modern cat house

Your home is your sanctuary. But if you have pets, it’s also their sanctuary too. And surely they’ve amassed a lot of items in the time they’ve been with you. Here are some ways in which to incorporate your pets things into your space without making it look like a pet store.

Instead of taking up extra space, utilize open space underneath tables to store your pets bedding. Here’s a fun idea from Apartment Therapy. Not only does it save space, but it also makes your pet feel more secure – almost as if they’re living in a fort.

hide your cat bed under a table

If your cat’s a water junkie like most, this stainless steel water fountain is the perfect addition to your space. Its modern design is complimentary to most spaces and the fact that its dishwasher safe makes clean-up a breeze.  Stainless Steel is also a lost safer than plastic bowls, as it’s harder for bacteria to grow.


Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain Raindrop Design

This cat scratcher from Modernist Cat looks just like a console table – you can even store your decorative items on its shelving. Let your cat have a good time without compromising on your own personal style.



These chalk board treat jars can hold your pet’s goodies while blending in to your kitchen decor. You can write whatever you like on the front. Perhaps get a few, they can hold everything from flour to coffee or even treats for yourself!More Chalkboard Jars