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National Dog Farting Day 2023: Is It Actually a Holiday?

Rachel Giordano

By Rachel Giordano


Our beloved canines are finally getting the recognition they deserve with their own holidays—from “National Love Your Pet Day” to “National Rescue Dog Day” to “Take Your Dog to Work Day” you have many chances throughout the year to recognize your dog and celebrate him. With all the many holidays set aside for dogs, what about National Dog Farting Day? Is it actually a holiday?

While it may be worded differently, this holiday means the same thing: recognizing dog farts. Dog Farting Awareness Day is observed every April 8, and yes, it is an actual holiday. Let’s get into the stinky scoop about this dog holiday.

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What Is Dog Farting Awareness Day?

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Dog Farting Awareness Day is an international holiday reserved for April 8 of each year. All dogs pass gas, no matter the breed or size, and it only makes sense to add this holiday to the ever-growing list of other dog holidays.

In all seriousness, this day is reserved to bring awareness about dog farting and knowing when to have your dog checked by your veterinarian to rule out a health problem. As we’ve stated, all dogs fart, and it could simply be the result of a normal, high-fiber diet. On the other hand, the farting could be a result of a medical issue, such as parasites, a stomach infection, irritable bowel syndrome, or even cancer.1

Don’t stress just yet, as dog farting could be the result of too many table scraps or getting ahold of something spicy. Your dog may also be lactose intolerant, and if that’s the case, avoid giving your dog dairy products.

If no medical issue is the cause, you may need to change your dog’s diet if you’re tired of your dog’s farts clearing the room. Your veterinarian can help you in choosing an appropriate food for your doggie to help diminish passing of excessive gas.

Why Are Dogs Surprised When They Fart?

Have you ever seen your dog jump after passing gas? The truth is dogs don’t even know what a fart is, so when air flies out of their behind (especially if it’s loud), it will probably startle your dog. In short, next time your dog jumps or tries to bite at his fart, try not to laugh, as it’s normal for your dog to be startled after passing gas.

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How Often Do Dogs Fart Daily?

It is actually normal for your dog to fart daily, but some dogs may pass gas more than others. In fact, passing gas is an indicator that your dog’s digestive tract is working as it should! We did mention there could be a medical issue behind the toots, but more often than not, it is perfectly normal.

If your dog is passing gas excessively and it particularly stinks, however, you’ll want to have your dog examined to ensure the gut is working properly.

Why Do Some Breeds Fart More Than Others?

While all dogs pass gas, there are a few breeds than pass gas more. Brachycephalic airway syndrome is common in short-nose, flat-faced breeds, such as Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, Boxers, Pugs, and Bull Mastiffs. Dogs with this syndrome have flattened or undersized breathing passages, and they may swallow more air than other dogs—that air has to go somewhere, and it releases through passing gas.

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This doggie holiday may not be as fun as others, but it’s good to have awareness about excessive farting in case your dog has a medical issue. Remember that some breeds pass gas more than others, and if the gas is particularly stinky and excessive, take your dog in for an examination.

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