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MeowSpace Review [2021] – Cat Feeding Box With a Microchip

MeowSpace is a modern feeding box and an all-in-one solution for your cat’s daily routine. It is an enclosure with a locking door and a litter box in it. 

This feeding box helps to solve a lot of problems. 

First, it is a great solution for multi-cat households where automatic doors can’t be applied. You can separate your cats when they eat or use a litter box. It’s perfect for cats that have a special diet.

Second, it is a dog-proof cat feeding station. 

It is good both for both your cat (it doesn’t get stressed) and dog (it doesn’t eat poop and remains healthy). 

Third, it provides extra safety. The MeowSpace system uses an embedded microchip or a collar (either with a magnet or an RFID tag) to let your pet in. So you can be sure that neighboring animals won’t have access to this feeding box.

Moreover, we all know that cats love boxes. So your fluffy will definitely like MeowSpace as it is the coziest box. Your cat will feel safe and relaxed in it. The installation process is very easy, I’ll describe it later in this article.

So I wrote my own review about MeowSpace and collected some helpful feedback from users on the internet. 

  • Price – 7/10
  • Quality – 10/10
  • Easy to use – 8/10
  • Material – 10/10
  • Customer experience – 8/10

How MeowSpace feeding box can be used

1. Separate your cats when it’s feeding time

There’s no need to install a cat electric fence to separate your pets. If one of your cats is a slow eater, you can give it access to this cat feeding station with a microchip. Your fluffy friend will feel at peace when having dinner in a cozy enclosure with the door locked.

Besides, this feeding box is transparent, so your cat will be able to see everything which is going on outside. It won’t get stressed.

Moreover, this can be helpful if your cat is on a special diet and has to gain or lose weight. You can be sure that another curious cat won’t eat the meal prepared especially for the dieting pet. MeowSpace is one of the most ‘high-tech’ solutions to prevent one cat from stealing others’ food.

2. Use a litter box in MeowSpace

Is your cat a loner? If so, it definitely hates to share a litter box with other cats. I’ve been volunteering in 25 shelters in San Francisco for many years. Many cats in our shelter poop outside the box for this reason.

Moreover, cats like to feel safe, and it’s difficult to be relaxed when another pet disturbs you. So this can be a real stress for your fluffy. 

Just put a litter box inside the enclosed cat feeding station, and let your cat in. Take your time, try to practice the process with your pet. Soon it will feel relax and safed there.

Please, notice that this model is not compatible with automatic litter boxes. So if you want to benefit from automatic cleaning and privacy, you should install an automatic cat door in a bathroom and a self-cleaning litter box without MeowSpace.

3. Childproof your home

Cat bowls and litter boxes can be easily accessed by toddlers. That’s why kids love to play with these fluffies, their droppings, and everything which is in their sight.

So it is of great importance to childproof your home if you have a baby in it.

MeowSpace can be a great help.

First, look around and make sure all the cat stuff that can be potentially dangerous for your kid can be placed in the feeding box. Place a litter box and cat toys in your MeowSpace while your child is playing nearby. The box is transparent, so it may seem strange for a kid that it’s impossible to reach cat stuff.

But soon he/she will get used to it.

Keep in mind that MeowSpace is optimal for indoor use. If you’re looking for outdoor options – check our outdoor cat feeders guide.

How I evaluated this cat food enclosure 

I started with Amazon MeowSpace reviews (both good and bad) and conducted research about the company. Then I read a lot of expert reviews. I’ve been a volunteer for quite a time so I know for sure whom I can trust. 

Then I proceeded to the practical part. I bought MeowSpace for my cat.

What customers say about MeowSpace feeding box

As it turned out, a lot of people have cats on special diets. Some users mentioned that after a couple of months of using MeowSpace, their cat’s diabetes went into remission because they had a chance to eat their diet wet or dry food only.

At first, they had to close their pets in the bathroom to let the diabetic cat eat. So the ones closed in the toilet made a lot of noise. And this process was really unbearable. Now they are happy owners of 2 healthy cats and one which is already going through remission.

Also, it became helpful for cats that try to gain weight or lose it. Some pets gained almost a pound after using MeowSpace. The owners of such a fluffy tell that their veterinarian recommended them this feeding box. Now they are extremely happy they bought it and keep on monitoring the progress of their cat. 

MeowSpace is really effective in keeping dogs away from your cat’s favorite food. People who have multi-pet households presume that it’s really effective in preventing dogs from stealing their favorite “snacks” from cat bowls. Pet owners also mention that some dogs may get frustrated when approaching the cat feeder box for the first time. It may seem strange to them. Dogs can’t understand why they can’t access their favorite bowl when they see it. So they get very excited and start to howl. So you should be prepared for such a reaction.

Users also mention that it is very easy for their pets to start using MeowSpace. It usually takes from 3 days to 1 week to enter the cat feeder station correctly. Some people say that the main difficulty for their cats is to get used to being inside of the box. It especially concerns big cats as they may feel confused in a box that restricts their movements.

So approximately 80% of all the reviews I came across were positive.

As I said before, negative reviews are mainly about cats getting used to the feeding box and getting nervous because of that.

My own review of MeowSpace

So I tried to go further and test this feeding box.

I was already prepared for everything that could happen because I read all the reviews by that time. 

My pets have RFID collars so I knew there won’t be any problems with access to the collar activated cat feeding box. Moreover, I thought MeowSpace can help me with handling 2 kittens and 1 big cat.

The thing is that Jinnie, the senior one, always tries to steal food from the babies. So I always monitor her behavior when it’s feeding time. I tried to close her in the bathroom but she starts to meow loudly. It soon became unbearable. 

I brought MeowSpace home and looked around to find a place to locate it.

My cats usually have dinner in the corridor, and I placed the feeding box there. I also put the bowl with food inside my MeowSpace and checked if the ventilation inside the box is good enough. At first, Jinnie looked confused. She didn’t know what to do next and how to enter this new small room I was pointing at. 

So I decided to ease her task and put some of her favorite toys in the feeding box as well. Then she became much more excited and approached MeowSpace. Still, she didn’t want to enter the box. So I took the bowl out of MeowSpace and pointed at it inviting Jinnie to eat. I decided to add her favorite fodder to the bowl to make the dinner more delicious. 

After she ate some food, I took it away from her. I demonstratively put the bowl back to the feeding box. Now Jinnie had a strong motivation to enter her new small house. So she started to approach MeowSpace for the second time. And …Hurrah! She entered the feeding box!

The next step was to make some test feedings to be sure Jinnie won’t get nervous when she sees kittens having dinner without her. At first, she was really anxious. She was walking back and forth in the box meowing loudly. Jinnie didn’t understand why she couldn’t approach the bowls with kitten food. 

So she got used to it after a week or so. During the first week, I put more toys to the feeding box and pampered my Jinnie with the best meals. The food was so delicious that my cat started to pay less attention to what was going on outside. So my method worked!

So all in all, it took Jinnie a week or so to get used to the MeowSpace. Sometimes my cat had a problem with finding the whole to enter the feeding box. But I solved this problem just by placing the MeowSpace next to the wall. Now the entrance is always in the light. 

And now let’s talk about the main advantages and disadvantages.


  • great ventilation inside the box
  • microchip and RFID collar tag system
  • made of highest-quality polymer


  • can be small for very big cats
  • the box is transparent so it can be uncomfortable for nervous cats

How to install a MeowSpace 

Step #1: Find the best place in your house

Monitor your cat’s behavior. Where does it like to be most of the time? 

If that place is not appropriate for the feeding box, try to test a new one. First, put a big box in that place. Let your cat feel at home there. As soon as your fluffy feel at home in this box, change it for MeowSpace. 

It is preferable to place MeowSpace in such a way that it can be accessible from at least 3 sides. You can place it next to the wall if your cat has problems with accessing MeowSpace. You shouldn’t install the box on a slippery surface.

Step #2: Place a litter box or a bowl and all the stuff needed inside

The manufacturers state that it is not good to put both things in the feeding box. Cats shouldn’t have their litter box and bowl in proximity to each other, especially in one enclosure.

Put your cat’s favorite toys inside. Your fluffy will feel more relaxed surrounded by a familiar smell.

Check if there is enough space for a cat and all her toys in the feeding box. You can also place a soft cover on the bottom of the box. Use it during the first week to make your cat get used to the new home quickly. 

Step #3: Check the system 

MeowSpace uses a microchip system, but it has an additional cool feature as well.

You can set the door to unlock a couple of times a day.

So all you need to do is just install the right mode on the interface.

Moreover, you’ll need to check how the scanning system works. If your cat is microchipped, just let it go in and out the feeding box. Do it a couple of times to make sure the system works well all the time. If your fluffy has an RFID collar tag, put it on, and do the same thing. Make sure the tag is RFID compatible before using it.

Also, you can check this video:

How to train your cat to use MeowSpace feeder station

Step #1: Hold the door open

It will take some time for a cat to easily enter the feeding box. So you’ll need to sit next to your MeowSpace and hold the door open wide with your fingers.

Do so until your cat goes through. Then slowly lower the door. It is important to wait until your cat is almost through. So it can feel the door only with it’s back.

Then start to lower the door on the back of the cat’s neck. Finish with its forehead.

Usually, the process takes from 1 to 2 weeks. After that, your cat will easily access the feeding box on its own.

Step #2: Use a litter box or a bowl as a bait

That’s the method I used when training Jinnie. Fill the bowl with your cat’s favorite food. Put it next to MeowSpace. In 1-2 minutes take the bowl away and put it in the feeding box.

Your cat may feel anxious at first, but that’s the effective method to make it go inside. When your pet realizes that the deliciousness is inside, it will probably start to meow and get fussy. But in 10-20 minutes, the situation will change.

You can do the same thing with a litter box. Put it inside. If your cat refuses to go inside, place some toilet paper on the place where the litter box was before.

Step #3: Play with your cat’s favorite toys

Games are amusing and distracting. Use your cat’s favorite ball or another toy nearby to make it enter MeowSpace. First, throw the ball anywhere. Then start approaching the feeding box. When your cat gets its head in the game, move forward and throw the ball to MeowSpace.

It may not work right on the first try, but you should be patient. Just a couple of games more and your cat will run in the box. Your cat won’t even pay attention to the space it is in. 

You’ll need just 2 or 3 days to make your cat get used to the feeding box this way.

This video will help you as well:

So should you buy a MeowSpace feeding box? 

MeowSpace is a perfect way to solve a lot of routine problems your cat has. It can become a great help in multi-cat households where one of the pets is on a special diet and needs help to lose or gain weight.

It is also a perfect solution for cats which have diabetes.

MeowSpace is an absolutely safe place for your fluffy friend. Its system won’t let other cats in, and you can be sure your pet feels okay when you are at work or going out with friends.

This feeding box is a must-buy thing for all the cat owners who want to minimize the amount of daily routine connected with your pet’s life.

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