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24 Most Popular Mixed Dog Breeds (with Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove


Purebreds used to be the thing back in the day. But as time goes on, breeders are starting to get curious, combining long-standing breeds with each other to experiment with the possibilities.

Sometimes, two breeds shouldn’t mix as they don’t create visually desirable or mentally sound puppies. However, we rounded up 25 of the most adorable mixed breeds today. These are the popular choices you might see in rescues, shelters, or even hybrid breeding advertisements. Let’s take a look at these cuties.

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The Top 24 Most Popular Mixed Dog Breeds

1. Puggle

Image Credit: Mary Swift, Shutterstock
Parent Breeds: Pug, Beagle
Temperament: Friendly, calm
Size Bracket: Small

With this absolutely adorable cross between a pug and beagle, you get the Puggle—one of the most popular mixed breeds today. This little designer dog has a lot to offer, sporting charming personalities and attractive physical traits.

Since these dogs are notoriously friendly, they do well in multi-pet households and as members of growing families. One thing is for sure; this docile pup isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. People just love everything about them.

2. Pomsky

Image Credit: Dwight Sipler, Flickr
Parent Breeds: Pomeranian, husky
Temperament: Athletic, chipper
Size Bracket: Medium

This little dog is a happy-go-lucky, very active pooch with a lust for adventure. The Pomsky will keep you on your toes, always ready to go out for a walk or to play fetch in the yard. Families love this combo because it creates a medium point between the two breed sizes while maintaining each of their adorably similar appearances.

Basically, this dog is a pocket Husky—touting the same eager eyes, curly tails, and double coats. These dogs love the cold, and they are always up for a snowy adventure. However, this breed doesn’t handle hotter temperatures as well.

3. Cockapoo

Cockapoo pose
Image Credit: CC0 Public Domain, Pxhere
Parent Breeds: Cocker Spaniel, Poodle
Temperament: Laidback, enthusiastic, intelligent
Size Bracket: Small

Check out the Cockapoo if you want one intelligent dog with kind eyes and long curly ears. These dogs are not bred for appearance, though they are absolutely adorable. They are bred for their award-winning temperaments, making excellent companion animals for children and seniors alike.

These little dogs are brilliant and laid-back, making them ideal playmates and shadows. They also tend to mesh well in most multi-pet situations, making them a desirable shelter choice.

4. Chiweenie

Image Credit: Psu350, Wikimedia Commons
Parent Breeds: Chihuahua, Dachshund
Temperament: Particular, fiery, playful
Size Bracket: Small

The Chiweenie is a prevalent mixed dog breed; you could say that they are one of the favorites of designer dog lovers. This is quite interesting because their personalities might be a little too saucy for some families.

Combining the stubbornness and potential aggressiveness of the Chihuahua with the bullheadedness and spitfire tendencies of a Dachshund can be a really interesting pairing sometimes.

Of course, these dogs love their owners and would do anything to remain loyal to them. So as long as you’re in their circle, everybody wins.

5. Schnoodle

Schnoodle mixed breed dog
Image Credit: Pikist
Parent Breeds: Miniature Schnauzer, Poodle
Temperament: Intelligent, cuddly, distinguished
Size Bracket: Small/medium

The Schnoodle is the combination of the Miniature Schnauzer and Poodle. These breeds are notoriously intelligent, which can work for and against you. This makes one cute pooch, but it also makes a brilliant one.

However, they make wonderful lap dogs that just want to be included because of their extreme willingness to please. Plus, you can give them all sorts of funky haircuts.

6. Frenchton

Image Credit: Tony Lee, Pixabay
Parent Breeds: French Bulldog, Boston Terrier
Temperament: Peppy, social, strong-willed
Size Bracket: Small

The Frenchton is a crossbreed that is ever-growing in popularity. This breed combines the famous French Bulldog with the Boston Terrier. Even though these two dogs come from entirely different continents, they share many similar traits.

Because of their headstrong nature, they work best for experienced dog owners. So when you combine the two, you get a beautiful bi-colored pup with perky ears and smooshy faces. Do you have what it takes?

7. Goldador

Goldador dog
Image Credit: State Farm, Wikimedia CC 2.0
Parent Breeds: Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever
Temperament: Active, playful, devoted
Size Bracket: Large

If you’re ready to check out what happens when you combine two of the most popular dogs in the world, check out the Goldador. Both parent breeds are energetic, loyal companions that provide many characteristics to make them a favorite family dog. This crossbreed is sure to please any dog lover.

They will love hiking trips, park visits, and just hanging out on the couch with the family. You can even train these dogs to hunt, perform complicated tasks, and even use them as therapy pets.

8. Maltipoo

Portrait of maltipoo dog playing with ball in field
Image Credit: Rob Hainer, Shutterstock
Parent Breeds: Maltese, Poodle
Temperament: Spirited, friendly
Size Bracket: Small

The Maltipoo is a really interesting crossbreed, and they carry a lot of varying traits. The Maltese tends to be very spirited and enthusiastic, and they can be selective about the people they let in their circle. On the other hand, the Poodle is one of the most sociable and intelligent small breeds.

When you combine the two, you get a very affectionate, well-rounded dog who is incredibly easy to train. It’s no wonder they are growing in popularity.

9. Labradoodle

Labradoodle sitting on grass
Image Credit: Josh Borup, Pixabay
Parent Breeds: Labrador Retriever, Poodle
Temperament: Active, intelligent, family-friendly
Size Bracket: Medium/Large

The Labradoodle is full of curls and a desire for affection. These dogs would love to accompany you and just about any task you can do. Highly drawn to their people, these dogs cannot be in a kennel all day. They require the companionship that comes from being your pet.

The Labradoodle is viral, and for a good reason. These active dogs are happiest when they have a job to do, so they make prize-winning workers. They are incredibly people-oriented, working well in service and therapy roles.

On top of their docile nature, they are incredibly affectionate towards the people they love and even those they don’t know. Like many other poodle mixes, the labradoodle sparks fewer allergies than some breeds.

10. Shepsky

Image Credit: thegreattadow, Flickr
Parent Breeds: German Shepherd, Siberian Husky
Temperament: Active, adventurous, work-minded
Size Bracket: Large

If you’re an active person on the go and would love a running pal, here’s the Shepsky. This highly energetic breed won’t rest until all the work is through. They are not the type to stand idly by—they’re all about action.

This combo breed works well for people with active lifestyles and a lot of room to run around. They are highly connected to their owners, but they have a sense of wanderlust that could make this mixed breed a little prone to wandering—secure fences are a must!

11. Pugapoo

Image Credit: Brook Robinson, Shutterstock
Parent Breeds: Pug, Poodle
Temperament: Goofy, spunky, smart
Size Bracket: Small

The pugapoo is the cross between the Pug and Poodle. Pugs are notoriously friendly dogs, making a friend with perfect strangers.

Poodles are a bit more selective but still very gentle and polite. The combination creates room for a perfectly mannered, amiable dog that will fit in with any family.

The result? A curly-coated, curly-tailed, buggy-eyed, intelligent goofball of a dog—that’s what.

12. Shorkie

Image Credit: Plains Photography, Shutterstock
Parent Breeds: Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier
Temperament: Stubborn, lively
Size Bracket: Small

We can’t help but praise the Shorkie. I mean, can you blame us? Look at that face. This small breed might be little bit inside, they are larger than life.

Combining the traits of a Yorkshire Terrier and Shih Tzu, this breed is adventurous, loyal, and sometimes bold. If you’re looking for a dog that doesn’t require much maintenance, this probably isn’t the best choice. You will most likely need to be at your groomer every 4 to 6 weeks to combat matting and keep up with the most fabulous hairdo.

13. Cavachon

Image Credit: Tim Walker, Flickr
Parent Breeds: King Cavalier Charles Spaniel, Bichon Frise
Temperament: Calm, cheery, happy-go-lucky
Size Bracket: Small

The Cavachon is a totally cheerful breed beaming like a bright ray of sunshine everywhere they go. They love to interact and play, finding new friends in every situation. They can be strong-willed at times and might pick favorites, but their desire for fun is too strong ever to meet a stranger.

Since both parent breeds are small, the Cavachon won’t get very big either. So if you need a little dog due to weight restrictions and apartments, this is a very fantastic choice as their temperament does very well and smaller living spaces.

14. Docker

docker dog
Image Credit: Dyrefotografi.dk, Adobe Stock
Parent Breeds: Dachshund, cocker spaniel
Temperament: Stubborn, affectionate, loyal
Size Bracket: Small/medium

The Docker is a fascinating combination between a wiener dog (Dachshund) and a Cocker Spaniel. This enhances features of both parent breeds, such as long bodies and curly ears.

These dogs tend to be happy-go-lucky but very set in their ways. So even though you make a robust argument, they might have other plans. If you don’t mind a dog who indeed has a mind of its own, the docker will give you lots of laughs and love for years to come.

15. Frug

Image Credit: Bokehboo Studios, Shutterstock
Parent Breeds: Pug, French Bulldog
Temperament: Amiable, alert, loyal
Size Bracket: Small/Medium

The dopey, bug-eyed Frug is a face everyone can appreciate. Combining the perky-eared French Bulldog with the curly-tailed Pug usually falls somewhere in between. These dogs are both brachycephalic breeds, meaning they have short muzzles getting them that pushed in the face we all adore.

With all of the interesting color possibilities, you can get some highly attractive frugs with goofy fun-loving personalities.

16. Corgidor

Image Credit: MonikaLiga, Shutterstock
Parent Breeds: Corgi, Labrador
Temperament: Cheerful, hyper
Size Bracket: Small/Medium

If you’re looking for the friendliest friendly dog, look no further. The Corgidor gives you just that. Typically they are somewhere in the middle between the size of a Corgi and a Labrador, although some puppies can fall very far towards one end of that spectrum.

These curious side cuties will sell your days with laughter and share your love for spontaneity.

17. Chusky

Image Credit: Marina Tesyelkina, Shutterstock
Parent Breeds: Chow, Husky
Temperament: Protective, territorial, intuitive, task-oriented
Size Bracket: Large

If you’re looking for a protective guard dog or one that is built for cold weather, the Chusky is an excellent option. They are incredibly protective of their family members, which can sometimes lead to aggression, so early socialization is crucial with this breed.

Because of their Husky genes, they can also have a lust for adventure, making them exceptionally good escape artists. These dogs do best with lots of space to run and play and proper introductions to other critters and people early in life.

18. Aussiepom

Image Credit: amucha4, Shutterstock
Parent Breeds: Australian Shepherd, Pomeranian
Temperament: Alert, active, curious
Size Bracket: Small/Medium

The Aussiepom is a very physically attractive dog. They can sport heterochromia eyes meaning they can be two different colors. They can also have merle coats and a myriad of other interesting colors. These dogs work very well with children six years and older as they can match their activity levels.

They also do better with active families and will not do very well if they are crated up all day. This dog might have an issue with barking and other destructive behaviors if they aren’t properly channeled.

But as long as this pup gets enough exercise, they make fabulous additions to the human household.

19. Bullmatian

bullmatian outside on leaves
Image Credit: Mandy Coy, Shutterstock
Parent Breeds: Bulldog, Dalmatian
Temperament: Energetic, friendly, playful
Size Bracket: Large

The adorable spotted Bullmatian is the combination of the Dalmatian and Bulldog. They take on some beautiful traits of both parents, including a perfect temperament for growing families. These dogs make loving companions and gentle playmates, ideal for a first-time pet owner or a seasoned one.

These dogs are usually the perfect combination of energetic and relaxed. Whenever they go out and have a roam, they have to make up for it with a deep snooze.

20. Gordie

Mixed Corgi Golden Retrievers
Image Credit: Tawat Kambum, Shutterstock
Parent Breeds: Golden Retriever, Corgi
Temperament: Friendly, loving, devoted
Size Bracket: Small/Medium

What do you get when combining two of the friendliest dog breeds today? The adorable Gordie answers all these questions. Their personalities are just as friendly as their sweet though eyes and kind expressions.

These long-bodied, short-legged dogs can vary in size, taking after each parent. But one thing is for sure, and they maintain a steadily excellent temperament that would be perfect for any dog owner.

21. Pug-Pei

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Parent Breeds: Pug, Shar Pei
Temperament: Alert, protective, goofy
Size Bracket: Small/Medium

If you’re looking for wrinkles for days, check out the Pug-Pei. Combining the Shar-Pei and Pug creates a very well-rounded, amiable character that is both intelligent and alert. You could say that this combination tones qualities of both of the parents down a bit.

Shar-Peis are sometimes prone to aggression, and pugs can be a bit dense. Combining the two of them strengthens their weaknesses and enhances their strong suits.

22. Boxweiler

Image Credit: Malachi Jacobs, Shutterstock
Parent Breeds: Rottweiler, Boxer
Temperament: Protective, loyal, playful
Size Bracket: Large

If you’re looking for a larger breed that looks like one tough cookie, but it’s really just a lovable goofball, check out the Boxweiler. These dogs are not only beautiful, but they are a real treat to be around.

Combining these two breeds leads to some pretty exciting personality possibilities. These two breeds complement one another tremendously in physical and mental aspects—creating an attractive, well-rounded specimen.

23. Old Newfoundland Sheepdog

Parent Breeds: Old English Sheepdog, Newfoundland
Temperament: Intelligent, docile, friendly
Size Bracket: Large

Both the Newfoundland and the Old English Sheepdog are incredible family companions that work well with all age groups. These gentle giants are blessed with thick, long coats that vary in color.

If you don’t like slobber very much, this might not be the mix for you. But if you are someone who enjoys those big sloppy kisses, this combination creates incredible specimens.

24. Bully

Image Credit: Luxorpictures, Shutterstock
Parent Breeds: Bulldog, Pit Bull
Temperament: Excitable, interactive, silly
Size Bracket: Medium/Large

Bullies might look intimidating, but don’t let their size and stature fool you. Any owner will tell you that these dogs are really just big babies with oversized muscles.

The Bully is a combination of bulldog breeds, including the American Pit Bull. They make excellent companion animals and sit in while we’re just about any lifestyle.

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You can mix any purebred dog you want to achieve a different result. And breeders today just can’t get enough.

Hopefully, with some perseverance and determination, we will create several more breeds that are just as loving and adorable as the ones we already know in love. Which one of these adorable faces were your favorite?

Featured Image Credit: mountaintreks, Shutterstock

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