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Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy Review 2023: FAQ, Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Brooke Bundy

By Brooke Bundy

kong kitty kong cat toy Review(3)

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars

Durability: 3/5
Features: 3/5
Price: 4/5

Famous for their rubber dog toys, Kong has a reputation formaking some of the most durable chew toys on the market. When you think of the target audience for the chew toy market, you might think of a slobbery Golden Retriever, but cats also like to gnaw on objects. Felines are natural hunters with a knack of getting into mischief. Without appropriate chew toys, they might select your dangling laptop cord or your living room upholstery to practice their skills. Kong Kitty Kong is comparable to the Kong toys for dogs. It’s a lightweight toy that’s made out of solid rubber with a hole in the middle where you can stuff treats or even catnip. While cats are known for their fickle tastes, most cats seem to appreciate the Kong Kitty Kong—and least while it lasts.

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Kong Kitty Kong – A Quick Look

KONG Kitty KONG Cat Toy pack
Image Credit: Chewy
  • Made out of rubber
  • Under $10
  • Has a treat dispenser in the middle
  • Lightweight for optimal movement
  • Not available on Amazon
  • Some users complain about the size
  • Doesn’t seem to last long with rough play


  • 2.25” Tall x 1.5” Wide
  • 0.5” wide treat dispensing hole
  • Made out of rubber
  • Made in the USA

Rubber Treat Dispenser

Just like the dog toys under the same brand, Kong Kitty Kong is a rubber treat-dispensing toy for cats. Some cats like their toy purely because of this feature. Others have a hard time figuring out how to extract the treat. Since the hole is 0.5” wide, slender kibbles will fall straight out, which isn’t much of a challenge. However, big chunky treats could become lodged. You may have to experiment a little to find the perfect Kong-stuffer for your cat.


Cats love to find loose objects. A pen lying on the desk, a hair tie on the dresser, or a chip clip in the pantry are all tantalizing toys for curious cats. The Kong Kitty Kong is built to be lightweight enough to be dropped, bounced, and batted all over the house to your kitten’s delight.


As cute as they are, cats can play quite roughly. Like any other toy, the Kong Kitty Kong will only take so much chewing and slinging across the room before it eventually breaks. The top of the toy seems to be the weakest part, as some users complain that their cat ripped off the top portion after two weeks of enjoyment. Since the toy is made out of rubber, we’re going to conclude that it’s still more durable than most on the market. As always, you’ll need to supervise your cat occasionally to make sure they’re not shredding and ingesting any pieces. Which, we know, isn’t a problem since watching your cats is so fascinating, especially while they’re playing with their toys.


We’re impressed with the low price. While Kong Kitty Kong isn’t available on Amazon, you can order it on Chewy or pick it up from your local pet store for around $6. Even if the Kong Kitty Kong needs to be replaced every month or so, we can rationalize the expense by suggesting that it saves you hundreds on replacement cords and tapestries every year.

cat playing with KONG Kitty Cat Toy
Image By: Chewy


Is Kong Kitty Kong Appropriate for Kittens Under 12 Weeks?

Cats of any age are able to play with Kong Kitty Kong. The treat dispensing hole is too big for kitten kibbles, though, so it might only function as a chew toy until they grow into eating larger morsels.

How Durable is Kong Kitty Kong?

The answer largely depends on how rough your cat plays, but multiple users say their Kong Kitty Kong lasted about two weeks before their violent kitty was able to rip the top off. If your cat likes to calmly nibble on their toys, it’ll last much longer. However, users also say that even though this toy had a brief life expectancy, it honestly lasted longer than similar toys that they tried.

How to Clean Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy?

To clean the Kong Kitty Kong, empty out any residual treats into the trash can. Wash thoroughly with hot water and dish soap. Let it dry.

What Are Some Yummy Treat Ideas to Stuff Inside the Kong Kitty Kong?

You can put any cat-friendly snack into the treat dispenser. Find something your feline enjoys, whether that be their kibble, raw diet, liquid Kong-filler for cats, crunchy treats, or even catnip. Just be sure to wash out your Kong Kitty Kong after each use if you stuff the dispenser with their raw or wet food.

What the Users Say

Pet parents have generally positive things to say about this toy. For the most part, cats are able to figure out the treat dispenser which motivates them to play. A few didn’t quite get the hang of it, so you might have to help your cat out if they’re having difficulty grasping the concept.

Every individual cat is entitled to their own tastes and preferences, so some of the reviews were based on whether their cat approved or disapproved of the toy instead of the overall quality. The toy is considerably smaller than the dog version, which some customers didn’t like. Some said it needed to be bigger, others said it needed to be smaller so their cat could lock their jaws around it. What people were pretty unanimous over however was the size of the treat dispensing hole. Almost everyone agreed it was a little too big, especially given the small size of the toy overall.

Relative to other cat toys, we’d consider this one fairly durable. We see a life expectancy pattern of about two weeks of continuous, rough play. Given that this toy is sold for a cheap price, we don’t think two weeks is too terrible, but we wish it lasted a little longer.


Individual experience seems almost as unpredictable as your cat, but the Kong Kitty Kong still garners mostly positive reviews. The biggest concerns seem to be size, especially the big treat dispenser hole, and durability since the top seems susceptible to tearing after a couple weeks of play. There are no known safety issues with the toy, as long as you monitor your cat to keep them from ingesting any rubber bits if they manage to tear off a portion. Of course, not every cat was pleased with the Kong Kitty Kong, but it seemed to have a satisfactory reception given that cats are prone to pickiness. We would recommend Kong Kitty Kong for cats of all ages.

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