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Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds


Hypoallergenic cat breeds do exist, but some confusion lies in the meaning of the word.  

The prefix “hypo” simply means “less than”, so cats in this category may cause less allergic reaction, and less severe symptoms than other breeds.

People who have cat allergies are actually allergic to a protein that is found in the saliva, urine and glands of all cats. Hypoallergenic cat breeds appear to produce less of this irritant, and they are listed here, but many other factors and variables seem to apply.

Nonetheless, many happy folks have found the cats listed here to be small miracles, so check them out….(honorable mention to the Maine Coon cat, which can also be less irritating.)

Special warning about breeders or companies guaranteeing a non-allergenic cat.

So far, that simply does not exist at any price. Enjoy the journey and always remember…….Cats Rule!

cats rule

Enjoy the journey and always remember…….Cats Rule!



Even among the more desirable hypoallergenic cat breeds, un-neutered males tend to produce allot more of this protein than neutered males, with females producing the least.

Regularly bathing the cat in question seems to help some allergy sufferers as well, by reducing the saliva the cat invariably deposits on its fur while grooming. When the saliva dries it turns to dander and becomes airborne, both on loose hairs and on its own. When it is breathed in, the allergic reaction is triggered.

It may take days or weeks of exposure for a reaction to develop, meaning that an hour or two of sneeze-free contact with a potential kitten is not a guarantee that the future will be just as bright.

Sphynx Cats

The Sphynx cat has become increasingly popular in recent years.

When people see them, they are naturally intrigued by their fascinating appearance, but folks who are lucky enough to know one, have experienced the Sphynx’s wonderful, sweet and cuddly personality as well.

Hairless, hypoallergenic, stunningly original – Sphynx!

Sphynx catsSphynx Cats

Donskoy or Don Sphynx Cats

The Donskoy cat, also known as the Don Sphynx looks very similiar to the Sphynx cat, but they developed completely independently from a single cat found by the Don river in Russia.

This breed is more muscular and athletic than the Sphynx. They have a very unusual eye shape that gives them a very specific and extremely unusual look.

Their toes are special too. Don Sphynx cats have long, dextrous, webbed front toes that allow them to actually hold things in their paws. They do this often, sitting up on their haunches and holding up toys and even eating treats in this position- Amazing!.

Donskoy catsDonskoy or Don Sphynx Cats
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Siberian Cats

Siberian cats have been found to be hypoallergenic – meaning they may cause less severe allergy symptoms- despite their glorious fur coats.

This is one of the oldest known breeds and occurred naturally over the centuries without much human interference. 

Siberian catsFabulous Siberian Cats

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Oriental ShorthairOriental Shorthair
  • Donskoy cats have long front toes with webbing in between allowing them to hold and manipulate toys and other items as if they had little hands.
  • Tiny Sphynx kittens are unique in the cat world in that their eyes open very early – usually within 3 days of birth. Some are even born with their eyes open!
  • Oriental Shorthair cats don’t just cause less sneezing – they are also one of the most talkative breeds!

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