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Minskin Cat Breed Info: Pictures, Temperament & Traits

Nicole Cosgrove Profile Picture

By Nicole Cosgrove


Height: 5 – 7 inches
Weight: 6 – 9 pounds
Lifespan: 12 – 15 years
Colors: Hairless, white, tortoiseshell, tabby
Suitable for: Large or small families who plan to keep them indoors
Temperament: Sweet, affectionate, playful, friendly

What in the world is a Minskin cat, and why have you not heard much about them yet? This cat breed has a stocky body, short legs, and large blue eyes that give it an alien-esque appearance. This is a rare, newer cat breed that was developed only a couple of decades ago. A man named Paul McSorley from Boston, Massachusetts, decides that he wanted to make a cat that had the similar coloring of a Siamese with short munchkin legs and dense fur patches on the tail, ears, and legs.

Although the first one made an appearance in 1998, it took until 2005 for there to be 50 of them in the world. Although there are much more available today, they are still a rare breed that has yet to be recognized by The Cat Fanciers’ Association. Despite being so new, there is a lot to love about this unique breed, and it’s no wonder that your curiosity toward them is blooming.

Minskin Kittens – Before You Welcome One Into Your Family…


3 Little-Known Facts About Minskin Cats

As a new breed, people don’t know much about these cats. Where do they come from? What are their personalities like? What makes them different from other cats? Here is some information that you probably didn’t know about the Minskin breed before reading this article:

1. They have roots in Boston.

The Minskin cat was first bred in Boston by cat fancier Paul McSorley. McSorley wanted to create a breed that had patches of fur that represented a Siamese, hairless qualities of a Sphynx, and short legs of Munchkin cats. They were also crossed with Devon Rex and Burmese cats. The first cat was bred in 1998, and he reached his desired result in 2000. By 2005, only 50 Minskin cats existed.

2. They aren’t recognized as an official breed.

Minskin is a new breed, and it still has not been recognized by the International Cat Association or Cat Fanciers’ Association. However, they are still monitoring the development of the breed, and many people are hoping to soon find them on a recognized list as they grow in popularity.

3. They are one of the friendliest modern cat breeds.

McSorley did a great job at creating a pet that was perfect for most families. Minskins have a bold personality. They love engaging with their owners and spending time with both cats and dogs. They are a cat lover’s dream because they are intelligent, playful, and fun to watch, yet still love snuggling in your lap at the end of the day.

Temperament & Intelligence of the Minskin Cat

Minskin cats are fun, friendly, and active. They enjoy running around the house or playing with other cats, dogs, and children as much as they love snuggling up on your lap and using you as a heating pad to keep warm. They also love affection in general.

Are These Cats Good for Families? 👪

Minskin cats should be a top contender if you’re looking for a new family pet. They are outgoing, playful pets who love being handled by their owners. Because of their lax and friendly personalities, they do great with children and other pets, including dogs. On the rare occasion where they aren’t playing and strolling around the house, they’ll probably be curled up alongside you on the couch.

Things to Know When Owning a Minskin Cat:

Your ultimate goal in taking care of any pet, regardless of their breed, should be keeping them healthy and safe. Minskin is a small breed, and allowing them to go outside during the day or night could increase their risks of coming in close contact with larger predators or expose their sensitive skin to harsh weather conditions. On top of that, you want to ensure that they are eating the right food, being active to refrain from becoming obese, and grooming them the right way.

Food & Diet Requirements 🐡

Cats are mainly carnivores, and they rely on a diet that is rich in protein. Buy cat food that you’re able to afford but try to use only vet-approved brands. Kittens that are under 30 weeks old require three meals per day consisting mostly of milk. Once they are over 30 weeks but under 12 months, feed them two meals per day of dry or wet food. Ninety percent of the Minskin diet must be protein; however, every once in a while it is okay to treat them with some fruits to snack on, but only if they’re interested. Do not ever feed your cat onions, garlic, or chocolate. Provide them with fresh water every day from a clean bowl and avoid feeding them cow’s milk.


Minskin cats have a lot of energy and require a moderate amount of exercise, but you should avoid letting them outside if you can. The lack of hair exposes their skin to sunburn from the hot sun or other dangerous situations regarding extreme weather. Set aside 30 minutes every day to play with them by tossing toys around or using other stimulating products.

Training 🎾

This breed has an above-average intelligence level, and they have no issue solving simple problems. Because of this, Minskin cats are easy to train and won’t have any issues picking up on how to use the litter box or understand other rules of the house. Of course, there is a better chance of success when you start their training from a young age.

Grooming ✂️

Don’t assume that the lack of hair means that Minskins don’t require much grooming. They are hypoallergenic and rarely shed, but their exposed skin means that they have to have regular baths using a gentle soap. Most vets recommend bathing them once every two to three weeks and avoiding hair dryers, so you don’t hurt their sensitive skin. Keep in mind that too many baths could dry them out and cause dermatitis.

Keep up on other aspects of grooming with a Minskin, like clipping their toenails once every 10 to 14 days or as often as necessary. If you do want to brush their fur patches, use a soft-bristle brush to do so.

Health and Conditions 🏥

All cats have the risk of developing health problems from their genetics. So far, the Minskin cat breed doesn’t have a lot of severe health problems, but they haven’t been around long enough to determine what their genetic predispositions are. Even though there aren’t many now, that could change as time goes on.

Minor Conditions
Serious Conditions

Final Thoughts

As new breeds develop, it can be exciting to jump on the opportunity to bring one home. Uncommon cat breeds are an exciting adventure for some people, but that doesn’t mean that just anybody is able to care for them in the way they deserve. Before buying a Minskin, search out reputable breeders in your area. There isn’t an in-depth understanding of their genetics yet, and you want to do everything possible to ensure you are buying from a breeder who is licensed through the commissioner of agriculture. This is the safest way to know you are purchasing a cat who is going to have as few health issues as possible and won’t pass them on to other cats in the future.

Minskin cats have a one-of-a-kind look with their bald spots, hypoallergenic fur patches, huge eyes, and munchkin-sized legs. Their over-the-top personalities draw cat lovers to them, and they are only going to get more popular as time goes on. If you want to bring one of these exciting new breeds home, ensure that you are able to provide the proper health and environmental care, as well as give them the attention that they demand before opening your doors to them.

Featured Image Credit: Minskin Kitten Female blue tabby color-pattern, Paulmcsorley, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported

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