Here at Hepper, we believe that being near purring cats can actually make you live longer. In fact, we think it is possible that funny cat pictures can have a similar effect. But why?

Well it boils down to relaxation and happiness (we will have to explore the science of cat purring with you later).

Today, we want to share with you these old timey LOL cat pictures we found on

Why? because they are hilarious! and by hilarious, we mean healthy.

This one literally made me Laugh Out Loud.

kitty cannon lol cat

Even though I know I am not alone (LOL cats are one of the most shared things on the internet) it can be embarrassing to be a grown professional person with important responsibilities… who cracks up in the middle of the day looking at pictures of cats in hats.

Seeing these photographs by Photographer Harry Whittier Frees from 1906, I realized that these LOL cats are no passing fad.  Cats in hats, cats on trains, tangled cats.. the world has changed so much, yet these cats made us laugh then, and somehow the joke, old as it is still works.

However, old timey folk cures and herbal medicines fly off the shelves of health food stores, so now, I reclaim my LOL cats, and instead of being embarrassed, I call it my “longevity plan”.

Obviosly there are MANY factors to living a healthy life. But in our modern high stress lives, the contentment and relaxation that comes with a good laugh or a purring kitten on your belly is an important piece of the mix.

Ok, here is one more of my favorites, and I will let you check out the rest of these photographs at your leisure here

kitty train lol cat

If kittens purring is part of your longevity plan, make sure you are keeping them happy. Stay tuned for a list of all our favorite toys that help keep cats happy.

[via: mymodernmet.comOld Timey LOLcats!]