They give us joy and laughter on a daily basis. But how happy is your cat?

This ebook focuses on a very simple premise: that as their owner, having a happy cat will also make you happier.

We can enrich the lives of our cats by both better understanding their needs, and by making a few simple changes that will make a huge improvement to your cat’s happiness.

Hepper, the sponsor of this book, is a modern pet products company, so our focus will be on improving life in your home for your pet.

This doesn’t mean filling your home with paw print blankets and oversized bright blue scratching posts — in fact, far from it!

Just as we humans often love simple and elegant designs, cats too are typically drawn to furniture for its simplicity and comfort, rather than anything else.

It doesn’t take much to convert your home into the perfect feline-friendly environment. Doing so involves two simple steps:

  • Getting a better understanding of what cats need from their environment
  • Learning about some of the common mistakes some cat owners make.

For example, while many owners perceive their cats as being completely independent pets that don’t have any special requirements, this isn’t quite true.

With these steps under your belt, you will find it easy to set up the perfect home for your cat.

Having a cat that is happy and stress free also lowers the chance of certain feline behavioral and health issues including inter-cat aggression, urinary issues (such as feline cystitis), and inappropriate toileting. Then comes the residual effect to you, the pet owner!

A house with happy cats ultimately means a home with happy people.

This book will teach you how to make your cat happier by the implementing the easy tips and suggestions set out in its pages. We will tackle the daily needs of indoor cats, the layout of the items that are required to fulfill their basic needs, and how we can enrich their lives with simple changes such as stylish cat furniture.

This is chapter 1 of the 12 chapter series.

About the Author

Dr. Mark Edwards is a small animal veterinarian and veterinary consultant in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Dr. Edwards created the Happy Cats Guide for Hepper.