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100+ Lord of the Rings Dog Names: Ideas for Imaginative & Mystical Dogs

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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The Lord of the Rings was a book series that followed the novel “The Hobbit.” J.R.R. Tolkien was an English writer who depicted this series as transcriptions of a lost alternate history rather than a fiction or fantasy-driven story. Lord of the Rings is easily one of the most popular sets of novels to date, structurally divided into a six-book series, with two books per volume. The intense adoration for this series soon led to a massive cult following of an eventual film series. These fans genuinely love this stuff. Seriously. 

We can appreciate a good pop-culture reference for a pup’s name, and one deriving from the Lord of the Rings series is no exception! We have a list of the most vibrant and memorable hobbits, elves, dwarves, wizards, and everything in between—all superb options when choosing a Lord of the Rings-inspired dog name.

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Female Lord of the Rings Dog Names

  • Eowyn 
  • Shelob
  • Arien
  • Rian
  • Ephel
  • Lothiriel
  • Gilraen
  • Hild
  • Star
  • Elanor
  • Haleth
  • Melian
  • Nienor 
  • Pearl
  • Berylla
  • Liv 
  • Celebrian
  • Carda
  • Miriel
  • Aredhel
  • Elwing
  • Galadriel
  • Yavanna
  • Tauriel
  • Nerdanel
  • Belladonna
  • Goldberry
  • Haleth
  • Arwen 
  • Bree
  • Idril
  • Rosie 
  • Ungoliant
  • Morwen
  • Lava 

Male Lord of the Rings Dog Names 

  • Bilbo 
  • Gandalf 
  • Gollum
  • Rohan 
  • Helm 
  • Saruman
  • Theoden
  • Frodo
  • Boromir
  • Sam
  • Gimli
  • King 
  • Legolas
  • Ted
  • Tolkien
  • Gondor 
  • Strider
  • Hobbit 
  • Peregrin
  • Faramir 
  • Draugluin
  • Isengard
  • Gimli
  • Smeagol
  • Shadowfax
  • Wolf
  • Pippin 
  • Aragorn
  • Baggins 
  • Elrond 
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Other Lord of the Rings Dog Names

Aside from the obvious character choices, there are also stellar items, places, and general LOTR terminology that can double as cool and eclectic pet names. Check out our favorites below:

  • Cairn (Heap of stones)
  • Dryad (Nature spirit)
  • Nenya (Ring of Power)
  • Lorian (Land of Blossoms Dreaming)
  • Goblin (Orc)
  • Hithlain (Elvish rope)
  • Narya (One of the three Rings of Power)
  • Anduril (Sword)
  • Minas (Tower of the Rising Moon/Sun)
  • Mordor (Black land)
  • Ostler (Stableman)
  • Erebor (Lonely Mountain)
  • Elfstone (Jewel)
  • Rivendell (Refuge)
  • Vilya (Ring of Power)
  • Nauglamer (Jewel)
  • Dor-Lomin (Helm)
  • Gladden (Marshlands)
  • Arda (Flat world)
  • Mithril (Metal)
  • Mearas (Intelligent horse)
  • Gaffer (Old Man)
  • Eriador (Lone Lands)
  • Haywards (Officials who maintain pastures)
  • Eyot (Small island)
  • Arnor (North Kingdom)
  • Kine (Cattle)
  • Palatiri (Seeing stones)
  • Aman (Holy One’s home)
  • Eyries(Clifftop nest)
  • Buckler (Small shield)
  • Huorn (Partially-awake tree)
  • Orc (Golbin)
  • Flaxen (Pale yellow)
  • Rowan (Ash tree)
  • Warg (Intelligent evil wolf)
  • Ells (Measurement under four feet)
  • Carrion (Dead meat)
  • Smials (Small tunnel)
  • Loth (Reluctant)
  • Dotard (Senile person)
  • Fathom (Six feet)
  • Mathom (Term for an old item you can’t get rid of)
  • Elevenses (Midmorning snack)
  • Esquire (Knight in training)

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Bonus: Dog Characters from Lord of the Rings

These two dogs are notable characters in The Lord of the Rings. Though polar opposites of each other, they both served as prominent and exceptional guardians for their keepers.


Huan was a grand wolfhound who was granted special powers by the Valar, which allowed him to speak three times during his life span. This hound would only pass if he were killed by the greatest wolf known to exist. Huan was deemed a loyal and good companion and fought for justice. Large in stature, he was comparable to a small horse. 


Quite the opposite of Huan, Carcharoth was a symbol of evil and malice. He was created by the Dark Lord and was the greatest werewolf ever to live. Massive in size with burning red eyes, he guarded the Gates of Angband.

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Finding the Right Lord of the Rings Name for Your Dog

While we don’t have a magic ring, or a Hobbit determination to help you decide, we hope our list of 100+ Lord of the Rings Inspired names has provided you with a wonderfully mystical fit for your dog! We are paw-sitive they will be enchanted by your choice!

If your search for the right name continues, please check out one of our other dog name lists below:

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