If you’re looking around on this site, chances are pretty good that you already have at least one cat or dog at home.  Then I don’t have to tell you how great it is to have a furry friend in your house!  Our two cats – Hepper (the company’s namesake) and Hudson are the Queen and King of our house.

This is the second home for both Hepper and Hudson.  They were both adopted.  Hudson is from New Hampshire, and you can read about Hepper’s NYC origins here.

Inviting a mid-life or elderly pet into your home is a loving and generous act.  Providing for a cat or dog in need will earn you a special kind of love. They’ll become your family – the kind that doesn’t talk back!

Why Adopt a Pet from a Shelter?

  • You’ll save two lives: the pet you adopt and the pet the shelter can take in as a result of your adoption.
  • You’ll know what you’re getting: Many shelters and rescues provide behavioral assessments and vet checks on adoptable pets.
  • Your perfect pet is waiting for you: 6-8 million cats and dogs enter shelters each year in addition to countless other species. 25-30% of shelter dogs are purebred.
  • You’ll save money: “Free” pets are no bargain. Shelters and rescues usually cover initial veterinary costs.
  • We recommend Petfinder.com to find your next pet. You can search their extensive database of pets that need a home here.

Another resource is Bestfriends.org.  They have an adoption service as well as an amazing pet sanctuary.  You can support them with a donation even if you don’t adopt.

#1 Reason to Adopt a Pet: Unconditional Love


Hepper and me ready for a nap.

With a little friend at home you’ll get unconditional love, endless entertainment, someone to care for, a warm (or squished) lap, someone to talk to, a friend to watch TV with, and on and on.

When I adopted my first cat I was just 23 and it was the biggest commitment I had ever made.  Booker quickly became my best buddy and we had 15 years of adventures together.  I still miss him terribly today, but his influence was what drove me to create the Hepper company, so his memories live on.

hepper cat paw divider

Do you have any great adoption stories? I’d love to hear how adopting a pet has changed your life.

Please leave your story in the comments on the blog post here.

Wishing you a new furry friend soon!


Hepper Founder/Designer