Lets just be honest: our relationships with our cats are purely physical. What? you don’t agree?

It true.. kind of.  I mean, we don’t share much of a vocabulary beyond a name and the sound of a can opening.

But then, how do we have the deep emotional familial relationships with our cats that makes them such a special part of our lives?.

That is real too; sometimes it seems like the only one that truly understands us is our cat.

How can that be? I saw this little video on Jezebel.com and it got me thinking.

We read our cats body language and it tells us SO MUCH that we are able to hold entire conversations with our cats, without exchanging one word.

But did you ever stop to think about how you know what you know about what your cat is saying?

If I asked “how do you know your cat is agitated?” would you be able to describe the particular behaviors that inform you (even at a subconscious level) of this mood?

The next time you sit down for a long heart to heart with your best kitten friend, and pay close attention to how you know what you know about their state of cattyness.

Is it true for your kitten? What are your particular kitties “emotional tells”?

via Jezebel and Cindy Suen