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130+ Irish and Celtic Cat Names: Our Top Picks For Your Cat (with Meanings)

Jessica Kim

By Jessica Kim

black and white cat wearing irish hat

Family plays a significant role in Irish culture, and many Irish names have deep roots and significant meanings. So, if you’re thinking about adding a new cat to your family and you come from an Irish family or are immersed in Irish culture, it might be an endearing idea to give your new cat an Irish name.

Many traditional Irish names have meanings that can accurately describe your new cat. To give you a headstart on naming your cat, we’ve compiled a list of names for female and male cats and other names inspired by Irish and Celtic culture.

How To Name Your Pet With an Irish Name

There are several ways you can go about finding the perfect name for your cat. When you bring a cat home, start becoming aware of certain features or characteristics that you really like about your cat. You might like its coat, markings, or unique personality quirks.

Start making a list of the things that you like about your cat. Then, look for names with meanings that match items on your list. Home in on a couple of names that you really like and keep whittling down your list until you’re left with one name.

If you come from an Irish family, you can find out if any names are passed down from generation to generation. You can also name your cat after a beloved family member with a traditional Irish name.

Lastly, if you have children in your household, consider giving your cat a name that matches the names of your children. For example, if your children all have names that start with a certain letter, think of names for your cat that start with the same letter.

Female Irish Cat Names

There are many beautiful Irish names for girls with deep meanings. This selection of names has meanings that can also describe a cat’s appearance or personality.

  • Adina: Delicate
  • Ailis: Noble
  • Aine: Bright
  • Aisling: Dream, vision
  • Alva: White
  • Aoife: Radiant, joyful
  • Baibin: Strange
  • Bellamy: Fine friend
  • Bevin: Fair lady
  • Bree: Strength
  • Cadhla: Beautiful, graceful
  • Caoimhe: Beautiful
  • Cara: Friend
  • Ciara: Dark
  • Dallas: Skilled
  • Eileen: Shining one
  • Eimear: Swift
  • Enya: Fire
  • Fallon: Leader
  • Fiadh: Wild
  • Finley: Fair-haired hero
  • Fiona: Fair, white
  • Imogen: Maiden, daughter
  • Kady: First
  • Keely: Slender
  • Kerry: Dark-haired
  • Kiera: Little dark one
  • Laoise: Radiant
  • Larkin: Fierce
  • Maeve: She who intoxicates
  • Mairead: Pearl
  • Makenna: Happy
  • Morrigan: Phantom queen
  • Neve: Snow
  • Niamh: Bright
  • Nora: Light
  • Nuala: White shoulders
  • Orlaith: Golden princess
  • Riona: Queenly
  • Roisin: Little rose
  • Rowan: Little redhead
  • Ryleigh: Courageous
  • Sadhbh: Wise
  • Soirse: Liberty
  • Shay: Stately
  • Sheridan: Searcher
  • Sile: Pure, musical
  • Siobhan: Charming
  • Sloane: Raider
  • Sorcha: Bright
  • Tiernan: Little lord
British shorthair wearing Leprechaun
Image Credit: Mike Tsios, Shutterstock

Male Irish Cat Names

Many male Irish names have bold meanings that highlight valiance and the goodness that you can find in someone’s character. Our list of male Irish names contains a wide variety of meanings that can match the characteristics and highly-prized qualities of any kind of cat.

  • Aodh: Fire, flame
  • Bard: Minstrel
  • Beacan: Tiny one
  • Benen: Mild
  • Brady: Large-breasted
  • Bréanainn: Prince
  • Breccan: Speckled
  • Caelan: Warrior
  • Callahan: Bright-headed
  • Caolan: Slender
  • Cassidy: Clever
  • Cian: Enduring
  • Ciaran: Dark
  • Clancy: Red warrior
  • Connelly: Love, friendship
  • Conor: Wise, strong-willed
  • Daithi: Nimble
  • Declan: Goodness
  • Dillon: Loyal
  • Donal: Ruler of the world
  • Donnacha: brown-haired warrior
  • Eamon: Guardian
  • Egan: Little fire
  • Fergal: Brave
  • Finnegan: Little fair one
  • Fintan: White fire
  • Fionn: Fair-headed
  • Girvan: Small rough one
  • Grady: Noble
  • Jarlath: Lord
  • Keir: Dark, black
  • Larkin: Fierce
  • Lennon: Dear one
  • Liam: Warrior
  • Loman: Delicate
  • Lorcan: Silent
  • Niall: Champion
  • Nolan: Champion
  • Patrick: Nobly born
  • Quinn: Intelligent
  • Rian: Little king
  • Rooney: Leader
  • Rory: Red, rust
  • Rourke: Champion
  • Sean: Wise
  • Sullivan: Black-eyed one
  • Torin: Chief
  • Treasigh: Fighter
  • Tully: Peaceful
  • Tynan: Dark
  • Veon: Sky
  • Veren: Great hero
a grey cat lying on slanted ground
Image Credit: kylly, Pixabay

Irish Names Inspired by Myths and Symbols, and Culture

Irish and Celtic culture contains many symbols and lore. Here are some interesting names inspired by knots, natural elements, mythical creatures, and cultural elements.

  • Aibell: Guardian spirit
  • Ailm: Conifer tree, strength
  • Awen: Harmony of opposites
  • Bata: Fighting stick
  • Beltane: Beginning of summer
  • Bodach: Old trickster
  • Bowen: True love and loyalty
  • Brigid: Life-giving
  • Bull: Strength
  • Cat Sí: King of the Cats
  • Claddagh: Friendship, love, loyalty
  • Clurichaun: Mischievous fairy
  • Cross: Four cardinal directions
  • Dara: Oak tree, wisdom
  • Eostre: Beginning of spring
  • Griffin: Balance, nobility, loyalty
  • Guinness: Most popular beer from Ireland
  • Harp: Ireland’s national emblem
  • Icovellavna: Motherhood
  • Imbolc: End of winter
  • Lughnasadh: Patron saint of agriculture and crafts
  • Serch Bythol: Eternal love
  • Shamrock: National flower of Ireland
  • Shillelagh: Fighting stick
  • Sigil: Mother Earth
  • Solomon: Man’s union with the Divine
  • Spiral: Spiritual growth
  • Taranus: God of Thunder
  • Trinity: Eternal spiritual life
  • Triquetra: Three-cornered
  • Triskele: Life, death, and rebirth
  • Una: Fairy queen
  • Zibu: New beginnings
tortie cat wearing Irish hat
Image Credit: Alena A, Shutterstock

Final Thoughts

Many Irish names pay tribute to nature and admirable character traits. So, they can be an ideal consideration for anyone who wants to give their cat a name that has a beautiful and deep meaning. Also, if you’re of Irish descent, giving your cat an Irish name can be a great way to integrate your cat into your family.

We hope our list helped you find the perfect name for your cat or inspired you to continue to do your own research on names inspired by Irish culture. There are so many great options, and your future cat is going to love being called by an Irish name.

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