As the designer behind Hepper, I have to rely on the opinions of my crew of testers. Luckily, they are always lurking around and waiting for me to bring home something new for them to sniff, jump on, sleep in, and try to destroy.  With their approvals and rejections of Hepper prototypes come piles – clouds, rather – of fur that has a way of spreading throughout our house and sticking to everything we own.  I’ve tried everything from sticky rollers to rubber lint brushes, but somehow there’s always a layer of fur on everything that persists.

Fur isn’t a problem anymore! I’ve been testing out this Dyson DC16 for the past week and I’ve been amazed – and slightly disgusted – at how much fur it sucks up.

It’s a rechargable hand-held vac, so it’s prefect to grab and quickly zoom through the mess on our couch, curtains, jackets.

This is Booker.  He’s the stealth shedder.  One minute on the couch and it’s covered in black fur! (He’s lying on a Hepper Pet Pad)

The left side is still furry, and the right side is just vacuumed with the Dyson – much better!

Look at how much fur it sucks up.  And all that brown powder?  Dander.  Super gross side bonus of living with pets.  I’d rather have that dander in the trash, than on my couch.

Hepper (the real cat) enjoying her clean couch in the sun.

So, in our first week of testing, I can thoroughly recommend this Dyson vac to anyone with pets.  It’s way easier than pulling out a full size vac to do spot cleaning. You should note that the battery only lasts 6 minutes, but that works out for me as I’d rather spend a couple minutes everyday instead of hours every week.

As well as it functions, I can’t help but to put in my two cents about the looks.  It is not a pretty machine.  The form, although clearly showing the function, leaves a lot to be desired, and the colors are not what I’d like to look at all day.  It’ll get stored in the closet, but will get a lot of use in our home.

You can learn more about this awesome machine here, and you can buy one at Hepper’s Amazon store here.