We all know the sound of hairballs.

The ‘hack, hack, hack’ that usually comes at 3am. It’s not our cat’s revenge – it’s just hairballs. Unfortunately, a side effect of our little furry friends grooming habits is the ingestion of fur. And if you have a Maine Coon like us, it’s a lot of fur!

Today is the official National Cat Hairball Awareness day, but let me tell you – I am aware of them every day. It only takes one groggy morning and stepping into a fresh present from your cat to turn on the hairball radar everyday. It’s slippers-on everyday in this house.

Hairballs are normal and there’s things we can do to help out our fantastic felines. Check out this vid from CatChatTV. The intro is about adoption, but it’s from 2012, so hopefully that kitty has a new home by now. You can skip to the 1:40 mark to learn about hairballs.

Our cat Hudson has some seriously long fur.  He’s a Maine Coon and I think he takes a lot of pride in his coat.  I’ve found that the best thing to do, especially this time of year is to simply brush him a lot.  It keeps his fur more manageable and he loves the attention.

We use a Furminator, which is a clever pet brush that gets out the undercoat.  It works really well and you’d be amazed at how much fur we can brush out!  Just don’t use too much pressure and watch out for brushing over your cat’s boney parts, like their spine.  You can get a Furminator at Amazon and there’s Free shipping at this link.

The other option is to get some hairball treats.  These help with your cat’s digestion once the fur is inside.  It also can help with overall fur and skin health.  We like the Pet Naturals brand, and you can get that at Amazon as well.