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National Frog Day 2024: When It Is & How to Celebrate

Ed Malaker

By Ed Malaker

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While there are many holidays to celebrate pets, most are for our beloved dogs and cats. However, other pets deserve holidays too, and one that many people might wonder about is National Frog Day. This newer holiday occurs on October 21 this year, but the date changes annually. Keep reading to learn how the event got started, when it occurs, and how you can participate to help you be better informed.

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When Is National Frog Day?

National Frog Day, or American Frog Day, is a relatively new holiday, so it isn’t as established as other pet holidays. The date that it falls on varies yearly and depends on who is hosting it or sponsoring events to celebrate it. This year, it’s on October 21.

How Did National Frog Day Get Started?

National Frog Day started as a local event that Charles “Chuck” Powell hosted in San Jose, California. He and his family hosted the event annually for about 10 years, and its popularity grew yearly, especially as more people became interested in the Poison Dart Frog. Eventually, the focus widened to include all amphibians, and it became a place to exchange ideas and purchase supplies. Today, the Powel family allows enthusiasts across the country to host events, and it’s a powerful fundraiser for conservation efforts.

If you are interested in hosting a National Frog Day in your area, contact one of the main coordinators for instructions on how to proceed.

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Photo Credit: Allen Lara Gonzalez, Shutterstock

What Does National Frog Day Hope to Accomplish?

National Frog Day hopes to raise awareness about the lifestyles of frogs and other amphibians while making equipment and supplies available for purchase. It also helps raise money for conservation efforts, typically by selling raffle tickets, and you can usually purchase a new pet from a vendor.

How Can I Celebrate National Frog Day?

Attend an Event

Attending an event is one of the best ways to help celebrate National Frog Day. If you are an experienced frog owner, you can share tips and tricks with beginners and help them raise cash by purchasing supplies and raffle tickets.

Host an Event

Since National Frog Day is not yet as established as other holidays, it’s possible that there won’t be any events in your area. In that case, you might consider hosting one yourself. Doing so will enable you to celebrate while helping to spread the word about conservation efforts aimed at frogs and other amphibians.

Share the Event

If you have an event happening in your area, you can help increase awareness by posting about it on social media and explaining its importance. You can even share events that aren’t in your area.

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Image Credit: Allen Lara Gonzalez, Shutterstock

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Frequently Asked Questions About Frogs

Can I Keep a Frog as a Pet?

You can keep certain species of frogs as pets, but it’s essential to research their care requirements and ensure that you follow the laws in your area.

What Is the Life Cycle of a Frog?

Frogs undergo a metamorphosis from tadpole to adult. They start as eggs, hatch into tadpoles, develop legs, lose their tails, and become adult frogs.

How Far Can Frogs Jump?

The distance a frog can jump varies by species, but many can leap several times their body length. Some can jump as much as 20 times their body length.

Are Frogs and Toads the Same Thing?

No, they are not the same. Frogs and toads are different types of amphibians. Toads usually have drier, bumpier skin and shorter hind legs than frogs.

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Image Credit: Connie Kerr, Shutterstock

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National Frog Day occurs on October 21 this year, but it varies annually. The location also varies and depends on who is hosting the event. It began as a local event in San Jose, California, and grew in popularity to become a powerful fundraiser for conservation efforts for frogs and other amphibians. Event goers can learn about the amphibians, purchase supplies, and even get a new pet directly from a vendor. Sharing news about events in your area can help spread awareness, and you can even host one if there are none in your town.

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