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7 Most Popular Dog Websites (2023 Update)

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Dog owners have a wealth of online resources to help with their pets. Whether you want to browse products, learn about health conditions, read reviews about food, or learn more about a dog breed, you can find comprehensive websites that provide all the information you could possibly want.

However, it can be difficult to distinguish between reputable sites and questionable ones. To help, we’ve gathered the most popular dog websites this year. Read on to learn about our top choices!

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The 7 Most Popular Dog Websites You Can Visit

1. The Bark

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The Bark is a go-to for dog owners and covers just about any topic you could imagine, from canine news to food and recipes to wellness. The site offers information and insights for lay people in blogs, news articles, op pieces, advice columns, and how-to articles. Even the most seasoned dog owner can gain knowledge from The Bark, and there’s a newsletter you can subscribe to for content delivered directly to your inbox.

2. iHeartDogs

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iHeartDogs offers a combination of information and dog-themed merchandise. You can look up information about dog diet, training, toys, and more, or shop for themed products that reflect your love of your dog. There’s a little bit of everything, from supplements and treats to home goods, garden décor, and apparel and accessories. Best of all, the proceeds benefit shelter animals. You can contribute by buying products directly or donating.

3. American Kennel Club

american kennel club

The American Kennel Club is a registry of purebred and dog pedigrees in the US. Along with maintaining a pedigree registry, the American Kennel Club sanctions events for purebred dogs, such as dog shows and breed competitions. It also monitors and addresses canine legislation that affects dog ownership and provides educational resources for owners. If you want to learn more about dog breeds and their traits or history, you can find it on the American Kennel Club website. You can also find registered purebred breeders to purchase a puppy.

4. Dogster

dogster logo

Originally started as a bimonthly magazine in the 1970s, Dogster has quickly become an essential source for dog owners. The print magazine is still in circulation, but many users find information on the comprehensive website. You can find information on just about every aspect of dog ownership, including diet and supplements, training and behavioral modification, breed legislation, medical conditions, and more.

5. Chewy


Chewy is a newer site, but it quickly rose to popularity among all kinds of pet owners. The site offers everything from dog food and treats to clothing, equipment, grooming supplies, and accessories from the top brands, so you can find what you need quickly and easily. It also offers several shipping options and an auto-ship option for recurring orders at a discount. If you need medication, Chewy has a pharmacy with prescription diets and medication that can be purchased with veterinary authorization. Along with the products, Chewy has a comprehensive blog that covers some of the most important topics for dog owners.

6. BringFido

BringFido logo

If you like to travel with your dog, finding dog-friendly accommodation, transportation, and local stores or restaurants can be difficult. Before you take your trip, you can visit BringFido to browse your options for businesses and destinations that allow dogs, as well as any stipulations like leash periods or breed restrictions. BringFido covers hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants, local businesses, natural areas, local events, activities, and nearby dog services like grooming and veterinary care.

7. PetMD

PetMD logo

Like WebMD, the human version, PetMD covers medical and health-related issues for dogs. While not a substitute for veterinary care, PetMD provides veterinarian-reviewed articles and resources about common dog diseases and health conditions to help owners understand and manage them effectively. With the information from PetMD, you can learn more about the options for your dog and have more informed discussions with your vet regarding its care.

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If you want valuable information to help you care for your dog or a wide selection of the best products on the market, you can find numerous options online. These popular dog sites offer reliable, current information about dog diet, health conditions, behavioral issues, and news, as well as a selection of dog-related products and merchandise.

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