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What Was the Neko Flies Cat Toy?

Neko Flies cat

Neko Flies were very popular with feline parents and even more popular with their felines! But what are Neko Flies and what happened to Nekoflies.com? Things seemed to be going well for the company, but then they seemed to disappear, practically overnight. Interestingly, there are still many Neko Flies products available, even through major retailers such as Chewy and Amazon. Despite this, they’re no longer being manufactured, so if you want them, you better stock up now as no more will be coming.

What Are Neko Flies?

Everyone knows that cats love to chase after moving items. While laser pointers can be a great way for a person to play with their cat, it’s not ideal as there’s no physical item for the cat to catch; the cat can never win. That’s where Neko Flies and cat wands come into play. Neko Flies are interchangeable toys that attach to a cat wand. Essentially, a cat wand is just a pole with a cable attached to one end. Neko Flies attach to the other end of the cable, allowing you to move the Neko Fly around with the wand, enticing your cat to pounce and strike.

Neko Flies come in several designs, which allows you to provide some variety for your cats. There are options like Kattipedes, Foxifur Kittenators, Kittycatterfly, and Katarntula, to give you some idea of the versatility you get with Neko Flies. Each one is colorful and has appendages or fur intended to move in a way that provokes your cat.

What Was Available on Nekoflies.com?

Naturally, Neko Flies could be purchased through Nekoflies.com. They could be bought individually or in packs. There was even a package including six different Neko Flies and a rod to attach them to. Also available were telescoping cat rods and Neko Pawdz.

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What Are Neko Pawdz?

Neko Pawdz are another offering on the Nekoflies.com website. They are a system of modular tunnels and more for cats that can be connected to build an elaborate tunnel labyrinth for your felines. The tunnels had some interesting features such as multiple openings for limitless creation, and crinkly paper sewn in to provide some additional stimulation for your cats. There was even a pet house that could be attached into the system. Unfortunately, the Neko Pawdz have been discontinued along with Neko Flies.

What Happened to Nekoflies.com?

Nekoflies.com is still operational, but Neko Flies and the other products on the site have been discontinued and are no longer being manufactured. Still, you can purchase many of these products through several online retailers. But what happened to Neko Flies?

The truth is, there’s not much information available regarding where this company went. Their Twitter account was quite active until January of 2018 when the last tweet was released. The story is similar on Facebook, though the Neko Flies Facebook page has posted far more recently than their Twitter. The last post on the Neko Flies Facebook page was in September of 2020. Since then, the company has been essentially silent.

If you’re interested in Neko Flies products, you better purchase them right away as you won’t have many more opportunities. But remember, you’re purchasing discontinued products, so don’t expect to have any sort of customer service if you find that you’re unsatisfied for some reason!

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