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How To Make a Missing Cat Poster – 7 Templates & What To Include

Jessica Kim

By Jessica Kim

woman hangs cat missing poster

Losing your pet is undoubtedly a distressing situation. It’s important to act quickly once you realize that your cat is nowhere to be found. Fortunately, making a missing cat poster can be an easy and efficient process so that you can post them up in no time.

Two of the most common options are to use an online template or create your own poster from scratch. We’ll go over some examples of these options so that you can decide what would work best in your circumstances.

We’ll also provide important information that you should include on every pet poster as well as additional things you can do to increase the chances of reuniting with a pet cat.

It’s best to know this information beforehand so that you can react as fast as you can should an incident occur. So, keep reading now while you have the time, and make sure to prepare and develop a plan in case your cat goes missing.

7 Templates for Missing Cat Posters

1. Pet Poster Template for MS Word

lost cat poster
Image Credit: Animal Healing
Materials: Printing paper, digital pet photo
Tools: Computer, printer
Difficulty: Easy

Animal Healings provides a convenient pre-made cat poster template on its website. All you have to do is replace some of the information with your personal information.

The template provides space for essential information, such as a pet photo spot and contact details. We also like that this template includes a section for identifying marks so that people can easily determine if a stray cat is actually your cat.

Along with containing essential information, this poster is also formatted so that the most important information is eye-catching and stands out. It’s easy for people giving a quick glance to determine what kind of poster it is.

2. Lost Pet Poster Template

Materials: Paper, digital pet photo
Tools: Computer, printer
Difficulty: Easy

Preventative Vet provides three missing pet poster templates that provide space for all the information you need to help you reunite with your cat. The difference between the templates is that they’re all set for printing with different kinds of printing preferences.

One format is for printing in color on white paper. Another format is for printing in black and white on white paper. The last template is for printing in black and white on colored paper. These settings allow you to print out clear flyers, especially when it comes to printing pet photos.

3. Pet Poster Generator

Materials: Paper, digital pet photo
Tools: Computer, printer
Difficulty: Easy

This pet poster generator makes creating a poster even easier than using a pre-made template. Just plug the requested information into the form, and it will generate a pet poster. You don’t have to worry about reconfiguring spacing because the generator will automatically do it for you. So, you’ll be ready to put up posters within minutes.

One of our favorite features of this poster is the blackout box that highlights the contact information. This makes it extremely easy for viewers to know who to reach if they find your cat. It also shows up well on photos. So, people can use their phone camera to quickly snap the photo, and the contact information will be clearly legible.

4. Flyer for a Lost or Found Pet

Materials: Paper, digital pet photo
Tools: Computer, printer
Difficulty: Easy

You can create this flyer by submitting some basic information into its generator form. Along with displaying the essential information that people need, you can include additional comments, such as how someone can safely approach your cat if they find it.

One outstanding feature of this template is that it includes a QR code that leads to the website. From there, people can quickly and conveniently report that they’ve found a lost cat. If you create a flyer with this site, you can also submit a report into the database. So, once someone submits a report that matches yours, you’ll receive an alert.

5. Lost & Found Pet Poster Template

Materials: Printing paper, digital pet photo
Tools: Computer, printer
Difficulty: Easy

This simple poster template will help you to get missing cat posters up in no time at all. The online form only gathers essential information so that you can quickly generate a poster. It also has a user-friendly interface with a logical flow so that anyone can create a poster.

We also like that this template provides a lot of room to post a clear and large photo of your cat so that everyone can get an accurate view of its appearance. It also includes a comments section underneath where you can include information on the best way for strangers to approach your cat.

6. Free Lost Pet Flyer & Missing Poster Template Maker

Materials: Paper, digital pet photo
Tools: Computer, printer
Difficulty: Easy

Find Toto offers another user-friendly missing pet flyer generator. The form has a natural downward flow so that you can quickly input all the information and create a flyer in just a few minutes.

When you’re in a rush to find your pet, it’s easy to forget to include essential information. So, we like that the form doesn’t generate until you fill out all the required fields. This feature ensures that you’ve included all the necessary information needed for your flyer, especially contact information.

7. PetHub Posters and Flyers To Find Your Lost Pet

Materials: Pet photo, poster board, markers, tape

The benefit of creating your own poster is that you can customize the size and quickly write out the necessary information. You can also use brightly colored poster boards to quickly catch people’s eyes.

Creating your own poster will take more time because you have to work on each one individually. You’ll also need to tape a photo to each poster. So, it’s best to have a mix of flyers created from an online generator and a few handmade posters.

You can post the flyers on community boards, walls, and lampposts, and the larger posters can go around trees, or you can stake them on patches of grass near the road.

What To Include On a Missing Cat Poster

You can customize your poster in a few ways, but each poster has essential information that will help people to easily identify your cat and contact you if they find it. Here’s what every lost pet poster should have:

  • “Lost Cat” title
  • Current photo of your cat
  • Your phone number or email address
  • Best way to approach your cat
  • Where your cat was last seen

Make sure that the “Lost Cat” title is large, bolded, and clear so that people can quickly identify that your cat’s missing. Try to use color photos of your pet and provide helpful tips for people if they find your cat. For example, if your cat is extremely food motivated, you can include information for people to try luring your cat with a treat.

Lastly, if your cat has food allergies, make sure to list them on the poster.

couple putting up cat missing poster
Image Credit: StockMediaSeller, Shutterstock

What To Do if Your Cat’s Missing

Along with creating posters, there are several other things you can do if your cat goes missing. First, contact your local animal control agency and provide information on your pet so that they can create a record.

If you live near animal shelters and humane societies, give them a call to let them know that your cat’s missing and if your cat’s been microchipped. Although microchips don’t act as a GPS, they can easily help people identify your cat. If your cat doesn’t get microchipped, there’s a greater likelihood that it’ll get rehomed.

Make sure to be active with contacting these places. Most animal shelters and humane societies won’t contact you, so you have to be proactive and consistently reach out to them to find out if your cat has entered their facilities.

Many cats end up returning home on their own, so you can lay some items outside to lure them back. You can put out their favorite blankets or toys to attract your cat to these scents. Treats may also help bring your cat home, but it’s best to use them sparingly to avoid attracting other animals to your house.

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Wrapping Up

Discovering that your cat has gone missing can cause significant stress and worry. However, a lost cat isn’t a lost cause. There are specific things that you can do to help your cat find its way back home. Posters are a great way to alert your neighborhood to be on the lookout for your cat. You can also reach out to local animal shelters and submit a report.

Many cats end up reunited with their owners, so it’s best to stay on top of search efforts to help your cat return to its family.

Featured Image Credit: Lenar Nigmatullin, Shutterstock

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