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100+ Italian Cat Names: Our Top Picks For Your Cat (with Meanings)

Sarah Psaradelis

By Sarah Psaradelis

Italian cat sitting near Venice canals

Italy is a beautiful place known for its majestic landscapes, music, design, food, and dialect. What better place to name your cat after? Regardless of whether you are Italian by heritage, you may be drawn to find the purr-fect name for your cat from some Italian inspiration.

We’ve compiled a list of the most beautiful and meaningful Italian female and male cat names along with their meanings or translations to help you find the right name for your feline friend.

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Female Italian Cat Names

Female Italian cat names all have a beautiful and majestic ring to them. Some names have deep meanings that may resonate with your cat’s personality, others are simple and may just match your cat’s appearance.

  • Donatella- Beautiful star
  • Torta- Italian cake
  • Adrina- Happiness
  • Albina- White or snowy skin. A good idea for cats with white fur.
  • Farfalle- Butterfly
  • Uffa- An Italian sigh of distress
  • Italia- Italy
  • Florentina- Flower
  • Olympia- From Olympus
  • Stella- Star
  • Alba- Dawn or new beginnings
  • Ammiro- Translated to “I admire”
  • Alda- Long-lived
  • Bambi- Child
  • Amara- Everlasting
  • Prima- Firstborn
  • Bianca- Means “white”
  • Zola- Ball of earth
  • Camilla- Unblemished character
  • Evangelina- Bearer of good news
  • Angelina- Little angel
  • Carlotta- Strong-minded
  • Aurelia- Golden
  • Callisto- Most beautiful
  • Lucia- Light
  • Valentina- Vigorous and powerful
  • Ottavia- Born eighth
  • Pia- Well-behaved
  • Quorra- Heart
  • Benedetta- Blessed
  • Capricia- Playful
  • Adelasia- Of noble birth or qualities
  • Carla- Zestful and lively
  • Chiara- Splendid light
  • Cosima- Decency
  • Delfina- A lady from Delphi
  • Eleaonora- Focusing light
  • Eloisa- Renowned warrior
  • Felicita- Happiness
  • Geltrude- Weapon
  • Imelda- Powerful and fierce female warrior
  • Paola- Humble
  • Teodora- Blessing from God
  • Valaria- Strong and valiant
  • Ysabel- Meaning sacred to Gold
  • Ines- Holy
  • Lauretta- Honor, and strength
  • Serena- Tranquil and calm
  • Paloma- White bird
  • Trilby- Musical
ragdoll cat in a park looking off to the side
Image Credit: Aaron Zimmermann, Shutterstock

Male Italian Cat Names

These masculine Italian cat names have deep meanings and simple pronunciation. Some names may match your male cat’s appearance, or they may match your cat’s brave, silly, or sweet personality.

  • Bacio- Kiss
  • Zitto- Quiet and silent
  • Esatto- Exact
  • Sonno- Sleep or lazy
  • Pela- Hair or fur
  • Cosmo- The universe and harmony in order
  • Aldo- Old
  • Tenero- Tender and cuddly
  • Augusto- Great and vulnerable
  • Badare- Meaningful, to look after
  • Dante- Everlasting and enduring
  • Mario- Sailor
  • Alberto- Bright and noble
  • Giovanni- God is gracious
  • Fabian- Bean-grower
  • Drago- Another way to say dragon
  • Draco- Dragon
  • Mattone- Solid
  • Leonardo- Lion
  • Alessandro- Defender of mankind
  • Guido- Forest guide
  • Luigi- Famous in war
  • Lupo- Wolf
  • Volpe- The fox
  • Pazzo- Crazy and energetic
  • Adolfo- Noble, majestic creature
  • Anatolio- Sunrise or dawn
  • Horace- Timekeeper
  • Salvatore- Savior
  • Benito- Blessed
  • Dominico- Belonging to the lord
  • Rocco- Rest
  • Stefano- A crown or garland
  • Ruggiero- A famous warrior
  • Adamo- The first man
  • Aceto- Vinegar
  • Alphons- Respected and prepared
  • Amadeus- An admirer of God
  • Barone- A nobleman
  • Filippo- Horse’s friend
  • Flavio- Yellow hair or fur
  • Lupo- Wolf
  • Pablo- Humble
  • Quasimodo- An Italian artist
  • Ruvido- Rugged or rough
  • Salice- Willow tree
  • Tazio- Ruler
  • Vitale- Life
  • Ugo- Spirit and mind
  • Stregatto- Sorceress cat
tabby cat lying on the Floor
Image Credit: Esin Deniz, Shutterstock

How To Name Your Cat

The key to naming your cat is to find a name that resonates with you and has a meaning behind it that matches your cat, whether it be their personality or appearance. It may be a good idea to get to know your cat’s personality before you decide on the right name for them, as this will help you find a name that resonates with their unique character. If you are looking for simple names, then it’s easiest to simply choose a name that matches your cat’s appearance.

If you are looking to name a new cat or kitten you’ve recently welcomed into your home, get to know them and their unique characteristics first before choosing a name.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has helped you find an Italian-based cat name that best suits your feline companion. With so many names to choose from, we hope that at least one of these Italian names has resonated for you and your cat!

Featured Image Credit: Simone Padovani, Shutterstock

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