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Is Taste of the Wild Dog Food Made in the USA? What You Need to Know!

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By Nicole Cosgrove


Taste of the Wild produces nine recipes using high-quality ingredients mainly produced in the United States. It is manufactured by Diamond Pet Food, a family-owned company based in Missouri, in six state-of-the-art facilities in the USA. Today, Taste of the Wild is one of the fastest-growing pet food brands in the world.

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Taste of the Wild Overview

Taste of the Wild High Prairie

Unlike other dog food manufacturers, Taste of the Wild extensively uses whole meat and other animal protein sources. Additionally, it gets points for using simple-to-digest components and active probiotics for improved gut health. Their ingredients are high quality, and their pricing is affordable.

While it is a highly recommended dog food, some dog owners are concerned with its recall history. The only recall issued for Taste of the Wild was in 2012 because of potential salmonella poisoning. Unfortunately, recalls come with the territory of dog food manufacturing, and Diamond Pet Food did what it could. There have been no recalls since.

Does Taste of The Wild Get Ingredients Come From the USA?

While Diamond Pet Foods claims that most Taste of the Wild ingredients are sourced within the United States, an undisclosed number are sourced from outside the country. Taste of the Wild’s priority is to source ingredients of high quality, and sometimes they come from their global suppliers. Whether global or local, Taste of the Wild forms close relationships with its suppliers.

These suppliers include:
  • Lamb and venison from New Zealand
  • Lamb meal from Australia
  • Buffalo from India
  • Salmon from Norway and South America
  • Salmon meal from South America
  • Duck meal from France
  • Potato protein from Germany
  • Dried chicory root from Belgium.

Some components, like folic acid and taurine, are essential to the formulas and can only be obtained from China. Taste of the Wild believes that manufacturing its foods without certain components would not be in your pet’s best interests.

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Taste of the Wild Quality Assurance

Taste of the Wild Ancient Stream with Ancient Grains

Taste of the Wild strives to produce the safest pet food possible. Each Recipe is designed by veterinarians and nutritionists to meet strict nutritional requirements.

The ingredients, production environment and processes, and the finished product are continuously monitored for safety and quality assurance. Periodic testing is also performed to ensure compliance with the heavy metals limit established by the NRC. The safety and quality protocols include:

  • 1,600+ microbiological tests per week
  • 225 oxidative stability tests of fats and oils per month
  • 1,340 mycotoxin tests per week
  • 56,000+finished product nutritional tests per month
  • 7,500+ ingredient nutritional tests per month.

Taste of the Wild maintains close relationships with some of its trusted suppliers to ensure quality and trust. By fostering long-term relationships with their suppliers, they can keep a close eye on quality and safety standards.

Taste of the Wild is also passionate about ensuring that its ingredients are humanely and sustainably raised, and each bag of pet food contains a carefully selected protein, such as pasture-raised venison, sustainably sourced salmon, spring-fed trout, bison and beef, cage-free turkey and duck.

Why Is Buying Local Food Important?

Supporting local manufacturers is an important movement within a community or country. It creates economic opportunities and reduces environmental impact by preserving small farms, reducing food miles, keeping money in the community, and supplying other local businesses.

While Taste of the Wild sources quality ingredients from other countries, they are still a family-owned brand that believes “every pet deserves the best nutrition, and every pet owner deserves a fair value.”

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Summing Up

While Taste of the Wild is sourcing a number of its ingredients outside the USA, it is clear that its standard of quality and safety is high. Sourcing quality ingredients is the priority, and while other manufacturers regularly switch sources, Taste of the Wild chooses to foster long-term relationships with its suppliers. This allows them to keep their standards and prices in check.

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