your cat. Most cat treats are small enough that they won’t reduce the effects of CBD oil, so adding them to your cat’s favorites is a great way to make sure they eat the treat and get the oil in their system at the same time.

maine coon cat having treat
Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

6. Put the Oil in Their Empty Bowl

If all else fails, try putting the CBD oil in the cat’s empty food bowl. You’ll want to get the sardine-based CBD oil for this, as most cats can’t resist the smell or flavor of the sardines. Spread the recommended dosage of sardine-based oil around your cat’s food bowl, and he’ll come running.

Leave the oil there for a bit, without food in the bowl, and see if the cat licks the bowl and gets used to the taste for the best results. This is only if the above tips don’t work for you, but it is an option many pet parents have had success with.

7. Rub the CBD Oil on the Cat’s Paws

We saved this tip for last because it is wasteful and can also be quite messy. If none of the methods above work for you, then you can try rubbing the CBD oil on your cat’s paws. Since most cats are perfectionists about their grooming and can’t stand to have anything on their paws, they’ll lick the CBD oil off their paws as soon as they realize it’s there.

However, you also run the risk of your cat just taking off when it feels the oil on its paws and getting the mess all over your carpet or hardwood floors. It’s an option that we don’t recommend unless nothing else works.

woman holding cat's paws
Image Credit: Gorloff-KV, Shutterstock

What You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Cats

Now that you know a few different methods for giving CBD oil to your cat, we’ll give you a few CBD facts.

Is CBD Oil Good for Cats?

CBD oil has a few health benefits for felines. The oil can possibly help cats with some of the same issues that using CBD oil helps in humans. Conditions such as stress, anxiety, joint pain, and inflammation are just a few of the problems it could help your feline with.

However, it is essential to remember that CBD oil isn’t a cure for illness or disease. If you think your cat is sick, it’s still best to contact your vet.

What Is the CBD Oil Dosage for Cats?

As with any other supplement or medicine, the dosage you give your cat will differ according to body weight, age, and other determining factors. If you’re unsure about the proper dosage for your cat, contact your vet for a recommendation.


CBD may help your pet, but it is unregulated, and you must ensure you purchase it from a reliable producer. There are several ways to make sure your cat takes the supplement; you just have to find the one that works for your pet. Remember, it’s best to contact your vet before you give your cat CBD oil for the first time.

Featured Image Credit: Velement, Shutterstock

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