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Litter Genie vs LitterLocker: Key Differences (With Pictures)

Kathryn Copeland

By Kathryn Copeland

Litter genie vs locker

Cleaning litter boxes goes part and parcel with being a cat owner. Beyond the cleaning itself, one of the main sticking points is the odor. So finding a method that can help make the smell less obvious can be essential for keeping our homes from smelling like a litter box.

Litter Genie and LitterLocker are two well-known pet companies specializing in litter disposal systems. These systems are a great way to lock out any unpleasant odors until garbage day. Because they both offer something similar, we’re going to do the whole compare and contrast thing between these two systems.

We’ll cover some of the different models manufactured by these companies as well as how they compare by price, customer service, warranty, and more. We hope this will give you a clearer picture of which litter disposal system will work best for you.

A Quick Comparison

Brand name Litter Genie LitterLocker
Established 1997 2002
Headquarters North Bergen, New Jersey Montréal, Quebec
Product lines Easy Roll, Litter Genie Pail, Refills, Litter Box LitterLocker Design, LitterBox, LitterLocker II, LitterMat
Parent company/ major Subsidiaries Angelcare Angelcare

Brief History of Litter Genie

Litter Genie XL Pail_Amazon

Litter Genie is one of several products produced by Angelcare, which was established in 1997 by Maurice Pinsonnault in Montréal, Quebec. Maurice was a first-time parent of a newborn when he invented a baby monitor that would automatically detect movement.

From there, they developed the Diaper Genie in 2005, which was so popular that they came up with a very similar system in the name of LitterLocker. Playtex acquired the concept of the litter disposal system for the US market and created the Litter Genie.

In 2019, Playtex sold the Litter Genie brand to Angelcare, which currently produces baby and pet products in over 50 countries.

Brief History of LitterLocker

The history of LitterLocker is entwined with that of Litter Genie, as you might have noticed. We covered how Angelcare came about and how the Diaper Genie became a very popular system. Because of this, the LitterLocker was invented for the Canadian market in 2002. And all of these products came from Maurice Pinsonnault, who is a father and cat owner.

Litter Genie Manufacturing

Litter Genie has its headquarters in North Bergen, New Jersey. It is manufactured mainly in the U.S. and Canada, with a few parts from China.

LitterLocker Manufacturing

The majority of the LitterLocker products are produced in Canada, while one of its products, LitterMat, is made in China.

Litter Genie Product Line

Litter Genie carries a number of waste disposal systems in different sizes, as well as refills for the pails and a litter box.

Litter Genie Pail

There are a few different-sized pails in different colors available:

  • Litter Genie Easy Roll is the newest pail that measures 9.92” x 9.92” x 17.5”
  • Litter Genie Pal is the standard pail which measures 9.5” x 8.5” x 17”
  • Litter Genie Plus comes with a larger refill and is antimicrobial. It measures 9.5” x 8.5” x 17”
  • Litter Genie XL has 50% more capacity for multi-cat homes. It measures 9.35” x 9.35” x 22”

As you might have noticed, the sizes larger than the standard are only minimally larger. Each pail comes with a refill, a scoop holder, and a scoop.

Litter Genie Refills

All Litter Genie pails require bags that you install at the top of the pail. These refills are continuous bags and are automatically part of your first purchase of the Litter Genie pail. There are standard refills designed to fit all sizes, but the Easy Roll has its own refills.

Litter Genie Litter Box

Litter Genie’s Litter Box is pretty unique in that it kind of looks like a bag. It measures 13” x 21” x 7” and comes with handles that make it resemble a tote bag, but it’s only available in gray. The sides are super high, so it can work well for cats that love to kick litter everywhere. It’s also flexible, so it can fit into tighter spaces.

LitterLocker Product Line

LitterLocker is very similar to Litter Genie with respect to its products. They have a waste disposal system, litter boxes, refills, and design sleeves. More on that later.

LitterLocker Disposal System

LitterLocker has two disposal systems:

  • Cat Litter Disposal System Design measures 9.38” x 9.5” x 17.63”
  • Cat Litter Pail Design Plus also measures the same as the first, but it allows you to decorate it with fabric sleeves, which we’ll discuss later

Both of these disposal systems come with a refill, scoop, and scoop holder.

LitterLocker Refills

The LitterLocker Refills act the same as the Litter Genie. They are continuous bags that fit on the top of the pail and can be used with either system.

Cat LitterBox & Accessories by LitterLocker

LitterLocker additionally has an almost identically styled litter box compared to Litter Genie. It also has handles and deep sides and looks similar to a tote bag. The measurements are 17.6” x 16” x 22.3,” and it’s also flexible with high sides, so you shouldn’t end up with a mess on the floor.

Some accessories you can buy separately include:

  • LitterBox with scoop
  • Scoop
  • LitterBox Hood
  • Cat Litter Mat

And there’s also a Cat Litter Box Starter Kit that includes the LitterLocker Design Plus System, LitterBox, Refill, Scoop and Scoop Holder, and Wood Decorative Fabric Sleeve.

LitterLocker Fabric Sleeves

The Fabric Sleeves can only be used on the Design Plus System. They aren’t a necessary part of the disposal system, but they are a fun way to liven up your décor. They are predominantly in greys and blacks and have a few different patterns that are definitely cat-oriented, and one of them looks like wood.

They are polyester and machine washable, you just slip them over the pail, and you’ve got a cute waste disposal system!

Litter Genie vs LitterLocker: Price

The prices for both Litter Genie and LitterLocker are comparable, but Litter Genie has more options for disposal systems that offer a wider range of prices. Another factor is that LitterLocker is available to Canadians and Litter Genie for Americans, which will also affect how much you pay.

Litter Genie

Litter Genie has four waste disposal systems to choose from, with the basic Litter Genie Pail as the least expensive and the newest Easy Roll Pail as the most expensive. The other two systems’ prices fall in between these two, but they are all pretty affordable.


LitterLocker has two systems, with one that could be considered the premium choice, but it’s only slightly more expensive than the standard. And the main difference between the two is the pricier system allows you to decorate it with those fabric sleeves. Otherwise, they’re practically the same, including the measurements.

Litter Genie vs LitterLocker: Warranty

Litter Genie

At this time, we couldn’t find any information regarding the Litter Genie’s warranty. If you opt to purchase Litter Genie’s products, contact their customer service and inquire about their policies.


LitterLocker offers a 1-year warranty where if the products stop functioning under normal circumstances, they will repair or replace your disposal system free of charge. They require proof of purchase that can prove the date of the sale so that it falls in the 1-year warranty period.

They will repair or replace the product and ship it back, all free of charge. But you’d need to pay the postage to send it in, and they won’t cover the warranty if it was misused or the owner modifies or attempts to repair it.

Litter Genie vs LitterLocker: Customer Service

Litter Genie

Litter Genie can be contacted easily through social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, but we couldn’t locate a phone number or email address. They do have a “contact us” button that allows you to ask a question through their website.

Litter Genie does sell its products through other retailers, including Chewy and Amazon. So if you purchase your disposal system from one of these online stores, you’ll need to contact them with any issues or questions.


LitterLocker offers multiple methods to talk to customer service. There are the usual social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest as well as a toll-free 844 number and an online contact form.

LitterLocker also sells its products through online retailers as well as through its own online store. So like with Litter Genie, you’ll need to contact the retailer you purchased the system from with any questions.

Head-to-Head: Litter Genie Easy Roll vs LitterLocker Cat Litter Pail Design Plus

We chose Litter Genie’s Easy Roll as the newest and premium option to compare with LitterLocker’s premium system – the Cat Litter Pail Design Plus.

The Easy Roll measures 9.92” x 9.92” x 17.5”, and the Design Plus is 9.38” x 9.5” x 17.63”, so they are both roughly the same in size. Everything else is also quite comparable – they both come with a refill, scoop, and scoop holder. The liners also work the same way.

Litter Genie’s liner refills can last 6 months, whereas LitterLocker’s liners only last 2 months. Litter Genie is more expensive but having said that, it’s difficult to compare the two products price-wise since one is Canadian and the other American.

Our Verdict: Litter Genie’s Easy Roll is pricier but the liners last much longer.

Head-to-Head: Litter Genie Litter Box vs LitterLocker LitterBox

The Litter Genie’s and LitterLocker’s litter boxes are also very similar. Litter Genie’s measures 13” x 21” x 7” and LitterLocker’s is 17.6” x 16” x 22.3”. So you can see that not only have they been designed to look practically the same, but they are also similar in size. However, LitterLocker’s is a little bigger.

LitterLocker’s box has one side that is lower, which can be helpful for cats with any mobility issues. Otherwise, both products are pretty much neck-and-neck in how they function and how they are priced.

Our Verdict: The LitterLocker litter box has the edge for its one lower side, which can benefit cats with mobility issues, plus it’s a little bigger.

Overall Brand Reputation


Edge: Litter Genie

While both brands perform pretty identically, we’re giving Litter Genie the edge for offering customers more choice in systems. Some of their pails are also larger than LitterLockers.


Edge: Litter Genie

Again, because Litter Genie has four different systems to choose from with a range in prices, this gives Litter Genie the edge. Litter Genie has at least two systems that are both less expensive than LitterLocker.


Odor Control

Edge: Both

Both systems excel equally on this point. They both use the same approach – a handle that you push closed once the waste is dropped in. Then the top lid is locked in place, so the waste is hidden behind two barriers. Therefore they both do a great job at odor control.


Edge: LitterLocker

Again, both brands look pretty much the same. But the option of using the decorative fabric sleeves on the LitterLocker Design Plus makes this one the winner. You could even purchase more than one to change things up a bit. And since they are also machine washable, it’s easy and looks amazing!

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to see that both brands are practically identical in design, odor control, and performance. One of the biggest differences between the two brands is that LitterLocker is Canadian and Litter Genie American.

Litter Genie gives you more options with four waste disposal systems, and LitterLocker offers decorative fabric sleeves to jazz up the pail.

You really can’t go wrong with either waste disposal system – they both have the same design and are effective at odor control. But we need to give Litter Genie our nod of approval over LitterLocker as you have more options, and their refill liners last for much longer.

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